Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally the Real Mccain arrives in a gracious concession speech

stuck to the bush regime of spend spend spend, a failing economy , two wars not going to plan ,along with the one of the most unpopular president's in history, it was always going to be a tough yer for the republicans , but if one man could save them , it would be John Mccain the maverick (the person who deserved to be the president in 2000)instead of the buffoon Bush. A person who put what was right before party politics a man who stuck it to the extremists in his party for example on free trade, campaign finance, taxes , government spending and immigration. Mccain since 2006 though thanks to the GOP and the religious right has had to stop being himself , he suddenly supported Bush's unfunded tax cuts, stopped calling the religious right the agents of intolerance, became more populist on the economy , although to be fair he always stuck up for free trade,and worst of all was forced to pick Sarah Palin , as the choice of Joe Lieberman wouldn't be allowed .

Then there was the negative campaigning . For sure Obama engaged in negative campaigning against him but Mccain's was much less subtle and more open. You could tell he was never comfortable with Obama Bashing but he let it happen on his watch. It seemed only in the last two weeks when the pressure was off and he started to relaxed, he stopped the personal attack and launched attacks on policy (how he should have started) the whole spreading the wealth ,and how Obama's policy were like socialism were pertinent and true , however the damage had been done thanks to Sarah Palin saying Obama had palled around with terrorists -and then of course Mccain had to say this -thanks for that Sarah (Idiot )Palin.

It was only in his concession speech we saw the Real John Mccain. Standing up to the morons in his own party who booed him when he praised Barack Obama he pleaded with them to stop. They more than anything lost him the election -he couldn't be a maverick with these idiots as his supporters. The Bipartanship he showed in the Mccain-Feingold campaign finance bill, and the immigration bill with Ted Kennedy came out -as he offered his support for Barack Obama . Then there was the taking the blame moment , he didn't have to , he could have blamed bush , the war , the economy , his own supporters, the republican brand , but showing his humbleness he blamed himself -that takes guts. McCain's speech was wonderful and captured the very essence of 'Country First'. What a shame to pull out your best speech as you concede.

Barack Obama could do no better than offer Mccain a man still with much energy as shown by his frenzied last few days of campaign across America, a role as a secretary of state- for example the role of secretary of state for defence -it is surely what a true American War Hero deserves - and after all if Obama's pledge on bipartanship means anything (which after his partisan election campaign -for example not standing up to the democrats on the issue of free trade) - i doubt , then it would be the right choice.

Even with a flawed campaign ,and getting thrashed in the electoral college(a system the electoral college that to me seems a joke and certainly not democratic) the popular vote was close, 52% for Obama 47% for mccain. Who Knows if Mccain had been the man we know he is ,and not the man the Republican Machine wanted him to be , he might have won the election.

Good luck for the future John , Be true to yourself