Monday, June 8, 2009

A Blatant Attack On Civil Liberties which has to be stopped

Amongst all the furore of the expenses scandal, the slow demise of the labour party, the pathetic leadership of gordon brown, and the rise of the BNP, as well as the poor state of the British economy, civil liberties has been pushed into the background of british politics - ignored.

This is worrying - the government through anti-terror legislation, RIPA legislation, EU crime Legislation, the Religious hate bill, the death of trial by jury and innocent until proven guilty, the ban on protests outside parliament square and the NHS database and DNA database as well as wheelie bins with cameras in and the proposed id cards- show the labour government hasn't exactly been a friend of our civil liberties, more a fan of 1984 book policies , but they seem to forget that was a warning of what not to do, not a mantra of what governments should do.

This all relates to an articles right down at the bottom of the BBC politics page, they now want all are phone and web use on a database, infringed on and snooped on in yes can you guess what the expense is, in the fight against terrorism. To me this is a terrifying attack on british civil liberties, the whole point of the internet is it is meant to be a forum of fresh new ideas and yes even extreme wrong ideas, where governments in most circumstances apart from places such as downloaded child porn should have no say whatsoever. Also the snooping on phones is particularly worrying, you will be punished it seems if you think or speak out of turn on the phone - this smacks of the thought police. Also what right does the government have to monitor my phone calls when im speaking to family and friends, that is my private life, none of their business as the government should stay out of our private lives.

This to me is more important than any expenses scandal. Why you may ask, well for the simple reason, that in my views, the right of the individual is paramount, and if this legislation is pursued the british people will have no private life whatsoever when they phone and email people for example.

here's the article . whilst it is the talk of a spy chief and the government doesn't go as far as saying it will record all conversations and messages. it says it wants to monitor all our emails and phone calls -the only difference is they won't reveal all the information- in my view they shouldn't have the information in the first place.