Friday, December 25, 2009

A story the news wont tell you about.

According to the media in the UK, Israel is constantly collectively punishing the palestinians, whilst the rest of the world wails about this supposed injustice. Neither of these statements are true.

In Lebanon, you will be automatically put in a refugee camp if you are palestinian, you will not be allowed to leave this refugee camp, and you will not be able to get a profession or occupation. On top of this there unemployment is much higher, they face discrimination in all walks of life, and are not represented in the Lebanese parliament, mainly because they cannot vote. Compare this to Israel, where in the west bank Israel has helped in the past year through the removal of 100s of checkpoints, which has led to 7% growth in the west bank, they can go to the supreme court, where if they so wish they can complain about their treatment, there are elections they can vote in for the palestinian authority, and their water and electricity is provided. This is not to say the situation is perfect it is not, their is discrimation, but it is not on the same level as Lebanon, and constantly Israel is trying to improve the situation.

Often israel is compared to apartheid south africa, this is not true in any way shape or form, if you really want to see a situation where apartheid is practiced on the palestinians look no further then Lebanon.This is disgusting and out and out discrimination yet you do not hear the so called pro palestinian movement talking about this as they are too busy trying to deligitimise Israel, then look at the facts.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Apparently it was just the right who thought the PSBR report was awful according to Polly toynbee

the bastion of the left and guardian columnist and new labour luvvie Polly Toynbee blames the Right wing newspapers for their negative report on the PSBR(pre budget report). From my perspective i can see how any newspaper of any political persuasion would find it hard to defend a budget which will leave us in trilllions of pounds of debt, where political bribes are put ahead of necessary spending cuts as the treasury department v prime minister's office row showed, where everyone gets taxed to the hilt, and enterprise is discouraged. If Polly had bothered to check as Conservative home have helpfully shown -the guardian equally criticised the PSBR report.

So universal agreement that this government's economic policy is a complete disaster. NOW when it gets to may lets kick this morally banrupt government out of power.

The disappointment for conservatives in Nicholas sarkozy

When Sarkozy became President of France in 2007, British Conservatives finally thoughy france had realised that gaullism with it's brand of statism and corruption didn't work. We hailed the french thatcher who would let the market rip, and turn france into a supporter of the UK and America. We saw him as principled and willing to defend capitalism, unfortunately as time and Conservative Home higlight, we've ended up with a man who has a french napoleon concept- who wants to destroy the city of london, end free market capitalism, is best friends with Gaddafi and wants a european superstate. He once and for all shows why conservatives need to stay principled and not retreat to the language of the left.

-Here's the conservative home article:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ben Bradshaw's distasteful remarks

When the bbc rejected the gaza disaster appeal -due to their belief in political neutrality there was a hornets nest of disgust - saying the bbc was pro israel etc - this is the same organisation though who as i have showed on my blog is steadfastly pro israel.

I did not know then but do know now, that the culture secretary ben bradshaw says israel has a long reputation for bullying the BBC. this is a disgusting statement for a start israel is a democracy and therefore doesn't bully news organisations and it has a free independent media - and does not tell any media organisations what to say. Secondly the BBC has a history of being vehemently anti israel- as the hushed up balen report showed. Thirdly his calling of israel as a bully shows his own political bias.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A response to pierre Lellouche criticism of cameron's eurosceptic position.

Actually, Lellouche, what is pathetic is a government holding a referendum on the EU Constitution and then ignoring the "no" vote - not even bothering to hold a referendum a second time- like you made the irish do.

As France did.

In fact, not only pathetic, but downright fraudulent.

but then the french view of the EU never wanted to include democracy in it.

why the mail is wrong, cameron right, and like usual the situation we find ourselves in is all the fault of the Labour Party

the mail is not acting realistically. Unfortunately once the lisbontreaty is in law David Cameron can do no nothing about it, nor any conservative leader howevever eurosceptic they are. As far as i know after all no human can turn back time.

What is missing from the papers is that we shouldn't have got to this psotion in the first place, both the liberal democrats and labour party promised us a referendum on the Eu constitution which is substantially the same as the lisbon treaty -with the guarantees we negotiated being seen as quicksand - according to the house of commons foreign affairs select committee. If both lib dems and laboru had followed there manifesto promises and voted for a referendum in parliament the british people could have had there say- and the treaty may not have gone into law.

As it is, it has and cameron has no let matters lie -he is seeking to renogiate our relationship with europe on social, economic and asylum issues - which i fully support. He has also made it clear that pulling out is not an option-which once again i agree with as a eurorealist- i dont support a united states of europe however i support a european union of member states -and i believe if cameron battles on our behalf on the issues he has stated we can do this.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Critique of Noam Chomsky - given before his satelite talk to leeds university Students-please read!

If you listen to the leeds university department and the students, Noam Chomsky is the best thing since sliced bread, he's a true hero, who sticks it to those nasty countries, the United States and Israel, he's the only one brave enough to talk the truth, he's jewish- so he cant apparently be accused of anti semitism, and because he's left wing he's cool. Well im here to break it to you, this is a bunch of hogwash. Noam Chomsky, is a holocaust denying, rabble rousing, far left, defender of terrorists, anti semites who like's writing forewords for anti semites. You see it's not just the far right you have to watch with anti semitism it's the far left.

Those who defend Chomsky on the supporting of holocaust denying charge say to things
1. He cant be a supporter of the deniers he's jewish
2. He's Defending freedom of speech.

The reply's to this- Just because he's nominally jewish, doesn't mean he cant hate jews. to the second question, im a great supporter of freedom speech, from nick griffin's appearance on question time, to the mohammed cartoons, to david irving being put in jail - i supported the freedom of speech position on all of this, but this is nothing to do with freedom of speech. it is not giving publicity to a holocaust denier and therefore supporting him - to give you an example i will defend nick griffin's right to freedom of speech on question time -however i will not then go out of my way to write a preface to a publication or book he writes, because that is tantamount and can be seen as support of his ideas. are you that naive, im all for freedom of speech that is not what a foreword to a book is - a foreword to a book is support to that writer.

