Friday, March 28, 2008

Ken blames everyone apart from himself for rising violent crime , Boris presents solutions to it

Sadly yesterday, the 11th teenager in London was murdered this year.Ken Livingstone response was to blame the newspapers and tv news. This was shown when last night on BBC London, Ken Livingstone was being interviewed, and when questioned about crime in the capital and his insistence that it is declining, he blamed the media by saying “If it bleeds, it leads...”. According to Ken everything is going swimmingly and its all the media fautlt. Apparently it's nothing to do with him even though yesterday the 11th teenager was murdered in London on his watch as London Mayor. This comment is also incredibly insensitive to all those parents who have lost teenagers this year because of violent crime. The message they are getting from Ken is that he doesn't care.

This response is the same thing we have heard from Ken for 10 years. First he'll say well there is no rise in violent crime when all recent evidence points against this. 27 teenagers were killed by guns or knifes on London's streets last year already in 3 months this year 11 have been murdered. It looks to me violent crime is rising not decreasing. Plainly facts dont matter to Ken.

On top of this evidence points to an increase in criminal offences on public transport in particular buses. You would have thought Ken would want to tackle this to give the people of London a better life , but no he'll pay for a million pound self promotion crime and billions on failing companies to the development agencies and millions to his coteries of advisors from Socialist Action, basically he'll give money to anything which will help him and his cronies and nothing to the issue worrying Londoners -crime. This epitomises how out of touch Ken is with the average Londoner does he honestly think that they prefer money to be spent on flashy promotional adds costing millions to tell us all to be nicer to each other on buses rather than doing something which will actually for example stop crime on buses , namely police .

Then he'll say the rise in crime is not his fault, its the fault of the previous conservative government apparently. This is a disgusting attitude to the serious issue that is crime . Ken Livingstone has been in power for 11 years and hasnt done nearly enough in particular to combat violent crime and offers no policies on how to tackle crime , Boris Johnson Conservative Mayoral candidate for London does.

Here is what Boris Johnson will do about the rise in violent crime in particular. He will get rid of the form filling culture endemic in London's police. For example to record a crime they have to fill thousands of forms and God forbid if there actually allowed to stop and search someone they have to fill in a ludicrously long form Ken could have stopped this but he didn't because it serves to his far left politics whose bible is political correctness. He seems more interested in policeman minding there ps and qs and doing there bit for racial equality than doing there bit for crime and actually being allowed to catch criminals. Boris will get rid of this culture of form filling, which has reduced the numbers of people wanting to join the police, has led to officers spending more time in offices than on the streets and even more worryingly stopped policeman from what they do best catching criminals. With this increased police presence , Londoners will feel safe, more crimes will be prevented and if crimes take place police will be able to catch the criminal. This will all be possible with Boris in Charge it wont be with Ken in Charge.

Ken says he will beef up the powers of community support officers so they actually have the power to protect vulnerable neighbourhoods. After 10 years in power , Ken has done nothing on this front , Boris says he will and i for one believe his word over Ken. 10 years of failed promises by ken, Boris aims to repair all this.

At the moment London's buses are a microcosm of the violence engulfing parts of London especially in outer London. How will Boris tackle this, well for a start he will get rid of the flashy ad campaign Ken Livingstone is proposing , telling us all to be nice to each other. This is quite hypocritical given his treatment of the London Assembly which he hardly acknowledges. The campaign will do absolutely nothing to stop rising crime levels. What Boris will do is increase the amount of police on buses , trains, bus stops and train station platforms. This is an active deterrent to crime not some wishy washy campaign costing millions and delivering nothing. Boris if he becomes London Mayor intends to put CCTV cameras on buses as a deterrent to crime we have it on train stations so why not also have it on buses ,where the threat of crime is equally high.

A major problem facing london is gang crime, which has fuelled the rise in Violent crime. In 10 years Ken Livingstone has done nothing to tackle this increasingly prevalent problem apart from telling the public that the right wing media and the conservatives are "scaremongering". Not really Ken your lieing to Londoners in presenting a rosy picture which is non existant. At the moment community groups are not receiving the funding needed to take teenagers out of the crime trap. These community groups are sucesfull in getting teenagers out of gun crime because they are there on the ground they know a lot about the community and the problems it faces. Many of those who have set up the community groups have been former gang members themselves , they know what drives people into gangs and how to get people out of gangs. They therefore need to get the right levels of funding, so they can be involved with the police in getting people out of gangs and rebuilding their lives. Boris would ensure community groups got the funding they needed.

A problem with the rise in violent crime is that the crime information which should be used to tackle it is inacessible. Boris Johnson intends to put online a crime map of London, where anyone from London can go online to see the crime levels in their area and what is being done about it. It will show which areas have the highest levels of crime ,what sort of crime and what is being done and what can be done to tackle it. This idea is not knew it was introduced in New York by the then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani all evidence has shown it has been extremely sucesfull and led to reduction of crime in New York and also the police were more accountable to the public. This idea by Boris is the big idea of the London Mayoral Campaign , no other London Mayoral candidate offers this highly sucesfull plan ,and this is another reason to vote for Boris Johnson.

To conclude all ken does on crime is blame everyone apart from himself and do nothing apart from spending milllions on pointless advertising campaigns. This inertia on the part of the London Mayor , has left London's police and youth groups unable to tackle crime which has led to a rise in violent crime. Boris will change all of this, he will inform people of what is happening with crime in the area and how it should be tackled .He will hand power from bureaucrats to those who are best at tackling crime , the people on the ground , Community groups and police . Boris has plans to make London safer , Ken in 10 years has been like a driver falling asleep at the wheel , no direction and no policies to tackle rising crime

A novel way to help London's environment and stop Ken's propaganda machine

Every week the unsuspecting London Public are bombarded with vile propaganda from Livingstone's newspaper - the Londoner . Not surprisingly the london people are fed up of this , they can make up their own decision thanks without a load of propaganda being shoved in their faces to try and influence them , they like me thought London's newspaper's were meant to be mouthpieces of propaganda . They also dont like the £2.8 million a year they have to pay for this privilege. it's also incredibly gauling that this newspaper has the name of one of the World's greatest capital's as its name. Never has a paper been so undeserving of the title it has.

Boris Johnson's campaign seeks to end all of this , if elected he will abolish this paper ,and put all the wasted paper to good use. He'll not be only saving trees - as the paper uses oceans of paper's he'll be planting new Trees. London needs more trees not only do they look nice , they are a good way of tackling air pollution and dealing with the threat of CO2 which is a major cause of global warming . Boris with the money saved from abolishing this newspapers aim to plant 100s of new trees across the capital , so everyone in London gets the benefits.

To sum up vote boris ,and save London from propaganda , help the long suffering taxpayer by saving money and improve the environment .