Monday, January 21, 2008

how to use the tax system -Gordon Brown Style .

well well well i dont really like rich people -but we need some of them - ie the mega rich so we wont bother taxing the rich non doms but those who have become rich through their own work well there fair game .

On benefits for no reason other than it's more profitable to be on then get a job -well we'll give you tax breaks , or you might not have to bother to pay taxes -because after all we only want people who bother working to pay for the government and of course your benefits.

Your poor and actually working -well we'll get rid of the 10,000 tax barrier so now you have to pay really high taxes - i know that doesn't sound fair , but someone needs to pay for all the government's wasted money and that of course is the british taxpayer.

Your middle class well you've got nothing going to you , i really hate you - your not poor or on a public service so your probably not going to vote labour , your not rich so you aint going to fund labour , you probably vote conservative because they dont hate the middle class well YET anyway. I also hate you because you complain all the time about the National Health Service and because of the poor quality of state schools - i mean what gives you the right to criticise government run services you horrible aspiring oik who wants to earn a living and not give it all to the government- you know what so the tax system will work like this everyone will have to pay quite high taxes apart from those who cant be bothered to work , but the middle clas will pay the highest taxes. Supposed Shortage of money for the NHS - i'll get a stealth tax in their which the middle class will have to disproportionately pay for . A black hole in government funding - well let's get another stealth tax which the middle class will pay for . Then their's inheritance taxes well i did increase the threshold to 600,000 no more mind , with house prices that should soon catch out the middle class.

Then their's small businesses well i really dislike them ,there are always going on about wanting to be treated like individuals ,and breaking free from government regulations , they dont want top down government and they want the government out of their lives they wanted to be treated like individuals and not just as people in a state . Pah that's all rubbish your all people who must follow my GOVERNMENT and just for your disobedience im going to get rid of taper relief for capital gains tax , which helped small businesses . Of course i'll get the sympathy of the media by portraying it as an attack on big business , but me and my puppet Chancellor Alistair Darling know the abolishment of taper relief will effect small businesses harder .

Their's a link about all this tax high taxes . Now i couldn't justify high taxes , if our institutions in the UK weren't crap so to improve them i increase taxes to make them better . the only problem is they dont get better , so i have to put in a stealth tax to pay to see if i can improve it again , again it's still bad in fact worse all your taxpayer's money as paid for is more bureaucracy in say the police , NHS or state education , take your pick , taxpayer's money hasn ' t made it any better. But you know me i love taxing people so i have to justify these higher taxes so i say im really sorry guys , the service has improved a bit but not enough for my liking what we need is radical reform , and we'll have an independent government review to keep our options open on how to reform it- if i dont like the proposals i will ignore them , if i do like it i'll introduce it -and who pays for the review , well it's the taxpayer because of course they fund government .

now this is me stephen hoffman speaking - maybe just maybe the british people our fed up of 50% of their earnings being given away to the government in taxes which makes things in this country no better . Maybe just maybe we want lower taxes which will lead to reform and will lead to institutions needing to reform ,as they wont be able to rely on government taxes . The problem is New Labour a party who supports big government is never going to stand for this as to have big overarching government which stick's it nose in in every citizens life so as to stop being an individuals , you need high taxes to pay for it, otherwise the government if being forced to reduce taxes , would have to lay off thousands of civil servants and advisers jobs ,and when was the last time a turkey voted for christmas or to put it into the tax context can you ever see the government voting to get rid of the need for most of it.