Sunday, December 9, 2007

the EU's shameless lack of a moral compass

on friday -saturday december 7-8th the EU officially lost it's moral compass. This was when the EU -Africa international development and human rights were talked about . To me there was nothing wrong with that , most people right and left of the political spectrum want Africa to develop and improve it's human rights records . However the problem is you dont do that by inviting Robert Mugabe who has persecuted opposition to his rule , torn his country to shreds , and turned Zimbabwe which was one the economic powerhouse in Africa into a basketcase . Then there is another leader called Omar al Bashir the leader ofSudan invited. Omar al Bashir has raped and pillaged black muslim africans in darfur through backing the janjaweed millitia in it's genocidal actions , whilst the world turned a blind eye . At the same time , he has turned Sudan into a hotbed of islamic extremism ,where Osama Bin Laden was based in the 1990s ,and where the government is in cahoots with islamic extremist parties. All in all you would of thought not a a great idea to invite them to the EU -Africa summit , but unfortunately this is what happened.

Lets first take a look at Mugabe. The EU in inviting Robert Mugabe is ignoring it's own travel ban on Robert Mugabe put in place . when you are having a international development and human rights conference , you pick role models , and im afraid Mugabe is completely the opposite. The shameful cowardice in inviting Mugabe , is no way to stand up to African leaders when they are in the wrong , when they demand he be invited , they should have point blank refused this request , and pointed out to his awful human rights record ,and the rampant inflation which means many zimbabweans are left without a daily meal . By giving in to the African leaders request , it shows to the African leaders they to can get away with corruption and destruction of there country's economy , it also shows that there is nothing to gain from standing up to mugabe. very sad that, partly through the blind support of other African leaders, this same process was not allowed to take place. Now Zimbabwe is burdened with a leader ruining his country and guess what: this does make him less of a hero , however by putting Mugabe on the world stage once again , he can show himself as an African hero , and the chances of Mugabe's regime falling become longer not short term odds. The EU in it's decision to invite him is propping up a deeply unpopular leader in Zimbabwe who is surviving over western guilt from colonial times , and African solidarity with a guy they see as a fighter against colonialism , whilst ignoring his henious crimes ,as the international community be it the EU or UN do not seem to be taking serious action against him . What sort of message does this send to Thabo Mbeki the president of South Africa , that South Africa support of Zimbabwe has no effect at all , because Mugabe is still being treated like a international statesman. Europe needs to get over it's post colonial guilt , they were united in there opposition to the horrific apartheid regime in South Africa , so why when Mugabe crimes are on par with this do the EU give him the cloak of legitimacy .It is all to do with post colonial guilt ,it's wrong for African white leader to go power hungry it seems , but not if a black African leader goes power hungry . I am not making a racist point , what i am saying is that the EU shouldn't treat a demonic white leader and a demonic black leader differently. The EU is also not carrying out it's promises , there was a travel ban on Mugabe put on him by the EU due to his crimes against humanity , yet this has blatently been ignored at this summit . The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu was right when he said on the today programme said the international community, especially South Africa, had to act to help Zimbabwe because people were starving. Speaking as he used a pair of scissors to cut up his collar, he said: "As an Anglican this is what I wear to identify myself, that I'm a clergyman.
African leaders "Do you know what Mugabe has done? He's taken people's identity and literally, if you don't mind, cut it to pieces. This is what he's actually done to a lot of - and in the end there's nothing. "So, as far as I'm concerned, from now on I'm not going to wear a dog collar until Mugabe is gone." The archbishop said power had gone to the Zimbabwean president's head and the leader did not seem to "realise the suffering of people". The EU is not helping Zimbabwe's people when eu leaders say the EU African summit shouldn't be overshadowed by Mugabe's involvement in it . It does have a big effect after all a main part of the summit is on human rights and development , development which Mugabe has stunted ,and human rights which Mugabe has ignored , he should not have been given an invitation to such a prestigious event. It shows the world is not acting in united disgust against Robert Mugabe who seeing the international community's weakeness will keep perpretuating his crimes against humanity.For once I agree with Gordon Brown who has shown strength in a time of EU wide weakness for staying away from the summit, and condemn the EU for inviting Mugabe in the first place.If the other African countries wish to boycott the meeting, then it is up to them. We have pussyfooted around these African despots for too long, and its about time we in the west make a stand. Threaten to take away the billions of dollars sent to prop up appalling regimes and African leaders would soon do something about Mugabe.

