Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The EU president: Value For Money? no way

its nice to know that a position which is pointless, that no one wanted, and is introduced as part of an unpopular treaty where the EU leaders at large showed their disdain for democracy is costing 300 million a year for taxpayers. Thats 50 Million a year more then the American President costs the USA taxpayer.

For 300 Million a year, you'd expect an all singing all dancing famous statesman as President for the EU, and who have the EU got Mr Herman Van Rompuy- well known to no one outside Belgium.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Prince Charles doesn't know what he's talking about

in recent comments leaked to the News of the World, Prince Charles has landed the blame for all the islamic unrest in the world to the israeli palestinian conflict. Not only this but apparently the reason their is no peace in the middle east is the israeli -palestinian conflict. He goes on from this blaming the american and british government's support for israel as the main source for the islamic unrest in the world, and the fuelling of islamic extremism.

This is an incredulous claim, and it's a load of rubbish
1. 9/11 - had nothing to do with the israeli palestinian conflict - it was carried about by islamic extremists who dont like the western liberal way of life
2. Their was unrest in the arab world even before israel existed - so israel did not create this
3. The arab states even when israel has existed have caused muslim unrest themselves -look for example of how syria killed 3,000 muslims in hamla, how the lebananese government treats palestinian refugees
4. What has calling for sharia law got to do with the israeli palestinian conflict - a key demand of islamic extremists.

5. Very often unrest in the islamic world is the arab governments disgraceful treatment of its citizens from saudi arabia to egypt.

Quite simply israel is used as a smokescreen by islamic extremists, they would still be there attacking the west if israel didn't exist. Sayed Qutb the father of modern islamic extremism created it as an ideology to attack the west and moderate islam - and yes part of this goal was focused on destroying israel but it was not the end goal. It was also not the source of islamic unrest in the world.

Oh and another thing, look at your mother charles, who does a great job as queen, because as is constitutionally allowed, she is meant to be completely neutral. From the environment, to medicine, to the economy , to foreign policy, you have hardly been neutral Prince Charles, so i advise you to stop damaging the monarchy and shut up - because a - your meant to be neutral and B - as shown here very often your opinions are ill informed.