Friday, July 3, 2009

Belgian MEP calls opponents of Lisbon Treaty Stupid

if nothing else could show how opposed to democracy fanatical EU enthusiasts are, there opposition to the No side on the Lisbon treaty and indeed a referendum shows it. It is a perfectly reasonable opinion to be opposed to a lisbon which many feel including myself will take power away from people and give it to EU wide bodies, leading to a European superstate which many don't want - i would prefer an intergovernmental EU where nations work together - and therefore states keep it's powers and choose where to work and co-operate. with this in mind i feel there should be no more EU integration - because i believe that would be damaging to member states interests and give more power to unaccountable EU wide bodies -which would damage democracy.

Yet Apparently me and many others who take this perfectly reasonable views are apparently stupid and stupid for wanting a referendum. This is taken by a cheerleading supporter of further EU integration Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck. So apparently we're stupid for supporting democracy and having minds and opinions of our own - and my own riposte and you wonder why people are Eurosceptic and sceptical of the lisbon treaty?- the sheer disregard shown to anyone who has a different opinion is breathtaking.

U turn on Post offices is wrong and misplaced

So Gordon brown has capitulated to the left of his party who once more score another blow for nationalisation and a return to the bad old days of the past where nearly everything is nationalised.

Whilst people go on and say look royal mail was making a profit they forget some main reasons why royal mail at least needed to be privatised or at least partially privatised. There is a looming pensions crisis in royal mail , due to final salary pensions - this we the taxpayer our propping up whilst Gordon Brown got rid of the tax incentive on them in the late 1990s so private firms can no longer afford them. So taxpayers were royally stuffed by Gordon Brown. Going back to royal mail with this looming pensions crisis the debt facing royal mail and therefore the taxpayer will be staggering it therefore needs to be privatised to relieve the taxpayer.

Secondly it is unfair that royal mail is protected from competition ie from TNT -this means they are not pushed to offer a better service and the customer-every houshehold in Britain has less choice, this is not a satisfactory situation

what the government has done is simply buried there heads in their hands and given up, there doing nothing about royal mail which will simply make the matter worse. They are choosing political positioning - so gordon brown can stay in his job and stop the left from rebelling against him , over the interest of the country when it is clear royal mail needs reforming. Whilst the decision to privatise or part privatise royal mail, may not be popular, it's something which needs to be done to help the country in the future.