Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ken Livingstone

Recently ken appeared on a my space video for democracy .However the conclusions i got from it , is that Ken is nowhere near a democrat and in fact , if he could would support a left wing dictatorship in Britain just as long as it is an american dictatorship.

Already Ken has showed his anti semitic qualities , comparing a jewish reporter to a concentration camp guards and telling the jewish reubens businessman to go back to iran -- but that's all excused because Ken is the darling of the left media . It's what makes him charismatic , im sorry but would this be accepted if a tory had said it no ,would it have been accepted if the remarks had been aimed at blacks, christians or muslims --so why prey does the media just think we jewish people are blowing it all out of proportion . That's not to mention ken's tax tax tax policy . Ken's Philosophy can be summed up as the falling if it moves tax it,if it walks tax it, and if it is from a tory borough double tax it . Ken picks fights with the boroughs because they aren't meaning his stupid tax and spending policies. That's not even starting on the poor people of brent and wembley who in the 80s had to put up with his crazy left wing ideas ,which involved them all giving nearly half of there hard earned money , all in the name of improving the council , yet still brent was poor so good job ken took taxes for no reason there. then there is your mate hugo chavez who london now gets there oil from best friend with the iranian president you know that very nice man Who had a holocaust denial conference ,called the Holocaust a myth oh and just one more thing called for the destruction of the state of israel. Clearly ken character judgement is not your forte ,or you choose to ignore there crimes because there left wing .

Now to go back to the democracy video on my space , i have never heard so much garbage in my life , the amount of hot air you've contributed to global warming in that one video has increased co2 emissions by 20% not to mention all the garbage you've added for our once every 2 week binman ken -- i can see your in your usual excellent (sorry i forgot crap) form.

So here is the conclusions i got from your video. according to you .. women aren't violent and are more consensual im sorry -- mau zse dongs wife was behind the killing of millions of children ... it is bollocks you have evil woman and evil men, strong woman and strong men. then you have a go at the western world for putting in middle eastern dictatorships and according to you there is no signs of western value . Ken Livingstone i think your very much mistaken there is the western values in the arab world it is called israel, you know the country you said creating it was one of the greatest mistakes of the 20th century. then there was your defence of lenin -right then the sick bucket was ready. im sorry but that was just for starters your praise of mao zse dong who killed more people than stalin and hitler put together was downright disgusting -- are you blind . Now you think that is justified that amount of killing by my mao tse dong. you falsely assert china as democratic -china doesn't have democracy , it is a one party state (a dictatorship-- you say that is a bad thing(dictatorship tha is ) --then why support china when it systemically raped and pillaged tibet , and due to communism has killed millions of people. Lenin was an enemy of democracy there was an elections the social revolutionaries won he didn't like it and so he cancelled the parliament and ruled a one party state-- in war communism he killed millions of people --he created the cheka ,the gulags, the camps where dissidents would be sent to he paved the way for stalin . then there is fidel castro again there is no democracy in cuba , castro -- crushes brutally any opposition to his rule through torture and killing --yet this seems ok as long as it is not the United states. ,doesn't allow freedom of religion , has a one party state ,and has been ruling as a dictator for nearly 40 years . It seems to me Ken as long as it is a left wing dictatorship it's fine for you , and the video you have on supporting democracy is rubbish .

Finally id just to like pay homage to our new london mayor in six months boris johnson who has all qualities you dont , charm , listening to people ,and not hating jews and inviting muslim extremists .