Then theres chomsky's pure undiluted anti semitism which alone should mean he shouldn't be treated seriously, and seen by the public as a crackpot in the same box as people such as Nick Griffin, yet perversely he's seen as a respected academic - if this isn't an example of how we are not targeting the far left's anti semitism, what is. This came from Noam Chomsky's Mouth-here is use of anti semitic language and please dont tell me this guy has been misquoted etc - after all he is a linguistics professor -here's the passage -We might ask how the Times would react to an Arab claim that the Jews do not merit a 'second homeland' because they already have New York, with a huge Jewish run population, Jewish-run media, a Jewish mayor, and domination of cultural and economic life. (1)
- that aint anti -zionism thats pure undiluted anti -semitism

Or how about his defence of terrorist groups like hamas. Apparently this is justified because these terrorist groups are anti-american. My reply to this is that, there is many ways of being anti american(which i dont support as im pro-american) which dont involve blowing yourself up. Also these extremist terrorist groups such as hezbollah deny the holocaust, say the jews committ blood libels, in the case of hezbollah, have al manar tv which has been banned in france due to it's anti semitic content, all whilst targeting innocent israeli civilians. Not exactly the group anyone from any side of the political spectrum you would of thought wanted to defend, yet good old Noam Chomsky has done so, apparently they should be allowed to have weapons, because there just so damn powerless without them. To quote Noam Chomsky on this argument that they should be in the hands of Hezbollah (the arms) as a deterrent to potential aggression, and there is plenty of background reasons for that.

It's nice to know the university seeks fit not to tell students about the real side to chomsky's character when talking about his tele-visual talk to the university, nope apparently he's a hero and a respected academic. Yep he is but only because no-one is allowed to challenge him , or has the guts to challenge him. Guess what he's not going to be debated on his talk either, giving it from soas a hotbed of far left activity he wont be challenged,and he cant be challenged by anyone on tele-visual where's he appearing at other univerisities cos guess what they can't ask him questions.But hang on i thought chomsky was meant to believe in freedom of speech obviously only when it suits him.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good news from the latest opinion polls

The Latest Opinion Polls from Ipsos Mori, ICM and Political Betting are out and there extremely positive for the Conservative Party. We now according to the opinion polls, have a 17 point lead, the Conservative Party being around 44%, Labour 27% and the Liberal Democrats 18%.

Of course as I’m sure Eric Pickles will remind us all, this is not a time to stop with the good work done through canvassing and leafletting and other forms of campaigning. However it does show that up to now that the Conservative Party is being seen as a genuine credible alternative to the Labour party.

Anyway guys read the opinion polls it will put a smile on your face. Here is the link:

Moving away from party political opinion polls, there was also a new poll on the general publics’ view on ID cards, which the Conservative party are implacably opposed to. The ICM poll found 38% thought that ID cards were a good idea with 62% being opposed to the idea. Public Opinion is changing on this and it seems here as with a lot of other areas the Conservative Party are winning the public argument.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bob Crow couldn't care about the British Public

the head of the RMT union - the transport union is millitant left ex communist Bob Crow- they were even seen as too left wing by Ken Livingstone who called them a protection racket".

Yet Bob crow is proud of the fact that this year alone due to this ludicrous ballot system and incomprohensible demands is that by september there have been 100 strike actions( having strike ballots)-when there is not even a justification to strike.- yet he wears this as a badge of honour he is proud of the fact. He doesn't seem to care about the 1000s of commuters lives he is making a misery, the amount of taxpayers money he is costing, the effect it is having on a transport system -as long as he purues his politcal agenda it seems he couldn't care that he is wreaking havoc on the british economy. Crow has said it's a human right to strike -yes if you have a general grievance but not as is most of the time with you, for no reason, then you are impinging on the human rights of the vast majority of british citizens.

Bob Crow is just a sympton of some of the union leaders who feel now with the economic downturn there time has come from transport, to bins, to post -strikes are happening galore-strong government is needed to stand up to the union leaders. It is not about being anti union- it is about being anti union-leaders - who act undemocraticaly and are acting against the vast majority of union members they are supposedly representing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A riposte to maryam ahmed and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign walked out on an israeli Palestinian talks

Here's a message to those who walked out of an israeli-palestinian debate at the union-at the university of leeds. It's also a response to maryam ahmed who wrote to the student newspaper defending the actions of Palestinian Solidarity Campaign which i believe included herself.

1. The guy who defended israel was not israeli - are we now allowed to have people on
campus who defend the right of the state of israel- or do you call extreme allowing
israel's right to exist - and having a representative of the israeli government.

2. The palestine solidarity group -the speaker you wanted to bring in was a supporter
from hamas - you mention racism - yet Hamas is racist, sexist, anti semitic and
homophobic. They voice islamic extremism and last month kiled 50 palestinians for so
called collaboration with israelies. Do you support a hamas group -which says it wants to
throw all jews into the sea, who are sponsored by the leader of iran mahmoud ahmadenejad
who has denied the holocaust repeatedly. Are you really surprised then that the union
didn't support your choice - a guy who supports hamas -with all the problems that entails
-im not saying israel is always right-but im giving you the chance now loud and clear to
condemn hamas

3. You have used similar tactics before when lorna fitsimmons came to speak-she rightly
criticised islamic extremists -not muslims in general -but just the small minority of
extremists -yet you just ignored this and said she was islamaphobic -by virtue of this are
moderate muslims such as Ed Hussain, Shiraz Maher and stephen schwartz -islamaphobic and
self hating muslims

4. The panel was neutral -1 pro palestinian, 1 neutral, 1 pro israeli -what more do you
want. You criticise the israeli guy for defending israel-yet this was why he was bought -
let him do his job and then debate im -dont just walk out and act like a spoilt child

