Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ken Lies about the cost of the Olympics

yet another reason why Londoners shouldn't trust Ken with their money , their's his coterie of advisors , The Londoner , the increase in the Congestion Charge to £25 , and the wasted money on his advertising campaigns and failing businesses through the London Development Agency. Ken Livingstone doesn't like to tell the voters this , because well he doesn't like being held accountable to London's Taxpayers. Now another story shows that Ken tried to cover up the true cost of the Olympics.

here is the article:

Kofi Annan Embraces a tyrant

Am i the only feeling disgusted at the way Kofi Annan the former head of the UN shook Robert Mugabe's hand and embraced him . This is a guy who has killed thousands of his own people , turned the economic powerhouse of Africa into a basketcase , rigs elections routinely , beats up member's of the opposition and blames it all on colonialism , when really it's all his fault . Still all that doesn't seem to bother Kofi Annan , they embraced like mates. Then he acts weakly saying there's nothing wrong with the delay in the electoral process , as long as the results end up being free and fair. newsflash , Kofi Annan , the reason there not fair is because during the long electoral process , his self Appointed Zimbabwe Electoral is helping him rig the election so his party Zanu PF win and the MDC -Movement for Democratic Change lose.

Why is this man feted by Kofi Annan , can you imagine him warmly embracing Hitler , Pol Pot , Mussolini , the Apartheid Regime of South Africa, Saddam Hussein , Mahmoud Ahmadenejad , no i dont think so . The difference with all of these , is there not his black brothers , whilst Robert Mugabe is , in his view and i am sad to say many African Leaders across the region is simply standing up to British Colonialism. Im no racist but Black leaders can be just as evil as asian leaders and White Leaders and Arabic leaders. when European Leaders are evil i dont see other Europeans blaming it on colonialism and embracing them , they roundly condemn the tyrant in the end as they did with Milosevic and this weakens them. Mugabe on the other hand is seen as fighting for the black man ,when really in Zimbabwe he is terrorising black Zimbabweans.He is never roundly condemned by African Leaders ,and this gives him a sense of legitimacy , which strenghens him , weakening the opposition to the tyrant. All this appeasement of Mugabe is embodied in Kofi Annan's embrace.

When Jack Straw shook Robert Mugabe hand many people were rightly apalled, Kofi Annan does something worse he embraces Robert Mugabe yet we dont speak out. To me that smacks of hypocrisy.