Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Israel needs to stand up to racist that is avigdor Lieberman

There is a party called Yisrael Beiteinu Led by Avigdor Lieberman it is essentially racist far right in character with a leader whose penchant seems to be pissing of israeli arabs. Yet for some reason the israeli government indeed the israeli judiciary system under Menachem Mazuz seems to be giving into him. Just recently in an act of stupidity the two main arab parties were banned, sure a minority of them supported hamas , but the majority didn't and anyway for a 20% part of the population who already feel disenfranchised this will only make the situation worse .

Just Recently Avigdor Lieberman like usual made some extremely racist remarks he said "Lieberman had called UAL MK Taleb a-Sanaa "a clown" and "a terrorist," adding that he should "be treated as such. We will take care of you like we take care of every terrorist; we will take care of you just like we took care of Hamas."

Lieberman's current Knesset campaign slogan, "No loyalty, no citizenship," is aimed at the Arab party leaders, whom he has consistently claimed constitute a fifth column working against Israel. Lieberman should have been banned and his party should be also banned unless they stop the anti arab rhetoric

At least the supreme court has now reinstated the two israeli arab parties, but the monster that is avigdor lieberman is allowed to preach his racism , tainting israel's image abroad.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The vatican gives succour to holocaust deniers everywhere

a deeply worrying article in the times here, 3 days before Holocaust memorial day -the pope reinstates bishops who denied the holocaust - absolutely disgusting -this disturbing article is found in the times.

The scourge of anti semitism it seems goes to the heart of the catholic church.

An angry message to leeds uni Occupiers

This is utter rubbish israel was defending itself against hamas terrorists . Terrorists who want to destroy the state of israel, terrorists who use children to carry out there aims terrorists who fire from civilian areas including schools and hospitals . terrorists who use civilians as shields . terrorists who have killed 200 members of fatah in the past month.

Do you just ignore what is happening to the people in southern israel. Why should the israeli ambassador be expelled, that is tantamount to calling for israel not to exist - there are 60 arab states 1 jewish democratic state who isn't medieval who aren't terrorists and give equal rights to their citizens. i dont hear you calling for the end of hamas

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Government needs to cut spending not waste it

Every year the Taxpayer Alliance produces a book called the bumper book of government waste and year and year hte amount of spending the government , the EU etc wastes gets worse and worse. 2009 is when government spending and thus waste goes into overdrive. Being the tax and spend socialist he is and with an opposition in david cameron who is scared to mention the word's spending cut's event though this was what bought Britain out of the recession in 1992 and in the earlhy 1980s , Brown is given a free run to wrack up government waste , and Gordon's having a great time , treating the taxpayer's money like his own personal credit crunch. The problem is the last time the government tried to tax and spend there way out of a recession it didn't work , what happened in the 1970s was the tax and spend policies crowed out the public sector , reduced incentives for entrepreneuralism saddled people with higher taxes and increased the power of the unions to a stage when the question could be asked who run's the country and the resounding answer back was the union. Brown though hasn't learnt from history and is repeating this mistake.

The bottom line is the Government cannot be trusted with too much of the taxpayer's money it will be wasted, it will lead to a deeper recession,and it could bankrupt the country. From the NHS it system , to amount of managers and consultants not needed in the NHS , to the wasted money of putting camera's in people's wheelie bins to ID cards and the amount wasted on government reviews , as well as the million's spent on Saving Northern Rock a much smaller bank than RBS which should have on the moral hazard argument been let to go to the wall. All this money could have been saved , taxpayers could have got value for money , but like a baby addicted to milk , the government is addicted to spending taxpayer's money.

To Conclude the latest book on Governmnent spending in 2008 before the recession hit's it peak showed the Government has misspent (that's government speak for thrown the taxpayer's money down the swanney) 101 Billion pounds , the scary thing was this was before the latest government spending binge. This shows that spending more is not the right answer in recession or a time of economic growth , the right answer is to be prudent with people's money and where possible cut government spending.