5. What happened in gaza wasn't a massacre-please may i remind you of the context a-
Israel for 4 years had had thousands of rockets fired at it - for no other reason then
they were israeli-the only reason the casualties were low was because the israeli
government unlike the palestinan government spent money on protecting it's citizens in
bomb shelters. If france constantly rocketed england - trying to kill as many civilians
as possible- would you expect the english government to do nothing. B-hamas hid in
civilian areas including in schools, hospitals and houses - they had people as young as
12 fighting for them , they fired from civilian areas and used civilians as human
shields, and dressed up in civilian clothes - it is therefore largely there fault for the
civilian deaths - they used civilians to protect themselves -and this led to deaths.
Still noone knows the exact number of dead but it was predicted around 800 of the 1200
deaths were hamas - yes the other 400 is to high but you have to put it in the context
that israeli army posted leaflets telling people to leave and phone calls before
strikes-hamas told them not to.

6. do you support the two state solution-like me - and yes i do think israel should get
out of the west bank - or do you just want israel not to exist whatsoever.

7. Do you recognise the jewish nature of the state of israel- just as im sure you would
recognise the muslim nature of saudi arabia.

8. You weren't prevented from taking part of the discussion -you walked out - what a
childish action. i cant help think you are insinuating that jack codd is biased through
doing this action hwich he isn't

9. are you taking the piss the palestinian voice is heard all the time from the un -to
the un palestinian refugees commission- yet my grandparents who were kicked out of iraq
because they were jewish and israel was created- along wth 750,000 others are ignored
-they dont have millions of pounds given to them, there plight is ignored, they dont have
international sympathy- or any redress from the crimes committed from arab governments.
It is the palestinian leadership which has failed the palestinian people- if in 2000 they
had accepted - barak's peace plan we would have never been in this mess -yet arafat chose
terrorism through the intifada.

10. It's not to do with racism or religion it's to do with land- a -yes israel should get
out of the west bank - b- recognition of a sovereign nation-ie israel which most arab
countries wont do or hamas - whilst that stays how can israel have peace with a group who
wants to kill them.

11. The comparison with south africa is rubbish -firstly israel has many black citizens
of its own, israel is not racist, yes they have made mistakes -but on the basis of trying
to defends its citizens - for example israeli arabs whilst by no means are there
conditions perfect-have the highest living standards in the arab world

12. What would a boycott actually achieve -you would make the israeli people more extreme
-and the groups you would be targeting like universities are the hub of the israeli peace
movement -way to have a non-joined up policy.

13. Some in your group shouted victory to the intifada -do you know how insulting this is
to jewish people -where hamas for example sat actively to kill as many people in israel
simply for being a jewish state.

- look forward to hearing a reply from you,

stephen hoffman

Cameron gave a speech worthy of a prime minister.

Cameron was straight with the british people today, unlike Mr Gordon Brown who lives in cloud cuckoo land.

He was honest saying there would have to be cuts and pain for the british people -but in the long run - it would be for the benefit of the british people - something gordon brown with his head buried in the sand won't acknowledge.

Cameron also gave a great speech ideologically - saying that unlike we conservatives oppose big government, because we believe in people power, and also we don't believe that everything can be solved by the state.

Finally he attack labour on the traditional labour territory-helping the poor they haven't done this and a conservative government will.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Look No Further than Boris Mayoralship of London to look at what a succesfull tory government will look like

Days after Boris was elected to mayor of London Ken Livingstones arrogantly had t-shirts which said "Dont Blame me i voted for ken"

Well Since that moment Boris has done a brilliant job as London Mayor. In unpopular times -he has made the tough decisions to depend the city of london which despite the credit crunch - conservatives believe and indeed i believe is still the motor of the british economy both in terms of wealth and taxation. In doing so he has stood up to the EU who have tried to tame the city of london so they get a competitive advantage-Cameron just like Boris will stand up to the EU -when they are working against British Interests. .In a time when supporting free trade and capitalism has been unpopular -Boris has stood up for free trade -which gives us innovation, competition, lower prices and more choice for the people.

Boris has like the conservatives will do made the tough choices on public Spending. After the glut of spending left by the irresponsible socialist spending policies of Ken Livingstone and his cronies -Boris had to cut spending and he has done fast. By doing this boris has proved the old lie wrong that cutting spending will cut services, or rising taxes. None of this has happened,in fact it just cuts bureaucracy which helps frontline services.Through winning this argument boris has provided a blueprint for the Conservative Cameron Government-if it gets to power to follow. According to Paul Waugh - Boris has cut the following:Cutting 1,000 admin jobs have gone at London Underground following the integration with Metronet, saving £570 million
* Cutting "several hundred" more posts elsewhere across TfL
* Saving £220 million from consultants bills
* £400 million from switching to more efficient computer systems
* £130 million from moving staff out of central London to cheaper premises in Southwark and North Greenwich.
* £185 million from re-negotiating the Oyster ticketing contract alone. A further £240 million from changes to contracts linked to the c-charge and low emission zone
* £200 million cut in marketing and press budget, redirected to fund extra police on Tubes and buses.
* Pay for senior staff has been frozen and bonuses cut, and the pay settlement for most staff will "reflect the economic realities being faced by millions of Londoners".

-not a bad list.

And in the words of Boris Johnson if i can make cuts in city hall, George Osbourne can make cuts in whitehall.

Under boris crime has reduced, transport is slowly improving, and spending has been put under control -the same is what the Conservatives will want to do if they get to power.

The conservatives are the party of reform.

To leading the way on the expenses scandal, to elected police chief, to elected mayors, and more power to local people, to decentralisation, to cutting the number of members of parliament and to reforming the public sector, to biting the bullet unlike the labour on welfare-the Conservatives under the leadership of David Cameron are the party of reform.