Then there is the question , what is the point of having Mugabe there. You would have thought on a summit on good governance human rights would be high up the agenda . However apart from Angela Merkl's spirited attack on Mugabe human rights record, astonishingly Robert Mugabe's abuses on both Zimbabwe's economy and people are off the Agenda . So an all expenses paid trip for Mugabe to talk about giving Zimbabwe's money in trade deals, which will keep him in his luxourious lifestlye whilst the rest of Zimabwe suffers.

Now lets take a look at Omar al Bashir. It seems it wasn't enough to invite one tyrannical leader , the EU went for two . Omar al Bashir through his support of money and arms to the Janjaweed millita , has been complicit in the genocide of the black African Muslim population in Darfur. Due to Omar Al Bashir's government support of the Janjaweed millitia over 400,000 black africans have died and more than 2 million people have been displaced . What sort of message are the EU sending if there inviting someone to a confererence on good governance who has massacred his own people . there is so much tribal and ethnic cleansing going on towards the black African population in Sudan ,Yes we all want Africa to progress but laying a red carpet out for despots is NOT the way to do it. The Sudanese government has suppressed information by jailing and killing witnesses since 2004 and tampered with evidence such as mass graves to eliminate their forensic values. In addition, by obstructing and arresting journalists, the Sudanese government has been able to obscure much of what has gone on. Again by giving Omar al Bashir the cloak of legitimacy through inviting him to the EU summit will mean he can keep on claiming that no massacre has occured in Darfur. How can the EU consider warming relations with Khartoum when demonstrators are marching on capitals worldwide to protest what’s happening there?. The summit after all is all about warming relations between European and African leaders but this is one leader the EU would be foolish to cosy up to Bashir's regime has been buoyed by infusions of cash from the petroleum industry which has refused to bow to international pressure and continues to pump oil along a 2,200 kilometre pipeline to Port Sudan on the Red Sea. the summit is designed to improve trade links with African countries, but in Sudan exactly the opposite needs to be happening as all the money from the trade is being ploughed into killing Bashir's opposition in Sudan.

the EU is rewarding and giving legitimacy to two abhorrent leaders , they should be ashamed of themselves, but with an organisation lacking a conscience they just simply dont care , if they really cared about Africa they would stand up to these tyrants but i guess for the EU thats to much like hard work.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

my name is gordon and im taxaholic

Gordon brown is the latest person to enter the taxaholics room for the last 10 years when he was the chancellor of the exchequer , he admits to having a little obsession with taxes . He admits there might have been the odd stealth tax , the odd bit of tax on fuel , alcohol and cigarettes , but ya know he says im here to become a changed man . Now that im prime minister and all , it might be a bit hard well taxing everyhing which moves . So really im here to change myself and become a better person .

OK GORDY --the head of the taxaholics person says lets here your tax and woe story .

Gordon then precedes to go ahead . He says to the rest of the attendees at the taxaholic anoymous club , im really sorry this may take a long time , there was so many tax increases in so many different areas , that well i dont really know where to start

Another tax anoynmous attendee shouts out HOW about the beginning , and then you can all tell us the heartwarming tale , of how you took more and more of our money as taxes .

Then the head of taxaholics person says --now now everyone deserves a fair chance lets hear gordy speak how long do you reckon you'll be gordy

GORDON BROWN : oh you know just the small matter of 1-2 days , not really that long for me i mean im used to waiting, after all i wanted to be prime minister for ten years . it's about time someone else had to wait apart from me

HEAD OF TAXAHOLICS : sorry gordy but this meeting only lasts for 2 hours -- how about the edited highlights

GORDON BROWN( in droning voice ) -- well it all started in may 1997 when New Labour won the election and i became chancellor of the exchequer. well you see in my ten years in power there was a slight raising of the tax burden . it kinda increases from a manageable 39.3% of total GDP to around well 42.2% .

