Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Furore over second Jobs is misplaced.

Today the Daily Mail in it's infinite wisdom has said it will publish a story this month, which will show how scandalous MPS are, the only problem being the MPS are doing nothing wrong in the cases they are highlighting.

They are criticising people such as William Hague and Ken Clarke for having second jobs ie being non executive board members on firms and giving after dinner speeches. However there forgetting one important thing MPS having second jobs is costing the taxpayer no money, it is simply a way of MPS making money for there family in a legitimate money rather than through expenses biting the hand that feeds them the taxpayer. Secondly if anyone who has heard William Hague give after dinner speeches will attest to, people would lose out if he gave this up, and why should we the people be deprived of hearing a brilliant speaker.

Furthermore second Jobs gives MPS an experience of the real world, it gives them an expertise in areas they otherwise would not know about, in fact i would encourage as many mps as possible to have second jobs, firstly they would gain income so they would be less likely to claim expenses, and seondly they would get an experience of the real world. The issue is being pushed by Gordon Brown because not many labour mps especially cabinet ministers have second jobs, so it is a cynical attempt at a smear on the tories which unfortunately the Daily Mail is falling in to.

It also has to be rememebered that before politicians become MPS as parliamentary prospective candidates they have second jobs , they need this because by conservative estimates it costs 60,000 a year to be a parliamentary prospective candidate- money which has to be raised for the individual person. Therefore second jobs are clearly needed to pay for this. Thus when a parliamentary candidate wins a seat and becomes an MP, they will have second jobs and in many cases although i will accept not all it doesn't affect the quality of work in fact it enchances it.

so to finish off second jobs good, second homes bad.