No more was this in evidence than George Young's speech saying how through reform parliament can onc3e again regain it's honour after the expenses debacle. Under a Conservative government no more will backbenchers will be ignored but they will get a real say- this will happen through backbenchers havingpower over what and when they debate, instead of the Executive having sole control over the whole Commons agenda.The Executive under labour has guillotined too many laws -and Cameron will readress this. Along with this the executive will no longer be able to guillotine bills -as for example they did on the Lisbon treaty. Then we can have real interesting and lively debate in the house of commons which the conservatives will be at the heart of

The regional select comittees who have been such a waste of money wil be abolished -they have achieved nothing and have just been a talking shop.

Select committees which have done a vital job in holding the government account will have more power -through having unwhipped elections. With more power - you will have a greater level of scrutiny of the government which is good for democracy.

The number of people in parliament for starters will be cut by 10% -to save us the British taxpayer money.

Not just this but for the first time in history the conservatives are considering giving people a real say in the legislation process. they are considering after a second reading of a bill -and before the select comittee stage- the public will get a say in laws which effects them. This is another example of the tories giving people real power.

To sum up the people want change from a tired, lieing, incompetent,unaccountable, unelected - in the cases of brown and mandelson, government - the conservatives through there packages of reforms offer this- Vote For Change -Vote for the conservative party.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

biased bbc anyone?

1. For starters Andrew Marr interrupted David much more on average than Brown and Clegg

2. What has Cameron's wealth got to do with his ability to govern-Churchill had a lot of money , thatcher not so much -none of it made a difference so why the question-and again why when voters meet Margot James the tory candidate for stourbrdige go on about her wealth. It's about ability not how much your worth -someone should tell the BBC is. Also they dont seem to go on about wealthy labour mps

3. Fox hunting -with all the other issues around, ie welfare, afghanistan, the economy etc -why give a full feature to this on the politics show- it is not a matter of national importance.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gordon Brown Decides to be part of a tv leaders debate

get your popcorn ready ladies and gentleman, get ready for a real good laugh because Gordon Brown that awesome debater is going to debate cameron and clegg. Tissues at the ready to wipe the tears of laughter.

This is a godsend for the tories, Gordon Brown will show himself to be the angry out of touch, out of control dictatorial style leader that he is.

Well actually to say gordon brown will be involved in an american style leader debate may be a bit strong -after all brown has said he will only accept a leadership debate on his own terms. So it could end up being a bit like the labour leadership debate there was meant to be - Gordon brown will try and bully anyone who dares challenge him and end up just debating his own reflection- even though would be great - the contradictions of the man will rise to the surface.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Netanyahu churchillian speech to the UN.

Go to the link here - where Netanyahu stands up to ahmadenejad who denies the holocaust and for the UN for letting Ahmadjenejad spew anti semitism-and for the UN bias against israel - this is all true -please here this excellent churchilian speech. Say this to ahmadenejad and all those others who deny the Holocaust in the words of Binyamin Netanyahu IS THIS A LIE ! here is the you tube link:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the union leaders on another planet

if you want to hear good old headbanging leftwing old labour go no nearer than the trade union conference.

apparently according to them we can spend, spend, spend , tax , tax, tax , nationalise everything and we will all be ok and the recession will end sooner- unless those nasty tories get in of course.

In the real world - the truth wide ranging cuts need to happen in all areas of government , the size of the public sector needs to be cut, the salaries of those in the public sector needs to be frozen, and final salary pensions abandoned, - if you cut spending you can cut taxes, which will stimulate the economy. In the words of the meerkats - Simmpless.

the trade unions wouldn't matter of course accept due to the money they give to the labour party, Gordon brown despite protesting would meet there demands. Thats why you need a conservative government independent of the unions, so they can make the tough decisions.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sir Terry Wogan is right - Newsreaders do have an easy job

Well someone had to burst the baloon which is newsreader's pomposity. these people who think they are amazingly talented and then will appear on programs so everyone can hear there so called superior opinion - george alagiah -with his food documentary for starters.

but honestly newsreading easy - i mean you have to be a complete idiot to not be able to look presentable and read an autocue - a chimp could do it -and they cost a darnsite less then news reporters.

In other words its not rocket science so just get on with it

-heres the article -with terry wogans views

Monday, July 27, 2009

more left of centre thinking by the bbc

as im sure you'll aware ben stephenson a bbc bigwig recently got in trouble in a guardian article when he said the bbc needed more left of centre thinking. - what my reply to this is there can hardly been any more left of centre thinking then there already is.

Look no further then this left of centre thinking then new labour luvvie James Naughtie - who in an article on the bbc internet site oozes love for the danish system of loads of benefits high taxes and big public sector. well of course like everything theres achievement but james only looks at the achievements and doesn't bother looking at the negatives. After all why bother when your trying to get a political point across, why bother looking at the other side. All you simply had to do james was look at another country who used to be like denmark high public spending , high taxes etc - it was britain in the 50s and 60s and by common consensus it was an utter failure.

Another highlight of bbc's left of centre thinking was with the excellent program the death of respect. documentary made by the respected panorama documentary person john ware it touched on the areas of support for marriage, tough on crime , the lack of communities, the lack of civility in britain - it was a program which for a change done by the bbc which wasn't from a left of centre perspective. So like any documentary like a panorama program it was on prime time right - errm well no. Because of it's political viewpoints or the bbc said it was controversial( ie it doesn't fit are left wing agenda) it was put on at the ungodly hour of 11.30 - is it not surprising therefore that viewing figures were low.

this would be hilarious if the taxpayers weren't paying for all this. In my view unless the bbc actively becomes neutral the licence fee should be scrapped and the bbc privatised. then they can be as left wing as they like -because i wont be paying for it

Friday, July 3, 2009

Belgian MEP calls opponents of Lisbon Treaty Stupid

if nothing else could show how opposed to democracy fanatical EU enthusiasts are, there opposition to the No side on the Lisbon treaty and indeed a referendum shows it. It is a perfectly reasonable opinion to be opposed to a lisbon which many feel including myself will take power away from people and give it to EU wide bodies, leading to a European superstate which many don't want - i would prefer an intergovernmental EU where nations work together - and therefore states keep it's powers and choose where to work and co-operate. with this in mind i feel there should be no more EU integration - because i believe that would be damaging to member states interests and give more power to unaccountable EU wide bodies -which would damage democracy.

