Monday, October 5, 2009

Look No Further than Boris Mayoralship of London to look at what a succesfull tory government will look like

Days after Boris was elected to mayor of London Ken Livingstones arrogantly had t-shirts which said "Dont Blame me i voted for ken"

Well Since that moment Boris has done a brilliant job as London Mayor. In unpopular times -he has made the tough decisions to depend the city of london which despite the credit crunch - conservatives believe and indeed i believe is still the motor of the british economy both in terms of wealth and taxation. In doing so he has stood up to the EU who have tried to tame the city of london so they get a competitive advantage-Cameron just like Boris will stand up to the EU -when they are working against British Interests. .In a time when supporting free trade and capitalism has been unpopular -Boris has stood up for free trade -which gives us innovation, competition, lower prices and more choice for the people.

Boris has like the conservatives will do made the tough choices on public Spending. After the glut of spending left by the irresponsible socialist spending policies of Ken Livingstone and his cronies -Boris had to cut spending and he has done fast. By doing this boris has proved the old lie wrong that cutting spending will cut services, or rising taxes. None of this has happened,in fact it just cuts bureaucracy which helps frontline services.Through winning this argument boris has provided a blueprint for the Conservative Cameron Government-if it gets to power to follow. According to Paul Waugh - Boris has cut the following:Cutting 1,000 admin jobs have gone at London Underground following the integration with Metronet, saving £570 million
* Cutting "several hundred" more posts elsewhere across TfL
* Saving £220 million from consultants bills
* £400 million from switching to more efficient computer systems
* £130 million from moving staff out of central London to cheaper premises in Southwark and North Greenwich.
* £185 million from re-negotiating the Oyster ticketing contract alone. A further £240 million from changes to contracts linked to the c-charge and low emission zone
* £200 million cut in marketing and press budget, redirected to fund extra police on Tubes and buses.
* Pay for senior staff has been frozen and bonuses cut, and the pay settlement for most staff will "reflect the economic realities being faced by millions of Londoners".

-not a bad list.

And in the words of Boris Johnson if i can make cuts in city hall, George Osbourne can make cuts in whitehall.

Under boris crime has reduced, transport is slowly improving, and spending has been put under control -the same is what the Conservatives will want to do if they get to power.

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