Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Israeli shell's hit a hospital

Yuval Diskin, in a report to the Israeli cabinet, said that the Gaza-based leadership of Hamas was in underground housing beneath the No. 2 building of Shifa Hospital hence why the al shifa hospital was hit , in the past this hospital has also been used to hide hamas munitions and treat hamas terorrists as well hamas terrorists pretending to be injured. this was the same hospital where hamas operatives killed 30 palestinians for collaborating with israel .

this just shows what a disgusting group hamas is - the left should think about this when they idiotically ask us to support the resistance in gaza, saying we all are hamas , and in a particularly disturbing example in holland shouting. Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas, with the help of useful idiot lefy socialist parliament member Harry Von Bommel shouting supporting for another intifada against israel. The left as Nick Cohen showed in his book what's left at least the far left is actively engaging with islamic extremism , someone needs to wake them up and show them what idiots they are being.

The real facts on the hamas -Israel War - what the media ignores to tell you.

heard that israel's killed thousands of civilians , that the attack is disproportionate, that hamas is a brave resistance force not endagering the lives of civilians , that israel has killed un workers and bombed schools , well a lot of these allegations are quite frankly crap believed by a world media interesting in smearing israel .

please go to this site - it debunks many of the bogus allegations thrown at israel{2824FE24-90B2-4815-966B-B60ED1E3739D}¬oc=1