HEAD OF TAXAHOLICS : Forgive me gordon because well im not really versed in economics , especially in taxes who pays for taxes ?

Gordon(stumbling political talk) well err , errm i dont know quite how to break it to you , but it's quite hard to explain and you know it's really not that important who pays for taxes + those tax increases --

ANGRY TAXAHOLICS ANOYMOUS PERSON: I forgot politicians never give a straight answer to a straight question ladies and gentleman we pay for Gordy and his tax rises ..

HEAD OF TAXAHOLICS : so gordon how have these tax increase as your time as the chancellor of exchequer how did you spend them -- you know the first sign of coming to terms with your illness is admitting to the damage your actions caused to others

GORDON(Solemn): well i gave a lot of money to the NHS , in fact for the first 4 years between 1997 +2001 there was a 7% increase in spending , the problem was the money wasn't spent a lot on frontline services , but we did get a shiny tier of new management and a lot more targets you know quite important stuff really .

OTHER TAXAHOLICS PERSON : I still dont undertand though how did all that help us

GORDON(CONFUSED) Well im not sure really , you see i just thought you had to throw money at a problem and hey presto it'd be solved i didn't know you had to specify where that money would go --sorry guys i guess that was a bit of a bulls up on my part .

TAXAHOLICS PERSON: Ok Gordon go ahead

Gordon Brown: Im really sorry guys im going to have to go , i forgot i never say sorry

Chorus from the back of the Meeting : RESIGN GORDON!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ken Livingstone

Recently ken appeared on a my space video for democracy .However the conclusions i got from it , is that Ken is nowhere near a democrat and in fact , if he could would support a left wing dictatorship in Britain just as long as it is an american dictatorship.

Already Ken has showed his anti semitic qualities , comparing a jewish reporter to a concentration camp guards and telling the jewish reubens businessman to go back to iran -- but that's all excused because Ken is the darling of the left media . It's what makes him charismatic , im sorry but would this be accepted if a tory had said it no ,would it have been accepted if the remarks had been aimed at blacks, christians or muslims --so why prey does the media just think we jewish people are blowing it all out of proportion . That's not to mention ken's tax tax tax policy . Ken's Philosophy can be summed up as the falling if it moves tax it,if it walks tax it, and if it is from a tory borough double tax it . Ken picks fights with the boroughs because they aren't meaning his stupid tax and spending policies. That's not even starting on the poor people of brent and wembley who in the 80s had to put up with his crazy left wing ideas ,which involved them all giving nearly half of there hard earned money , all in the name of improving the council , yet still brent was poor so good job ken took taxes for no reason there. then there is your mate hugo chavez who london now gets there oil from best friend with the iranian president you know that very nice man Who had a holocaust denial conference ,called the Holocaust a myth oh and just one more thing called for the destruction of the state of israel. Clearly ken character judgement is not your forte ,or you choose to ignore there crimes because there left wing .

Now to go back to the democracy video on my space , i have never heard so much garbage in my life , the amount of hot air you've contributed to global warming in that one video has increased co2 emissions by 20% not to mention all the garbage you've added for our once every 2 week binman ken -- i can see your in your usual excellent (sorry i forgot crap) form.

