Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bob Crow couldn't care about the British Public

the head of the RMT union - the transport union is millitant left ex communist Bob Crow- they were even seen as too left wing by Ken Livingstone who called them a protection racket".

Yet Bob crow is proud of the fact that this year alone due to this ludicrous ballot system and incomprohensible demands is that by september there have been 100 strike actions( having strike ballots)-when there is not even a justification to strike.- yet he wears this as a badge of honour he is proud of the fact. He doesn't seem to care about the 1000s of commuters lives he is making a misery, the amount of taxpayers money he is costing, the effect it is having on a transport system -as long as he purues his politcal agenda it seems he couldn't care that he is wreaking havoc on the british economy. Crow has said it's a human right to strike -yes if you have a general grievance but not as is most of the time with you, for no reason, then you are impinging on the human rights of the vast majority of british citizens.

Bob Crow is just a sympton of some of the union leaders who feel now with the economic downturn there time has come from transport, to bins, to post -strikes are happening galore-strong government is needed to stand up to the union leaders. It is not about being anti union- it is about being anti union-leaders - who act undemocraticaly and are acting against the vast majority of union members they are supposedly representing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A riposte to maryam ahmed and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign walked out on an israeli Palestinian talks

Here's a message to those who walked out of an israeli-palestinian debate at the union-at the university of leeds. It's also a response to maryam ahmed who wrote to the student newspaper defending the actions of Palestinian Solidarity Campaign which i believe included herself.

1. The guy who defended israel was not israeli - are we now allowed to have people on
campus who defend the right of the state of israel- or do you call extreme allowing
israel's right to exist - and having a representative of the israeli government.

2. The palestine solidarity group -the speaker you wanted to bring in was a supporter
from hamas - you mention racism - yet Hamas is racist, sexist, anti semitic and
homophobic. They voice islamic extremism and last month kiled 50 palestinians for so
called collaboration with israelies. Do you support a hamas group -which says it wants to
throw all jews into the sea, who are sponsored by the leader of iran mahmoud ahmadenejad
who has denied the holocaust repeatedly. Are you really surprised then that the union
didn't support your choice - a guy who supports hamas -with all the problems that entails
-im not saying israel is always right-but im giving you the chance now loud and clear to
condemn hamas

3. You have used similar tactics before when lorna fitsimmons came to speak-she rightly
criticised islamic extremists -not muslims in general -but just the small minority of
extremists -yet you just ignored this and said she was islamaphobic -by virtue of this are
moderate muslims such as Ed Hussain, Shiraz Maher and stephen schwartz -islamaphobic and
self hating muslims

4. The panel was neutral -1 pro palestinian, 1 neutral, 1 pro israeli -what more do you
want. You criticise the israeli guy for defending israel-yet this was why he was bought -
let him do his job and then debate im -dont just walk out and act like a spoilt child

5. What happened in gaza wasn't a massacre-please may i remind you of the context a-
Israel for 4 years had had thousands of rockets fired at it - for no other reason then
they were israeli-the only reason the casualties were low was because the israeli
government unlike the palestinan government spent money on protecting it's citizens in
bomb shelters. If france constantly rocketed england - trying to kill as many civilians
as possible- would you expect the english government to do nothing. B-hamas hid in
civilian areas including in schools, hospitals and houses - they had people as young as
12 fighting for them , they fired from civilian areas and used civilians as human
shields, and dressed up in civilian clothes - it is therefore largely there fault for the
civilian deaths - they used civilians to protect themselves -and this led to deaths.
Still noone knows the exact number of dead but it was predicted around 800 of the 1200
deaths were hamas - yes the other 400 is to high but you have to put it in the context
that israeli army posted leaflets telling people to leave and phone calls before
strikes-hamas told them not to.

6. do you support the two state solution-like me - and yes i do think israel should get
out of the west bank - or do you just want israel not to exist whatsoever.

7. Do you recognise the jewish nature of the state of israel- just as im sure you would
recognise the muslim nature of saudi arabia.

8. You weren't prevented from taking part of the discussion -you walked out - what a
childish action. i cant help think you are insinuating that jack codd is biased through
doing this action hwich he isn't

9. are you taking the piss the palestinian voice is heard all the time from the un -to
the un palestinian refugees commission- yet my grandparents who were kicked out of iraq
because they were jewish and israel was created- along wth 750,000 others are ignored
-they dont have millions of pounds given to them, there plight is ignored, they dont have
international sympathy- or any redress from the crimes committed from arab governments.
It is the palestinian leadership which has failed the palestinian people- if in 2000 they
had accepted - barak's peace plan we would have never been in this mess -yet arafat chose
terrorism through the intifada.

10. It's not to do with racism or religion it's to do with land- a -yes israel should get
out of the west bank - b- recognition of a sovereign nation-ie israel which most arab
countries wont do or hamas - whilst that stays how can israel have peace with a group who
wants to kill them.

11. The comparison with south africa is rubbish -firstly israel has many black citizens
of its own, israel is not racist, yes they have made mistakes -but on the basis of trying
to defends its citizens - for example israeli arabs whilst by no means are there
conditions perfect-have the highest living standards in the arab world

12. What would a boycott actually achieve -you would make the israeli people more extreme
-and the groups you would be targeting like universities are the hub of the israeli peace
movement -way to have a non-joined up policy.

