Tuesday, January 29, 2008

12 days to debate a treaty(constitution ) which A we're not likely to get a referendum on and B -which is of constitutional importance

Now i would have thought 12 days to debate an exceptionally long and complex eu treaty (constitution) or thats roughly 45 seconds per line is to short but apparently it's not . Now as it happens im mostly in favour of the constitution in the fact that it simplifies the EU and gives the Eu parliament more power and the EU comission less , there are some parts i have doubts like the EU high representative which i fear could compromise the British Foreign Secretary . All i think it is a good constitution for Britain but firstly I feel we should have had a referendum on it like we were promised by all the three main parties . After all this is 90% the same as the previous constitution according to the Common's Foreign Affairs Select commitee , Completely the same in vision according to Nicholas Sarkozy the President of France and Angela Merkl the Chancellor of Germany , even the original author of the Constitution Giscard D'Estaing says it is virtually the same . So the public are pretty annoyed that there not getting a referendum on what is basically the constitution in all but name ,but then some of us thought welll at least there's a long 28 day time to debate the revived EU constitution in the House of Commons and that maybe they would table an amendment to put a referendum in . However the government has stopped any chance of this happening by cutting the debate down to 12 days . This is disgusting a matter of this constitutional only gets 12 days , the Government is just scared it will be defeated , and is acting in stalinist like ruthlessness to crush opposition through neutering parliament . Those who support a referendum on what is basically the revived CONSTITUTION should speak out against this Executive Conspiracy first perpretated on backbench MPS and secondly the British electorate. If you want a strong parliament who has enough time to properly scrutinise this you will want an extension in the time to debate the issue . If you believe in democracy , you will want a vote on the constitution in the referendum and this wont happen nows because the government has guillotined the time to debate and thus their will not be enough time to introduce an amendment for a vote on whether there should be a referendum .