Thursday, November 5, 2009

A response to pierre Lellouche criticism of cameron's eurosceptic position.

Actually, Lellouche, what is pathetic is a government holding a referendum on the EU Constitution and then ignoring the "no" vote - not even bothering to hold a referendum a second time- like you made the irish do.

As France did.

In fact, not only pathetic, but downright fraudulent.

but then the french view of the EU never wanted to include democracy in it.

why the mail is wrong, cameron right, and like usual the situation we find ourselves in is all the fault of the Labour Party

the mail is not acting realistically. Unfortunately once the lisbontreaty is in law David Cameron can do no nothing about it, nor any conservative leader howevever eurosceptic they are. As far as i know after all no human can turn back time.

What is missing from the papers is that we shouldn't have got to this psotion in the first place, both the liberal democrats and labour party promised us a referendum on the Eu constitution which is substantially the same as the lisbon treaty -with the guarantees we negotiated being seen as quicksand - according to the house of commons foreign affairs select committee. If both lib dems and laboru had followed there manifesto promises and voted for a referendum in parliament the british people could have had there say- and the treaty may not have gone into law.

As it is, it has and cameron has no let matters lie -he is seeking to renogiate our relationship with europe on social, economic and asylum issues - which i fully support. He has also made it clear that pulling out is not an option-which once again i agree with as a eurorealist- i dont support a united states of europe however i support a european union of member states -and i believe if cameron battles on our behalf on the issues he has stated we can do this.