Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well Done Bibi

Binyamin Netanyahu has just done a very hard thing especially for a man from the right of the israeli political spectrum ,a man who was opposed to pulling out of gaza, opposed to oslo ,and lets be honest said some pretty terrible thing about great peace loving israeli leaders such as yitshak rabin.

Yet today despite all of this and thanks in no small part to the insistence of Barack Obama , binyamin Netanyahu has accepted the principle of a palestinian state, he has accepted the principle of no new settlements. This man is no longer an extremist. To those who say the palestinian state will have nothing because it is demillitarised , this was a requirement from those on the left of the politcal spectrum , from rabin , barak and now netanyahu , of course Israeli leader do not want a fully millitarised state by it's borders who will have elements in their leadership still seeking the destruction of the State of Israel.

The palestinian leadership responded pathetically to this speech by netanyahu saying he has hijacked the peace process. Surely though he has done the opposite, he is willing to talk to you about a palestinian state without preconditions, all he ask is for you to recognise the Jewish State, that is not an onerous demand , yet your response suggests the palestinian supposed moderate leadership under Mahmoud Abbas cannot even do that. Israel is pushing the peace process forward it's over to you now , Mr Abbas, you can either show yourself as a man of peace or as i fear your utterances suggest Arafat mark 2 -that is to say you pretend to want peace but won't recognise israel.


  1. Leave Palestine alone you Israeli crackpot.

  2. with all due respect, argue with me on the politics of it don't resort to personal insults the last refuge of the scoundrel. Oh and another thing im not israeli and if i was it wouldn't ultimately make me a crackpot.

  3. Lets talk about the facts then should we...Israel is not a proper established state, you are simply a puppet state for the West, who are there to consolidate the Wests power in the Middle East via acting as a satellite state. You are merely the creation of the West, gifted land by the British. How can you go as far as saying Palestine is not a state, surely you are in no position to remark on which country is or is not a state? Thus the political argument on the part of Israel is ultimately flawed.

  4. Oh and i don't see how you can go as far as calling yourself the future of the Conversative party. From my knowledge you don't get into the Conservative party via radicalised views regarding a foreign ally. Your aim should be to improve the socio-economic standings of the British nation on the whole, and provide views that reflect the British population, something you are not doing thus far.

  5. . with all due respect i support israel because i believe in the jewish state a state which was created not initially through west support but because of the anti semitism of western nations in the victorian ages. Jewish people then bought land off ottoman felakhin in Palestine at vastly inflated prices.places like tel aviv were built on sand dunes and many places were deswamped.

    Israel has all the legal functions of a state and army , a democratically elected governments a group of people who see it as a state and it is recognised as a state by the UN - in fact the UN created it as a state legally in 1947 - and israel then accepted the two state solution but all the arab states didn't.

    As for britain - are you being serious the same britain who put Haj Amin Al Husseini in charge who created the Arab riots against the Jews in the late 1920s ,the same Brits who with the white paper restricted the amount of Jews who could enter into what was then called Palestine at a time of persecution in Germany. The Brits wanted out -thus they handed it over to the UN - SO it's not a western satelite state. In fact it was a state created legally - which had been buying land legally from the 1880s. where israel went wrong was holding on the west bank - and yes that is wrong but that was it's own mistake and nothing to do with the west.

    If you want to look at a real puppet state of the west look no further than Jordan. This was created by the British government simply to stop jewish people living there and buying land there - they created a minority government of the Hashemite kingdom even though Palestinian arabs were the majority - that is true imperialism.

    If you think Israel is a puppet of the west just because it adheres to democracy -then you are in the wrong. Sure israel isn't perfect and they should get out of the west bank and there should be two states but that doesn't change the fact that it is the only stable (the word stable being important democracy in the middle east)
    Why am i the future of the conservative party -because im a tory -because i believe strongly in personal responsibility - my main point in this article - is that the palestinian leadership lack personal responsibility

    Are you a member of the conservative party? - have you heard of conservative friends of israel one of the largest groups in the conservative party. The conservative party has always been a friend of israel that is not incompatible and it is not radical to recognise Israel's right to exist- all three main political parties do incidentally. If your not happy with that join a party that doesn't recognise israel like the far left Socialist Workers Party Or Respect.

