Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby p -and the sickening suppor for harringay's social services leader.

a baby is brutally hacked to death , causing outrage everywhere, social services met this baby constantly and could see bruises - even a broken back yet did nothing , a doctor clearly saw the baby was in distress and did nothing - the social services head should be villified, and yet madly 60 teachers across the UK are pledging their support to the dangerously incompetent leader of Harringay Social Services her name being sharon shoesmith. The teachers says she has worked relentlessly for children-no she hasn't she has presided over infanticide - which she should have stopped - if anything she should be sacked with immediate effect -and put in jail ofr assistance to murder-she could have stopped it after all.

this is not only what has happened -an independent inquiry blames legal advice-and says their have been numerous example of good work done by social services- Hello ever heard of a thing called common sense- a baby is clearly being beaten -yet social services do nothing - hmm yer great job not.