So here is the conclusions i got from your video. according to you .. women aren't violent and are more consensual im sorry -- mau zse dongs wife was behind the killing of millions of children ... it is bollocks you have evil woman and evil men, strong woman and strong men. then you have a go at the western world for putting in middle eastern dictatorships and according to you there is no signs of western value . Ken Livingstone i think your very much mistaken there is the western values in the arab world it is called israel, you know the country you said creating it was one of the greatest mistakes of the 20th century. then there was your defence of lenin -right then the sick bucket was ready. im sorry but that was just for starters your praise of mao zse dong who killed more people than stalin and hitler put together was downright disgusting -- are you blind . Now you think that is justified that amount of killing by my mao tse dong. you falsely assert china as democratic -china doesn't have democracy , it is a one party state (a dictatorship-- you say that is a bad thing(dictatorship tha is ) --then why support china when it systemically raped and pillaged tibet , and due to communism has killed millions of people. Lenin was an enemy of democracy there was an elections the social revolutionaries won he didn't like it and so he cancelled the parliament and ruled a one party state-- in war communism he killed millions of people --he created the cheka ,the gulags, the camps where dissidents would be sent to he paved the way for stalin . then there is fidel castro again there is no democracy in cuba , castro -- crushes brutally any opposition to his rule through torture and killing --yet this seems ok as long as it is not the United states. ,doesn't allow freedom of religion , has a one party state ,and has been ruling as a dictator for nearly 40 years . It seems to me Ken as long as it is a left wing dictatorship it's fine for you , and the video you have on supporting democracy is rubbish .

Finally id just to like pay homage to our new london mayor in six months boris johnson who has all qualities you dont , charm , listening to people ,and not hating jews and inviting muslim extremists .

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

IN defence of Boris Johnson


On the first day of the labour party conference ,New Labour Politician Hazel Blears did what she did best have a go at the opposition . Or rather she didn’t. I have no problem with politicians criticise the opposition party , God knows I do it , but unlike hazel I don’t use crude and unfair character assassinations . Recently hazel blears called Boris Johnson “ a bigoted upper class twit “ . So much for new labour saying class didn’t matter in Politics anymore . If she’s going to go on this line why not call Tony Blair an upper class twit after all he went to one of the most posh boarding schools in Durham , Or Gordon Brown who had a very priviledged education in Scotland . Yet that’s ok in the contradictory world of Miss Blears ok to support New labour’s upper class but not the tory upper class . Mrs Blears you wouldn’t like to be called working class scum and indeed it would be abhorrent to call you this but the language you use to describe Boris Johnson was equally abhorrent .

Boris Johnson is a politician who excites people , doesn’t send them to sleep like most politicians and doesn't sound the boring rehearsed party loyalist line all the time . He unlike most MPS is loved by his constituents on Henley on Thames and the town's love in with Boris has led it to be given the endearing nickname Borisville. Also he doesn't mind supporting supposedly unpopular viewpoint like supporting Israel strongly as a London mayoral candidate when if he was being a cynical politician looking for the muslim vote he would surely temper his support with condemnations . Boris is a politician who can laugh at himself , for example calling himself fat at the last party conference . Boris is the sort of person who puts the fun back in politics , he is one of the most well known politicians because he’s interesting ,controversial your guaranteed a laugh with Boris and just offers you something completely different from most MPS. Yes he does say some stupid things , but haven’t we all , yes he’s not perfect he’s had an affair , but all human beings are imperfect ,and at least unlike most politicians admits this .

Then there is the reason to vote for Boris Johnson. Unlike Ken Livingstone you wont hear him comparing a jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard , invite wife beating anti moderate muslims , homophobic , anti semitic , supporter of terrorism Yusuf Al quarwardari , and you wont have these stupid bendy buses which ken livingstone has introduced instead of the Double decker’s buses . Oh and he will stand up for taxpayers rights , completely ignored by Ken Livingstone when he introduced the congestion charge. Unlike the likely liberal democrat candidate Brian Paddick , yes a former deputy police commissioner whose admitted to being an undercover liberal democrat supporter in the police . This is the same person who pushed for the downgrading of cannabis , despite the terrible mental illnesses it causes ,in his time as policeman didn’t see the point in penalising those who used cannabis , has no problem with Policeman not being on the beat . incidentally he was also one of the main supporters of policeman beign sent on diversity courses " how silly of me Brian it obviously more important for policeman to make sure they dont cause offence to anybody rather than actually catching criminals . just imagine what our law and order system would be like under brian paddick even more liberal if that’s possible, policeman would be taught how not to offend criminals not catchign .So boris may be a bit of a fool , but at least you’re law and order system will stay in tact with him, and the law will be on the side of the law abiding citizens not the criminals , at least you wont hear politically correct dribble emanating from his mouth and at least you wont have Islamic extremists demagogues being invited at the taxpayers response and red ken's inviting his red political mates like Hugo Chavez all at the taxpayers expense of course .

