Monday, July 27, 2009

more left of centre thinking by the bbc

as im sure you'll aware ben stephenson a bbc bigwig recently got in trouble in a guardian article when he said the bbc needed more left of centre thinking. - what my reply to this is there can hardly been any more left of centre thinking then there already is.

Look no further then this left of centre thinking then new labour luvvie James Naughtie - who in an article on the bbc internet site oozes love for the danish system of loads of benefits high taxes and big public sector. well of course like everything theres achievement but james only looks at the achievements and doesn't bother looking at the negatives. After all why bother when your trying to get a political point across, why bother looking at the other side. All you simply had to do james was look at another country who used to be like denmark high public spending , high taxes etc - it was britain in the 50s and 60s and by common consensus it was an utter failure.

Another highlight of bbc's left of centre thinking was with the excellent program the death of respect. documentary made by the respected panorama documentary person john ware it touched on the areas of support for marriage, tough on crime , the lack of communities, the lack of civility in britain - it was a program which for a change done by the bbc which wasn't from a left of centre perspective. So like any documentary like a panorama program it was on prime time right - errm well no. Because of it's political viewpoints or the bbc said it was controversial( ie it doesn't fit are left wing agenda) it was put on at the ungodly hour of 11.30 - is it not surprising therefore that viewing figures were low.

this would be hilarious if the taxpayers weren't paying for all this. In my view unless the bbc actively becomes neutral the licence fee should be scrapped and the bbc privatised. then they can be as left wing as they like -because i wont be paying for it