13. Some in your group shouted victory to the intifada -do you know how insulting this is
to jewish people -where hamas for example sat actively to kill as many people in israel
simply for being a jewish state.

- look forward to hearing a reply from you,

stephen hoffman

Cameron gave a speech worthy of a prime minister.

Cameron was straight with the british people today, unlike Mr Gordon Brown who lives in cloud cuckoo land.

He was honest saying there would have to be cuts and pain for the british people -but in the long run - it would be for the benefit of the british people - something gordon brown with his head buried in the sand won't acknowledge.

Cameron also gave a great speech ideologically - saying that unlike we conservatives oppose big government, because we believe in people power, and also we don't believe that everything can be solved by the state.

Finally he attack labour on the traditional labour territory-helping the poor they haven't done this and a conservative government will.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Look No Further than Boris Mayoralship of London to look at what a succesfull tory government will look like

Days after Boris was elected to mayor of London Ken Livingstones arrogantly had t-shirts which said "Dont Blame me i voted for ken"

Well Since that moment Boris has done a brilliant job as London Mayor. In unpopular times -he has made the tough decisions to depend the city of london which despite the credit crunch - conservatives believe and indeed i believe is still the motor of the british economy both in terms of wealth and taxation. In doing so he has stood up to the EU who have tried to tame the city of london so they get a competitive advantage-Cameron just like Boris will stand up to the EU -when they are working against British Interests. .In a time when supporting free trade and capitalism has been unpopular -Boris has stood up for free trade -which gives us innovation, competition, lower prices and more choice for the people.

Boris has like the conservatives will do made the tough choices on public Spending. After the glut of spending left by the irresponsible socialist spending policies of Ken Livingstone and his cronies -Boris had to cut spending and he has done fast. By doing this boris has proved the old lie wrong that cutting spending will cut services, or rising taxes. None of this has happened,in fact it just cuts bureaucracy which helps frontline services.Through winning this argument boris has provided a blueprint for the Conservative Cameron Government-if it gets to power to follow. According to Paul Waugh - Boris has cut the following:Cutting 1,000 admin jobs have gone at London Underground following the integration with Metronet, saving £570 million
* Cutting "several hundred" more posts elsewhere across TfL
* Saving £220 million from consultants bills
* £400 million from switching to more efficient computer systems
* £130 million from moving staff out of central London to cheaper premises in Southwark and North Greenwich.
* £185 million from re-negotiating the Oyster ticketing contract alone. A further £240 million from changes to contracts linked to the c-charge and low emission zone
* £200 million cut in marketing and press budget, redirected to fund extra police on Tubes and buses.
* Pay for senior staff has been frozen and bonuses cut, and the pay settlement for most staff will "reflect the economic realities being faced by millions of Londoners".

-not a bad list.

And in the words of Boris Johnson if i can make cuts in city hall, George Osbourne can make cuts in whitehall.

Under boris crime has reduced, transport is slowly improving, and spending has been put under control -the same is what the Conservatives will want to do if they get to power.

The conservatives are the party of reform.

To leading the way on the expenses scandal, to elected police chief, to elected mayors, and more power to local people, to decentralisation, to cutting the number of members of parliament and to reforming the public sector, to biting the bullet unlike the labour on welfare-the Conservatives under the leadership of David Cameron are the party of reform.

No more was this in evidence than George Young's speech saying how through reform parliament can onc3e again regain it's honour after the expenses debacle. Under a Conservative government no more will backbenchers will be ignored but they will get a real say- this will happen through backbenchers havingpower over what and when they debate, instead of the Executive having sole control over the whole Commons agenda.The Executive under labour has guillotined too many laws -and Cameron will readress this. Along with this the executive will no longer be able to guillotine bills -as for example they did on the Lisbon treaty. Then we can have real interesting and lively debate in the house of commons which the conservatives will be at the heart of

The regional select comittees who have been such a waste of money wil be abolished -they have achieved nothing and have just been a talking shop.

Select committees which have done a vital job in holding the government account will have more power -through having unwhipped elections. With more power - you will have a greater level of scrutiny of the government which is good for democracy.

The number of people in parliament for starters will be cut by 10% -to save us the British taxpayer money.

Not just this but for the first time in history the conservatives are considering giving people a real say in the legislation process. they are considering after a second reading of a bill -and before the select comittee stage- the public will get a say in laws which effects them. This is another example of the tories giving people real power.

To sum up the people want change from a tired, lieing, incompetent,unaccountable, unelected - in the cases of brown and mandelson, government - the conservatives through there packages of reforms offer this- Vote For Change -Vote for the conservative party.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

biased bbc anyone?

1. For starters Andrew Marr interrupted David much more on average than Brown and Clegg

2. What has Cameron's wealth got to do with his ability to govern-Churchill had a lot of money , thatcher not so much -none of it made a difference so why the question-and again why when voters meet Margot James the tory candidate for stourbrdige go on about her wealth. It's about ability not how much your worth -someone should tell the BBC is. Also they dont seem to go on about wealthy labour mps

3. Fox hunting -with all the other issues around, ie welfare, afghanistan, the economy etc -why give a full feature to this on the politics show- it is not a matter of national importance.