Wednesday, September 26, 2007

IN defence of Boris Johnson


On the first day of the labour party conference ,New Labour Politician Hazel Blears did what she did best have a go at the opposition . Or rather she didn’t. I have no problem with politicians criticise the opposition party , God knows I do it , but unlike hazel I don’t use crude and unfair character assassinations . Recently hazel blears called Boris Johnson “ a bigoted upper class twit “ . So much for new labour saying class didn’t matter in Politics anymore . If she’s going to go on this line why not call Tony Blair an upper class twit after all he went to one of the most posh boarding schools in Durham , Or Gordon Brown who had a very priviledged education in Scotland . Yet that’s ok in the contradictory world of Miss Blears ok to support New labour’s upper class but not the tory upper class . Mrs Blears you wouldn’t like to be called working class scum and indeed it would be abhorrent to call you this but the language you use to describe Boris Johnson was equally abhorrent .

Boris Johnson is a politician who excites people , doesn’t send them to sleep like most politicians and doesn't sound the boring rehearsed party loyalist line all the time . He unlike most MPS is loved by his constituents on Henley on Thames and the town's love in with Boris has led it to be given the endearing nickname Borisville. Also he doesn't mind supporting supposedly unpopular viewpoint like supporting Israel strongly as a London mayoral candidate when if he was being a cynical politician looking for the muslim vote he would surely temper his support with condemnations . Boris is a politician who can laugh at himself , for example calling himself fat at the last party conference . Boris is the sort of person who puts the fun back in politics , he is one of the most well known politicians because he’s interesting ,controversial your guaranteed a laugh with Boris and just offers you something completely different from most MPS. Yes he does say some stupid things , but haven’t we all , yes he’s not perfect he’s had an affair , but all human beings are imperfect ,and at least unlike most politicians admits this .

Then there is the reason to vote for Boris Johnson. Unlike Ken Livingstone you wont hear him comparing a jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard , invite wife beating anti moderate muslims , homophobic , anti semitic , supporter of terrorism Yusuf Al quarwardari , and you wont have these stupid bendy buses which ken livingstone has introduced instead of the Double decker’s buses . Oh and he will stand up for taxpayers rights , completely ignored by Ken Livingstone when he introduced the congestion charge. Unlike the likely liberal democrat candidate Brian Paddick , yes a former deputy police commissioner whose admitted to being an undercover liberal democrat supporter in the police . This is the same person who pushed for the downgrading of cannabis , despite the terrible mental illnesses it causes ,in his time as policeman didn’t see the point in penalising those who used cannabis , has no problem with Policeman not being on the beat . incidentally he was also one of the main supporters of policeman beign sent on diversity courses " how silly of me Brian it obviously more important for policeman to make sure they dont cause offence to anybody rather than actually catching criminals . just imagine what our law and order system would be like under brian paddick even more liberal if that’s possible, policeman would be taught how not to offend criminals not catchign .So boris may be a bit of a fool , but at least you’re law and order system will stay in tact with him, and the law will be on the side of the law abiding citizens not the criminals , at least you wont hear politically correct dribble emanating from his mouth and at least you wont have Islamic extremists demagogues being invited at the taxpayers response and red ken's inviting his red political mates like Hugo Chavez all at the taxpayers expense of course .

In conclusion Hazel its you who is the twit , you will never be as well known as boris , because put it simply your voice is annoying and your as much as a liar as most politicians . Boris is liked because he’s different a character, he’s charismatic. Boris' book is a bestseller ,he appears on popular programmes like Newsnight ,Question time and has even been a presenter on have i got news for you . Hazel it pains me to say it but you just say whatever the party line is , oh and shout it a bit louder so you get some points from your leader --no matter if it goes against your political (sorry i forgot what political views hazel --how silly of me boris is obviously wrong a politician with actual views --how utterly repulsive that must sound . Hazel your the person who appears on question time getting shouted at and booed because you are about as original as a cardboard box , about as exciting as watching paint drying and got as much strong beliefs as the teletubbies . The reason you criticise Boris is maybe because your jealous he's got strong political views you dont , he's popular your not , he gets loads of money from his book ,you drive people to anger on question , he's interesting your not . So next time you call someone a twit Mrs Hazel Blears , think is this going to make me look bad ,and maybe just maybe he's more popular than me so i should shut up and get back to my job of towing the party line and not having anything original to say.