Yet Apparently me and many others who take this perfectly reasonable views are apparently stupid and stupid for wanting a referendum. This is taken by a cheerleading supporter of further EU integration Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck. So apparently we're stupid for supporting democracy and having minds and opinions of our own - and my own riposte and you wonder why people are Eurosceptic and sceptical of the lisbon treaty?- the sheer disregard shown to anyone who has a different opinion is breathtaking.

U turn on Post offices is wrong and misplaced

So Gordon brown has capitulated to the left of his party who once more score another blow for nationalisation and a return to the bad old days of the past where nearly everything is nationalised.

Whilst people go on and say look royal mail was making a profit they forget some main reasons why royal mail at least needed to be privatised or at least partially privatised. There is a looming pensions crisis in royal mail , due to final salary pensions - this we the taxpayer our propping up whilst Gordon Brown got rid of the tax incentive on them in the late 1990s so private firms can no longer afford them. So taxpayers were royally stuffed by Gordon Brown. Going back to royal mail with this looming pensions crisis the debt facing royal mail and therefore the taxpayer will be staggering it therefore needs to be privatised to relieve the taxpayer.

Secondly it is unfair that royal mail is protected from competition ie from TNT -this means they are not pushed to offer a better service and the customer-every houshehold in Britain has less choice, this is not a satisfactory situation

what the government has done is simply buried there heads in their hands and given up, there doing nothing about royal mail which will simply make the matter worse. They are choosing political positioning - so gordon brown can stay in his job and stop the left from rebelling against him , over the interest of the country when it is clear royal mail needs reforming. Whilst the decision to privatise or part privatise royal mail, may not be popular, it's something which needs to be done to help the country in the future.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Furore over second Jobs is misplaced.

Today the Daily Mail in it's infinite wisdom has said it will publish a story this month, which will show how scandalous MPS are, the only problem being the MPS are doing nothing wrong in the cases they are highlighting.

They are criticising people such as William Hague and Ken Clarke for having second jobs ie being non executive board members on firms and giving after dinner speeches. However there forgetting one important thing MPS having second jobs is costing the taxpayer no money, it is simply a way of MPS making money for there family in a legitimate money rather than through expenses biting the hand that feeds them the taxpayer. Secondly if anyone who has heard William Hague give after dinner speeches will attest to, people would lose out if he gave this up, and why should we the people be deprived of hearing a brilliant speaker.

Furthermore second Jobs gives MPS an experience of the real world, it gives them an expertise in areas they otherwise would not know about, in fact i would encourage as many mps as possible to have second jobs, firstly they would gain income so they would be less likely to claim expenses, and seondly they would get an experience of the real world. The issue is being pushed by Gordon Brown because not many labour mps especially cabinet ministers have second jobs, so it is a cynical attempt at a smear on the tories which unfortunately the Daily Mail is falling in to.

It also has to be rememebered that before politicians become MPS as parliamentary prospective candidates they have second jobs , they need this because by conservative estimates it costs 60,000 a year to be a parliamentary prospective candidate- money which has to be raised for the individual person. Therefore second jobs are clearly needed to pay for this. Thus when a parliamentary candidate wins a seat and becomes an MP, they will have second jobs and in many cases although i will accept not all it doesn't affect the quality of work in fact it enchances it.

so to finish off second jobs good, second homes bad.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well Done Bibi

Binyamin Netanyahu has just done a very hard thing especially for a man from the right of the israeli political spectrum ,a man who was opposed to pulling out of gaza, opposed to oslo ,and lets be honest said some pretty terrible thing about great peace loving israeli leaders such as yitshak rabin.

Yet today despite all of this and thanks in no small part to the insistence of Barack Obama , binyamin Netanyahu has accepted the principle of a palestinian state, he has accepted the principle of no new settlements. This man is no longer an extremist. To those who say the palestinian state will have nothing because it is demillitarised , this was a requirement from those on the left of the politcal spectrum , from rabin , barak and now netanyahu , of course Israeli leader do not want a fully millitarised state by it's borders who will have elements in their leadership still seeking the destruction of the State of Israel.

The palestinian leadership responded pathetically to this speech by netanyahu saying he has hijacked the peace process. Surely though he has done the opposite, he is willing to talk to you about a palestinian state without preconditions, all he ask is for you to recognise the Jewish State, that is not an onerous demand , yet your response suggests the palestinian supposed moderate leadership under Mahmoud Abbas cannot even do that. Israel is pushing the peace process forward it's over to you now , Mr Abbas, you can either show yourself as a man of peace or as i fear your utterances suggest Arafat mark 2 -that is to say you pretend to want peace but won't recognise israel.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Blatant Attack On Civil Liberties which has to be stopped

Amongst all the furore of the expenses scandal, the slow demise of the labour party, the pathetic leadership of gordon brown, and the rise of the BNP, as well as the poor state of the British economy, civil liberties has been pushed into the background of british politics - ignored.

This is worrying - the government through anti-terror legislation, RIPA legislation, EU crime Legislation, the Religious hate bill, the death of trial by jury and innocent until proven guilty, the ban on protests outside parliament square and the NHS database and DNA database as well as wheelie bins with cameras in and the proposed id cards- show the labour government hasn't exactly been a friend of our civil liberties, more a fan of 1984 book policies , but they seem to forget that was a warning of what not to do, not a mantra of what governments should do.