In conclusion Hazel its you who is the twit , you will never be as well known as boris , because put it simply your voice is annoying and your as much as a liar as most politicians . Boris is liked because he’s different a character, he’s charismatic. Boris' book is a bestseller ,he appears on popular programmes like Newsnight ,Question time and has even been a presenter on have i got news for you . Hazel it pains me to say it but you just say whatever the party line is , oh and shout it a bit louder so you get some points from your leader --no matter if it goes against your political (sorry i forgot what political views hazel --how silly of me boris is obviously wrong a politician with actual views --how utterly repulsive that must sound . Hazel your the person who appears on question time getting shouted at and booed because you are about as original as a cardboard box , about as exciting as watching paint drying and got as much strong beliefs as the teletubbies . The reason you criticise Boris is maybe because your jealous he's got strong political views you dont , he's popular your not , he gets loads of money from his book ,you drive people to anger on question , he's interesting your not . So next time you call someone a twit Mrs Hazel Blears , think is this going to make me look bad ,and maybe just maybe he's more popular than me so i should shut up and get back to my job of towing the party line and not having anything original to say.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Many Points which prove how wrong the Boycotters of Israel are

Recently in the unions , politcally correct so called liberals and hardcore leftwingers even in the national union of journalists , israel boycott is all the rage . Boycott of Israeli Universities , Boycott of Israeli Goods , Boycott of Israeli Foods , Boycott of Israeli Politicians , Israeli Books , you name it the boycottt movement have tried boycotting it .

Some groups behinds these boycotts say they are doing it to end the occupation . Fine --then Why weren't u boycotting Eygpt for holding the gaza strip between 1948 -1967 , Jordan occupying the west bank between 1948-1967 , China's continuing occupation of Tibet ,the USSRS occupation of the whole of eastern europe , the Syrian occupation of lebanon. Other's claim they are doing it to protest against israeli's genocidal treatment of palestinians . Hang on history has taught us what genocide truly is , and whilst many believe for example inside israel itself israel needs to improve it's treatment of palestinians it is nowhere genocidal treatment . Genocidal treatment is that of sudan's treatment of african muslims , the rwandan genocide , cambodia , the armenian genocide committed by the ottoman empire , the jordanian , or Slobadan's milosevic ransacking of kosovo and the horrific genocide that took place at srebenica , that is genocide . I for one can tell you none of this is happening in the West Bank or Gaza . Most of these occupations or treatments are far more brutal , and for far worse reasons then israel took over the west bank and gaza and killed palestinian civilians most of the time i should add acidentally . Yet you never hear anyone asking to boycott any of these nations .

There is another reason for not boycotting israel . The high levels of morality itself it achieves in the face of adversity which most present day nations do not face . Israel is a bastion of democracy in an ocean of tyrannical and opressive regimes bent on the destruction of the state of israel, for example the head of the government of iran this year has said " Israel must be wiped off the map" . Israel has freedom of speech and press in israel , which can be seen for example by one of the leading Israeli Newspapers Haaretz constantly criticising the Israeli government . There is also Israel's committment to basic human rights such as the rights of woman , israeli arabs , druze and bedouin . Doing all this despite having to struggle against terorists who target innocent woman , children , students and other civilians .

