Monday, December 22, 2008

report on israel- with the facts unlike the bbc

recently 80 rockets have been fired at hamas from israel , yet you wouldn't hear this on the bbc , or if you do hear it , Israel apparently is in the wrong to defend themselves. What israel should start doing if they want to be proportionate is lobbing rockets back at Gaza - the bbc would have a field day at this.

Then there's this whole crap about collective punishment. Im sorry the palestinian group hamas now controls gaza , why the hell should israel be providing fuel and food for a foreign territory - does England provide france no . How about hamas stop indoctrinating children through hate filled messages at school and start providing their people with food and water -but then to them bombs and rockets are more important.

Then their's bethlehem - yes there are problems - but not from what left wing church leaders such as stephen coulter will tell from nasty israeli jews - no from islamic extremists who are persecuting Bethlehem's christians - did the bbc report this you bet your bottom dollar they didn't.