This all relates to an articles right down at the bottom of the BBC politics page, they now want all are phone and web use on a database, infringed on and snooped on in yes can you guess what the expense is, in the fight against terrorism. To me this is a terrifying attack on british civil liberties, the whole point of the internet is it is meant to be a forum of fresh new ideas and yes even extreme wrong ideas, where governments in most circumstances apart from places such as downloaded child porn should have no say whatsoever. Also the snooping on phones is particularly worrying, you will be punished it seems if you think or speak out of turn on the phone - this smacks of the thought police. Also what right does the government have to monitor my phone calls when im speaking to family and friends, that is my private life, none of their business as the government should stay out of our private lives.

This to me is more important than any expenses scandal. Why you may ask, well for the simple reason, that in my views, the right of the individual is paramount, and if this legislation is pursued the british people will have no private life whatsoever when they phone and email people for example.

here's the article . whilst it is the talk of a spy chief and the government doesn't go as far as saying it will record all conversations and messages. it says it wants to monitor all our emails and phone calls -the only difference is they won't reveal all the information- in my view they shouldn't have the information in the first place.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Archbishop -defending priviledge against principles

rather than being outraged at the thought that MPS have been stealing off the taxpayers for the past 20 years or so , the archbishop of canterbury Rowan Williams said The continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy." - is the man for real the MPS deserve to be humiliated and the people have the right to know - many MPS should count themselves lucky that they haven't been arrested. A message to the archbishop , it's not the people who are undermining democracy rather the MPS themselves are.

John mann a labour MP proving that there are still some honourable mps in response to the Archbishop's comments said John Mann told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the public had "a right to know" about MPs' expenses and that, ultimately, British politics could be strengthened by the affair.

He said: "Clearly there's major embarrassment, there will be casualties, we don't know politically who the casualties will end up being, and so it's major trauma for the political system and for politicians.

"But if we handle it well from now on, we'll recover confidence and we could have a far better political system even within a matter of months."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The person who has been impersonating a speaker for the last 9 years that being Gorbals/gormless Mick aka Michael Martin is to resign this afternoon. Unfortunately this is about 9 years late- he shouldn't have been Speaker in the first place, but hey ho at least he's done something decent in his life and is going to resign, i hope not to late to salvage some of the House of Commons integrity.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sack The Speaker

If in any other job you'd shown first breatHaking bias to your own side in the case of Michael Martin to the labour party, tried to destroy the freedom of information act, backed parliamentarians who sickeningly wanted to carry on the gravy train which is mps expenses through blocking publications, claimed a ridiculous amount for himself and his wife on expenses,allowed Damien Green an mp for the conservatives to be arrested by the police on commons property, told off david cameron for answering a perfectly fair question to one of the worst prime ministers the country has had in Gordon Brown, and then breatakingly when the telegraph reveals the gravy train which is MP's expenses he has a go not at the MPS who have stolen off the taxpayer, but has a go at the person who has leaked the information to the telegraph,and then disgustingly attacked Kate Hoey an MP for the Labour Party, for saying she should be concentrating on reforming the expenses system, and then having a go at Norman Baker and David Winnick for defending Kate Hoey.

Today saw another lamentable perfomance from the speaker who should now have a new nickname not as Gorbals Mick but as Gormless mick. Today he attacked douglas carswell a conservative MP for having the temerity to bring about a motion with signatures from MPS from across the party political spectrum asking him to go.

If he didn't hold such an important position , this would be a joke, he needs to go now , before he destroys the reputation of the House Of Commons even further than it already has been.

in any other job if you had lied to the taxpayer, shown bias to your own side, blocked innovative ideas, and tacitly supported criminal acts by supporting the MP expenses gravy train, you would be sacked, and investigated by the serious fraud office. Unfortunately I have a horrifying feeling Michael Martin will continue as speaker ,fluffing his lines, defending the criminals against the innocent.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

it cant get any worse for gordon

Harriet Harperson wants your job, charles clarke is criticising you , hazel blears thinks your useless, you cant smile for toffee ,and you've proven what John Hutton said you would be as prime minister A FUCKING DISASTER

still the only way is up oh wait i forgot , nope there is one more indigity , getting the piss taken out of you by John Prescott of all people that's right john prescott.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Abbas Wont Recognise the Jewish State

Israel it seems is not to blame for the faltering peace process, Like Usuals the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Israel is a jewish state and is recognised as such , apparently the PLO recognises Israel, and all the israeli side asked for was to recognise that it is a Jewish State, Yet Abbas the head of the so-called moderate PLO cant bring himself to recognise israel as a jewish state, what basis for the peace process now, this is latent anti-semitism , why cant the Jews have a State Mr Abbas?.

The quotes are from my weekly Conservative Friends Of Israel Email:Abbas: “I do not accept the Jewish State”

· Palestinian Authority president and Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated unequivocally Monday that he does not accept the Jewish state.

· "I say this clearly: I do not accept the Jewish State, call it what you will," he said at a preliminary conference of the Palestinian Youth Parliament in Ramallah.

· At the end of the conference, Abbas was presented with a large framed map of "Palestine," covering the entire area of Israel.

- So this supposed moderate it seems is no better than Hamas.

An article on this can be seen at Palestinian Media Watch

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Quotes which sum up my view on the speech by Ahmadinejad

The rabble rousing anti semite given a hearing by the UN and even cheered on by some nations - that in itself is deeply disturbing, two quotes in response to this explain how i feel about it :

If Hitler himself had addressed this forum, would UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sit as politely as he did for the lies and hatred spewed forth by Ahmadinejad?

Shame on him, and shame on anyone who stayed in the room to hear, or applaud, his evil rants.

We will not allow the Holocaust deniers to carry out another Holocaust against the Jewish people. This is the supreme duty of the State of Israel. This is my supreme duty as prime minister of Israel.

The Durban Review Conference - It would be a joke if it weren't so serious again.