    If you'd actually bother reading my writing i said there should be a palestinian state - but there is not one now -that is a statement of fact -the institutions aren't stronger enough and yes it's not territorially possible at the moment -and here's where i criticise israel because israel has settlements in the west bank. But even if israel pulls out of them - and it should there still wont be a palestinian state because there is not the institutions such as a strong singular government - there are 2 governments after all- and there is not the police institutions etc. until that is - the palestinians will have to work slowly to a state- thus the Palestinian Leadership needs to step up it's game stop fighting between each other, stop fighting israel and then there will be a palestinian state.

  6. Also your not debating the blog post the blog post is about netanyahu's speech and about the palestinian response not the whole history of the israeli palestinian conflict.

  7. LOL. We need some more girls in here, there's too many man too many many man. Oh and israel and its single chamber governement has flaws. If you believe in personal responsibility look no further than israel as a prime example of a lack of this. I am no expert in israeli politics yet I am aware of the fact that you've had various political scandals. You are a puppet state of the US its clear to see, you must be blind to ignore that fact. I'd like to congratulate you on your knowledge about israel, maybe move there because the british public do not want to hear about stephen hoffmans views on israeli politics in britian. You are not representing the views of the british public, you are merely elaborating specialised views and thus you yourself can be seen to be promoting the idea of a pressure group. Mr hoffman are the conservatives a pressure group. Maybe you should ask mr cameron to clarify the views of the conservative party. If you'd like to talk about the differences between thatcherism and cameronism feel free to speak to me...the afghani kebab, yet if you are relentless in your quest to shift british politics into a pro israeli debate then I believe you should speak to a rabbi. Mazaltov my brother

  8. what are you talking about single chamber government -that doesn't make sense -there are elections, governments are elected and yes the system has flaws -as all proportional representational systems have in it's purest forms -but so incidentally does first past the post -no voting system is perfect but at least in israel there has been a stable voting system for 60 years.

    As for my loyalty chiefly and firstly it is to the UK not Israel. So when for example england played israel, i supported england , because i am born in england and this to who my country is loyal to. Personally as a jew i am a zionist, and i support israel, but this does not undermine my loyalty to israel, and furthermore it doesn't undermine my criticism of israel in certain areas, ie religious jews should serve in the army, the power of the religious right in israel is too much and needs to be tamed- + the money given to the religious right should be reduced, the treatment of israeli arabs need to be improved, and israel should pull out of most of the west bank and the security barriers route should be changed so it doesn't encompass on palestinian land - at the same time the fundamental reason i am a zionist is i believe in israel right to exist, and i also look at the achievements of israel - im not going to change that view and i don't feel i have to.

    Yes there has been corruption, i fully admit that , but israel has an independent attorney general in Menachem Mazuz and a supreme court independent of the government challenging this -and yes more needs to be done and the punishments on corrupt politicians needs to be stronger. But then if you look at britain, france, italy they've had there fair share of corruption scandals. Unfortunately that comes hand in hand with democracy as a society and government is more open due to democracy, corruption is bought to the surface, you don't hear about corruption in saudi arabia ,egypt, yemen etc because it's all kept in secret and people can't find out because paper's are government own. Contrast to israel papers are free and fair representing different ends of the political spectrum from the peacenik haaretz -which in some parts of it's criticism of israel is even stronger than the British Independent and Guardian , to the right wing security concious jerusalem post.

    People do want to hear about people's opinions on israel whoever they are it's called democracy. incidentally i can talk about zimbabwe, iran , iraq, afghanistan, usa ,sudan, russia etc i don't have to live there. Im not going to have a UK centric blog because in this globalised world, we are a global village and everyone is connected.

    The conservatives aren't a pressure group, they are a broad chruch of a party.

    As for your last comment thats childish, i am merely showing israel has a right to exist and will defend israel against what i think is at times disproportionate criticism of it, it's your right to disagree, and incidentally not all rabbbis are pro israel some sections of the charedi community are even anti zionist - so what you said there in your comment on go speak to a rabbi in my view is bordering on anti semitism.

    as for the differences between cameronism and thatcherism im interested in that as well. I will write a blog post on it in a couple of weeks, and if you've bothered reading my other blog posts you will realise i don't just talk about israel i talk about a variety of israel both uk centric and global issues.