Then there is other boycott movements saying that they are Boycotting Israel because they are an apartheid state . Firstly israeli arabs , druze ,and bedouins whilst there treatment is not perfect , receive more money from the government than in any other arab country ,live in a vibrant democracy where they are represented in the Israeli Knesset (parliament) and can vote . They are also represented in the Israeli Supreme court ,are more prosperous than there arab partners in arab states. Also importantly all israeli universities are integrated including israelies from all backgrounds , religions and races . Secondly Israel opened with passion the door of israel to thousands of black ethiopian jews , hardly the act of a nation engaging in apartheid . If you want to see apartheid in action how about the actions of 2 arab countries Saudi Arabia and Jordan , where jews and christians can't legally become citizens . Where are the boycott movements for them . It seems the boycott movements believe there is one rule for israel as a nation and one rule for every other nation on the planet ,and this is fundamentally unfair .

Boycotters have a notion , that only when israel is internationally boycotted will they start to think about peace with the palestinians and giving up land. Some boycotters especially members of trade unions such as Unison encouraging a boycott of Israel dont even claim to want peace they are calling for the end of the jewish state itself . Boycotting israel also wounds the chance of a sustainable peace between israelies and the palestinians . This is because israeli citizens will see it as nothing less than demonisation of Israel .This in turn weakens the Israeli peace movement and pushes Israelis who are for peace into the arms of israeli hawks . In other words it appears the boycotters are giving up on the israeli peace camp . So actually what the boycotters are doing is a hindrance rather than a help to peace. It also ruins the case of people like me who believe in the two state solution and think israel should get out of the West Bank. This is because the majority of the israeli public could see those in the peace movements in the west supporting the two state solution in league with the boycotters . So what are the boycotters actually achieving lets see tarnishing the image of those genuine two state solution supporters in the west , the israeli peace movement ,and the chance of peace in the middle east . Clearly it seems the boycotts dont follow the path of reason and common sense.

Then boycotters seem to be putting israel on a higher level of morality than any other state . Just to give one example In Britain trade unions such as Unison and the university of college's and university has been the heartbeat of the campaign to boycott israel . Yet there is no boycott of China where no trade unions are allowed . This is in complete contrast to Israel where the Histradut the Israeli Trade Union movement is one of the most powerful in the world certainly more powerful than American and British Trade Unions .To me this just shows the utter absurdity of boycotting israel .

What is worrying me is that these boycott movements have reached the top echelons of british society . In may 2007 the conference of british universities agreed to a boycott of israeli academics and universities . Not only is this vote a stab in the eye for freedom of expression and speech , it is pure and simple discrimination . Why cant an israeli academic speak or express his opinion to british universities , when british university academics have no problem in lambasting israeli universities and academics. The Univeristy and College union Boycott is counter to the cherished principle of freedom of expression .freedom of expression meaning that academics do not discriminate against colleagues on the basis of factors that are irrelevant to their academic work. What does an israeli science academics belief have anything to do for example with his pioneering work in chemistry , i'll tell you equivoqually , absolutely nothing . What we have here is a case of the boycott movement being involved complicity in curtailing academic freedom of israeli professors . the boycotters quite simply are putting a barrier in front of israeli professors , a barriers which blocks out the voices of moderate israeli university professors . To quote from the independent on this subject" Israeli academics have worked hard to oppose the excesses of their Government in the West Bank and Gaza. What good does it do to punish them in this manner" . I can tell you in no uncertain terms absolutely nothing . Israeli universities is where the heart of the Israeli peace movement is , if as the boycotters are saying you take out there voice , you've taken out a large chunk of the spiritual soul of the israeli peace movement . To conclude on this point i think it harms the palestinians as well. Thats to say how can the palestinians learn to talk to israelies which is essential to the peace process if the union of colleges and university's aren't even talking to the israel. Also it harms the palestinians because it encourages the use of terrorism by the palestinians , as it seems from there prospective every time israel responds to there terrorist act key international organisations boycott israel , and therefore they should continue on the terrorist path , so that israel can be condemned even louder . That doesn't sound logical to me , im pretty sure it doesn't sound logical to those people reading my article , it seems only logical to those organisations and people at the head of the boycott movement against israel .