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the annual anti semitic circus held this year in Geneva by the esteemed UN , yes that's us the UN, protecting dictators is our game , stopping protestors against the dictators is our aim - after all the great UN secretary has expressed his dismay at the boycotters of the event - is the guy being serious - so legitimacy should be given to an anti semitic circus, where Ahmadinejad and his venezuelan mate Chavez can ban freedom of speech- ie blasphemy laws to stop offence caused to Islam - ie Mohammed Cartoons - i got a sentence to destroy their argument here from Voltaire , I absolutely disagree with what your saying , but i will defend to the death your right to say it.

Now we come to the crux of the event Ahmadenejad being the key note speaker at an anti racism conference , this is the same guy who has denied the holocaust , had a holocaust denial conference where such luminaries as the Facist David Duke were invited , called for the destruction of the state of Israel, is well on his way to building a nuclear bomb and supports terrorist groups worldwide. Lets stop all the nonsense here , it is an anaethma to call this an anti racism conference it is a pro anti -semitism conference - Anti semitism is on the rise across the world,and what does the UN do in it's infinite wisdom , it gives a forum to anti -semites. Yet after all of this the UK government sees it as fit to turn up to this conference giving it a veneer of legitimacy , if there was any more evidence of how lacking in judgement Gordon Brown is , this was it - the US , Australia ,Germany just to name a few have boycotted it, the UK will be at this conference with great luminaries like Robert Mugabe , and Hugo Chavez who last year went in to the realms of anti semitic conspiracy talk when having a go at the group of people who killed jesus , who had all the money in Venezuela.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gordon Brown A Phoney Yep ! Allowed to Say It , No!

So everyone thinks Gordon Brown is a liar , he doesn't experience the real world , he is a phoney , who doesn't understand normal life and this is exactly what David Cameron said , yet apparently he's not allowed to say according to the speaker-Absolutely pathetic- Michael Martin once again protecting his fellow scot and labour party member -Gordon Brown -sheer bias- not only that but once again the speaker damages freedom of speech.

It has come to the time where Michael Martin needs to step down as speaker of the house of commons his litany of bias against the tories is legendary , his contempt for freedom of speech even more so - please resign for the sake of the integrity of the House Of Commons.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Brother Is Watching You

We already have the most cctv cameras in europe , we have cameras in our bins , we have a council which thanks to RIPA can now investigate loads of parts of our lives. we have a dna database which has many innocent people's fingerprints on it including children , we have a government who loses are data including driving licenses and benefits left, right and centre, who still wants to plough ahead with a massive nhs database and ID cards - anyone would think the government thinks freedom is a commodity which there happy to lose. Well today as a daily mail article shows it's just got even worse now when your buying that bottle of wine for your MRS you will be spied on in supermarkets and wine places - is there no part of an english person's life any more where they aren't spied on .

Here's the article link judge for yourselves if we know live in a police state .

Friday, February 6, 2009

Clarkson tells it how it is and gets in trouble for it

Brown is an idiot he does only have one working eye and he lies all the time saying he's saved the world economy. so jeremy clarkson was just stating the obvious

all the liberal pc brigade get off your high horses .

can people say nothing today without others being offended . - Also ever heard of freedom of speech and freedom to offend . Believe me i and many others in private at least have probably said much worse about brown. i for one feel no qualms about insulting a person who destroyed final salary person's, taxed people to the hilt , borrowed way to much and wasted taxpayer's money. Taxi for brown i say.

all the scots labour mps are moaning - bet brown told them to do clarkson wasn't saying he's a crap prime minister because he is scottish he was simply stating that Gordon Brown is scottish which he is. Gordon brown has lied to us repeated he said he wouldn't raise taxes he did , he said he's saved the british/world economy he hasn't , he said he would obey his golden rule he hasn't , he said he didn't postpone the election he did , he said he abolished boom and bust -he hasn't these were all lies.

as for getting rid of him - Top gear is great - dont .

I also think the latest news that clarkson has apologised was a mistake . He shouldn't apologise for making a harmless jokes

here's a link to what jeremy clarkson said :>1=61503&ocid=today&vv=650

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hamas doesn't want peace with Israel

Apparently until the end of blockade hamas will still fight israel, this will translate till israel gets out of the west bank and then until israel ceases to exist .

All this shows is Binyamin Netanyahu was right on this issue - although on other s such as the peace process i completely disagree with him.what the hell was the point of the ceasefire- hamas still wants to destroy israel and hasn't been significantly damaged.

here's the link which shows hamas comittment to terrorism.;_ylt=Ah_ZF8ag9afMi1L3DWT23wKaOrgF

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Israel needs to stand up to racist that is avigdor Lieberman

There is a party called Yisrael Beiteinu Led by Avigdor Lieberman it is essentially racist far right in character with a leader whose penchant seems to be pissing of israeli arabs. Yet for some reason the israeli government indeed the israeli judiciary system under Menachem Mazuz seems to be giving into him. Just recently in an act of stupidity the two main arab parties were banned, sure a minority of them supported hamas , but the majority didn't and anyway for a 20% part of the population who already feel disenfranchised this will only make the situation worse .

Just Recently Avigdor Lieberman like usual made some extremely racist remarks he said "Lieberman had called UAL MK Taleb a-Sanaa "a clown" and "a terrorist," adding that he should "be treated as such. We will take care of you like we take care of every terrorist; we will take care of you just like we took care of Hamas."

Lieberman's current Knesset campaign slogan, "No loyalty, no citizenship," is aimed at the Arab party leaders, whom he has consistently claimed constitute a fifth column working against Israel. Lieberman should have been banned and his party should be also banned unless they stop the anti arab rhetoric

At least the supreme court has now reinstated the two israeli arab parties, but the monster that is avigdor lieberman is allowed to preach his racism , tainting israel's image abroad.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The vatican gives succour to holocaust deniers everywhere

a deeply worrying article in the times here, 3 days before Holocaust memorial day -the pope reinstates bishops who denied the holocaust - absolutely disgusting -this disturbing article is found in the times.

