Monday, February 8, 2010

Treatment for Cancer patients at home

The title suggests that Gordon Brown in domestic Policy has finally come up with a great idea to help us out of the recession. Apparently every cancer patient will receive one to one care at their home if the Labour Party is elected for the next general election. It sounds like a good idea although like most labour election pledges it will probably only be short term and is an effect an attempt to buy voters off. Unfortunately we then need to remember the state of the public finances and suddenly it doesn't seem like good idea to increase public sector debt even further on an unfunded and unfeasible plan. In fact it looks downnright dangerous.

Then Unfortunately you remember we're 150 Billion in Debt and thats not including the £100 Billion public sector pension's timebomb, or the £50 Billion or so PFI debt which is not even on the books. With this in mind where is Gordon Brown going to get the cash for this policy to become viable. Is he seriously considering adding even further to the debt, when it is already the size of the US deficit which may i add has a lot more people and is much larger than the UK. Well it seems that he's pretty set on this policy so obviously so, which will lead to more taxes to the hard suffering taxpayer in the future. This is because according to most estimates this plan will cost at least £100 Million and where exactly with the level of debt are meant to magic this money from.

What gordon brown really needs to do is cut spending so we can finally get to the grips with the gigantic black hole in debt we are facing, but unfortunately Gordon Brown is like an addict to spending and no matter what you say to him like an alcoholic he just will not give the poison up.