The boycotters constant demonisation of israel and it's universities who they see as complicit with the israeli government can also be seen as anti semitism . this claim is backed up by quotes from a times online article on the academic boycott of israel ,written by Anthony Julius and Alan dershowitz .In it , it says "the boycotters are not just adopting bad politics derived from faulty thinking. There is an edge of malice to their campaign. Their desire to hurt, to punish, outstrips their ability even to identify with any precision their targets – all Israeli universities without exception? All academics within those universities? Israeli academics in non-Israeli universities? They cannot say. And so the question arises – does this malice have a name? To be blunt, is it anti-Semitic? The academic boycott resonates with earlier boycotts of Jews, whether those of medieval Europe or the Third Reich. The history of anti-Semitism is in part the history of boycotts of Jews. Each boycott derives from a principle of exclusion: Jews and/or the Jewish State are to be excluded from public life, from the community of nations, because they are dangerous and malign". Also the boycott pretext can be seen as a campaign to defame the jews. Why else do the boycotters hypocritcially sign up to the belief of national self determination especially the palestinians , but not the jews in particular zionism .It seems the boycotters would only be happy if the jews kept playing the role of victim . The boycotters are seething at the jewish nature of israel , yet have no problem with the islamic nature of Saudi Arabia ,or the christian nature of Italy . They do not seem to mind the hezbollah rocket attacks specifically trying to kill jews or hamas and islamic jihad suicide bombers specificially trying to kill jews , and then have the audacity to complain and expect more self restraint of israel than of any other nation when it defends itself . Israel is 0.1% of the land mass of the world , and the boycotters inexclusably overstate the importance of the israeli -palestinian conflict and also wildly the case to be made against israel's actions .

i think it would be apt to quote from the jerusalem post an israeli english language newspaper just to show how crazy, ill thought out ,and morally lacking the UCU ( university college union) boycott of israeli academics an university is ."Our academicians are not kosher, but Palestinian intellectuals are? The Palestinian Authority that sees Hamas and Fatah exchange gunfire in hospitals, throw people off roofs, murder each other in the streets execution-style and burn each others' houses to the ground, killing all the occupants including innocent children - its scholars are welcomed guests of the UCU? Does the UCU see no contradiction in opening its university doors to Palestinian academicians whose leadership tramples human rights with impunity? Extending preferential treatment to Palestinian academics makes a mockery of the UCU's boycott".

to conclude, does israel not have every right to protect themselves from rockets , sucide bombings and the constant threats from middle eastern governments and newspapers to wipe them off the face of the earth . i think the real problem many boycotters have is of a jewish nation and the jewish people of this nation not playing the innocent victim as the jewish people have played throughout history but actually standing up for themselves . This is why the boycott is fundamentally wrong Israel is not committing genocidal acts , Israel is defending themselves and sure Israel has made some mistakes and this has led to criticism and healthy criticism and proportional criticism of israel. The boycott is not proportional it condemns israel as an apartheid state when it's clearly not . It treats the palestinians as innocent victims , when palestinians terrorists have launched numerous terrorist attacks and rockets inside israel. In short the boycotts of israel supports palestinian terrorism and makes palestinian peace activists jobs much harder. The boycotters are fixated on israel and seem to ignore other more worthy nations of boycotts . just to name a few how about China Brutal occupation of Tibet, Burma's brutal millitary regime , Saudi Arabia's disgusting treatment of woman , and the boycott of Mugabe's Zimbabwe with it's terrible human rights records . The boycotters of israel can be likened to playground bullies they wont torment or attack the larger kids who can defend themselves such as china , but they have no problem in attacking israel as it is small and vulnerable .On concentrating on the only jewish state in the world and presenting such a one sided view , the boycotters even if they themselves aren't anti semitic , are adding to the problem of anti semitism in the western world ,and even more importantly the effects of there actions are anti semitic . Today the desire to destroy Jews has been reconfigured as the desire to destroy or dismantle the Jewish State Boycotters are adding to this by essentially calling israel an immoral state which doesn't deserve to exist for example giving it the hateful label "apartheid state" . The boycotts of is unfair, malicious , an affront to academic freedom and will lead to anti semitism .I urge all right minded people to stand up to those who boycott israel \