The scourge of anti semitism it seems goes to the heart of the catholic church.

An angry message to leeds uni Occupiers

This is utter rubbish israel was defending itself against hamas terrorists . Terrorists who want to destroy the state of israel, terrorists who use children to carry out there aims terrorists who fire from civilian areas including schools and hospitals . terrorists who use civilians as shields . terrorists who have killed 200 members of fatah in the past month.

Do you just ignore what is happening to the people in southern israel. Why should the israeli ambassador be expelled, that is tantamount to calling for israel not to exist - there are 60 arab states 1 jewish democratic state who isn't medieval who aren't terrorists and give equal rights to their citizens. i dont hear you calling for the end of hamas

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Government needs to cut spending not waste it

Every year the Taxpayer Alliance produces a book called the bumper book of government waste and year and year hte amount of spending the government , the EU etc wastes gets worse and worse. 2009 is when government spending and thus waste goes into overdrive. Being the tax and spend socialist he is and with an opposition in david cameron who is scared to mention the word's spending cut's event though this was what bought Britain out of the recession in 1992 and in the earlhy 1980s , Brown is given a free run to wrack up government waste , and Gordon's having a great time , treating the taxpayer's money like his own personal credit crunch. The problem is the last time the government tried to tax and spend there way out of a recession it didn't work , what happened in the 1970s was the tax and spend policies crowed out the public sector , reduced incentives for entrepreneuralism saddled people with higher taxes and increased the power of the unions to a stage when the question could be asked who run's the country and the resounding answer back was the union. Brown though hasn't learnt from history and is repeating this mistake.

The bottom line is the Government cannot be trusted with too much of the taxpayer's money it will be wasted, it will lead to a deeper recession,and it could bankrupt the country. From the NHS it system , to amount of managers and consultants not needed in the NHS , to the wasted money of putting camera's in people's wheelie bins to ID cards and the amount wasted on government reviews , as well as the million's spent on Saving Northern Rock a much smaller bank than RBS which should have on the moral hazard argument been let to go to the wall. All this money could have been saved , taxpayers could have got value for money , but like a baby addicted to milk , the government is addicted to spending taxpayer's money.

To Conclude the latest book on Governmnent spending in 2008 before the recession hit's it peak showed the Government has misspent (that's government speak for thrown the taxpayer's money down the swanney) 101 Billion pounds , the scary thing was this was before the latest government spending binge. This shows that spending more is not the right answer in recession or a time of economic growth , the right answer is to be prudent with people's money and where possible cut government spending.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Israeli shell's hit a hospital

Yuval Diskin, in a report to the Israeli cabinet, said that the Gaza-based leadership of Hamas was in underground housing beneath the No. 2 building of Shifa Hospital hence why the al shifa hospital was hit , in the past this hospital has also been used to hide hamas munitions and treat hamas terorrists as well hamas terrorists pretending to be injured. this was the same hospital where hamas operatives killed 30 palestinians for collaborating with israel .

this just shows what a disgusting group hamas is - the left should think about this when they idiotically ask us to support the resistance in gaza, saying we all are hamas , and in a particularly disturbing example in holland shouting. Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas, with the help of useful idiot lefy socialist parliament member Harry Von Bommel shouting supporting for another intifada against israel. The left as Nick Cohen showed in his book what's left at least the far left is actively engaging with islamic extremism , someone needs to wake them up and show them what idiots they are being.

The real facts on the hamas -Israel War - what the media ignores to tell you.

heard that israel's killed thousands of civilians , that the attack is disproportionate, that hamas is a brave resistance force not endagering the lives of civilians , that israel has killed un workers and bombed schools , well a lot of these allegations are quite frankly crap believed by a world media interesting in smearing israel .

please go to this site - it debunks many of the bogus allegations thrown at israel{2824FE24-90B2-4815-966B-B60ED1E3739D}¬oc=1

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

some light thrown on un school incident

i may have been hasty to judge israel it appears according to a jerusalem post article that there was definitely mortar fire from hamas terrorists coming out of gaza -a couple of palestinian bystanders speaking under anonymity have said this also . there also appears due to the power of explosion there may have already been explosives in the school put in by hamas - if this happened i retract what i said completely earlier about israel's attack on the school on the grounds that a there was definitely terrorists firing from the school and b -they actually blew up the school not israel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i wont support day 11 of israel's offensive in gaza

i am one of israel's strongest supporter and will continue to be so . i have supported all of israel's actions against hamas in gaza until now

i am sorry i cannot defend the hitting of a school by the israeli millitary killing 50 people including 30 children, i cannot support israel when this is the second time in 2 days a school has been hit ,and whilst i supported the ground offensive the idf normally so accurate should not be this inaccurate , i would understand if these were palestinian run schools as these are used and controlled by hamas but this was used by civilians a school run by the un to keep them out of the line of fighting so they wouldn't be exploited and used by hamas ,and israel ends up killing them and in one full swoop loses support across the world and handles the initiative to hamas. This breaks the idf code of conduct which israel cant afford to do , especially after ten days of doing the right thing when civilian casualties were low and hamas high , but this 11th day israel got it so so wrong.this is a massive and stupid blunder and now israel will have to stop their actions and accept a ceasefire because if they dont , they will even lose the support of there strongest ally that being the United States.

This is turning out the same way as the israel-hezbollah war - with the terrorists coming out on top. this is an utter catastrophe for the world -but once again shows israel is relying way too much on the airforce and not enough on hand to hand combat.

Hamas will receive more support from leftwing liberals as well as the islamic extremists who dont realise that hamas in it's charter states it wants to destroy israel and throw all jews into the sea. israel has just given a massive coup to anti semites and groups like hamas which include al quaeda everywhere.