Wednesday, January 7, 2009

some light thrown on un school incident

i may have been hasty to judge israel it appears according to a jerusalem post article that there was definitely mortar fire from hamas terrorists coming out of gaza -a couple of palestinian bystanders speaking under anonymity have said this also . there also appears due to the power of explosion there may have already been explosives in the school put in by hamas - if this happened i retract what i said completely earlier about israel's attack on the school on the grounds that a there was definitely terrorists firing from the school and b -they actually blew up the school not israel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i wont support day 11 of israel's offensive in gaza

i am one of israel's strongest supporter and will continue to be so . i have supported all of israel's actions against hamas in gaza until now

i am sorry i cannot defend the hitting of a school by the israeli millitary killing 50 people including 30 children, i cannot support israel when this is the second time in 2 days a school has been hit ,and whilst i supported the ground offensive the idf normally so accurate should not be this inaccurate , i would understand if these were palestinian run schools as these are used and controlled by hamas but this was used by civilians a school run by the un to keep them out of the line of fighting so they wouldn't be exploited and used by hamas ,and israel ends up killing them and in one full swoop loses support across the world and handles the initiative to hamas. This breaks the idf code of conduct which israel cant afford to do , especially after ten days of doing the right thing when civilian casualties were low and hamas high , but this 11th day israel got it so so wrong.this is a massive and stupid blunder and now israel will have to stop their actions and accept a ceasefire because if they dont , they will even lose the support of there strongest ally that being the United States.

This is turning out the same way as the israel-hezbollah war - with the terrorists coming out on top. this is an utter catastrophe for the world -but once again shows israel is relying way too much on the airforce and not enough on hand to hand combat.

Hamas will receive more support from leftwing liberals as well as the islamic extremists who dont realise that hamas in it's charter states it wants to destroy israel and throw all jews into the sea. israel has just given a massive coup to anti semites and groups like hamas which include al quaeda everywhere.