Monday, December 14, 2009

Apparently it was just the right who thought the PSBR report was awful according to Polly toynbee

the bastion of the left and guardian columnist and new labour luvvie Polly Toynbee blames the Right wing newspapers for their negative report on the PSBR(pre budget report). From my perspective i can see how any newspaper of any political persuasion would find it hard to defend a budget which will leave us in trilllions of pounds of debt, where political bribes are put ahead of necessary spending cuts as the treasury department v prime minister's office row showed, where everyone gets taxed to the hilt, and enterprise is discouraged. If Polly had bothered to check as Conservative home have helpfully shown -the guardian equally criticised the PSBR report.

So universal agreement that this government's economic policy is a complete disaster. NOW when it gets to may lets kick this morally banrupt government out of power.

The disappointment for conservatives in Nicholas sarkozy

When Sarkozy became President of France in 2007, British Conservatives finally thoughy france had realised that gaullism with it's brand of statism and corruption didn't work. We hailed the french thatcher who would let the market rip, and turn france into a supporter of the UK and America. We saw him as principled and willing to defend capitalism, unfortunately as time and Conservative Home higlight, we've ended up with a man who has a french napoleon concept- who wants to destroy the city of london, end free market capitalism, is best friends with Gaddafi and wants a european superstate. He once and for all shows why conservatives need to stay principled and not retreat to the language of the left.

-Here's the conservative home article: