Friday, March 21, 2008

the papers go trash crazy

it's a week where the global financial system has been teetering on the brink , due to the credit crunch . Where tibetans have been brutally opressed by their Chinese Occupiers .Where John Mccain the Republican nominee has been visiting London and where the fallout from the budget in higher taxes are still being felt . It is a week when the democrat race between Obama and Clinton has been hotting up as we find out Jeremiah Wright , Barack Obama's spiritual advisor is a black supremacist . In other words a lot of important news has been happening .

Still if you were reading the papers apparently the most important things in the world today is DIANA , Heather Mills ,and David Cameron ignoring the highway code for cyclers - apparently this is what is important when discussing a potential conservative prime minister for the Daily Mirror and the BBC .

stop the trash and report real news which effects real people , we're not all interested in celeb culture , we want news which effects us , IE the credit crunch . For those saddos who spend their every waking day looking over celeb lives , go on the internet , we dont want your idea of importance splashed across the papers . with the news how it is , is it any wonder people find it hard to separate fantasy from reality.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Greatest Response to terrorists is our liberty

In an increasingly dangerous world , we are constantly told by the British Government that we need ID cards and 42 days without trial, bans on religious hatred , and more political correctness because there is a difference between free speech and violent speech etc etc .This is all apparently in the name of " national security " . Being the Sceptic that i am , i fear it is just a way for an overbloated government to control it's population.

Now i for one dont want to diminish the threat of international terrorism . We in the West whether we like it or not our engaged in a war in terror to protect Western Civilisation .We have been for the last 29 years , since the revolution in Iran that created a theocratic islamic state which has been used ever since as a rallying point for Islamist terrorism ever since. These terrorists want the most brutal of sharia law to be bought across the world by the international islamic caliphate , where woman are stoned and have to wear the hijab,where stealer's hands are chopped off ,where people are beaten and mass hangings take place ,where homosexuals are executed , where the newspapers are tightly controlled to print anti western Bile ,and where political opposition suddenly disappears , a euphemism for purging political opponents . We are fighting a worldwide Islamist phenonemon ,which hates the West's freedom and wants a world made in their image where freedom wont exist due to Iranian Mullah Style religion enforcers , telling you what you can and cannot do.

New Labour's response to this threat is all wrong i believe . The UK has the most CCTV cameras in Europe and thus is the most surveyed country in Europe . The Government wants to introduce ID cards for everyone so we are all suspects, which is a fundamental loss of civil liberty. They want to introduce 42 day detention without trial ,where the British legal system belief of innocent until proven guilty can be overlooked . Finally they want religious hate legislation put through ,which will make people like you and me , mind their P's and Q's essentially hiding the truth when talking about Islamist Terrorism .

The British government in all of this is creating a fear addled society , and this im afraid is what the terrorists want . The terrorists want us to be afraid of them ,because then we'll be more likely to give into them . The Terrorists want us thanks to their " threat" to be living in a police state. Finally they want British people through religious hate law in the name of political correctness disguising Islamist's real intentions , so they can take over Britain through stealth . This is already shown when the new home secretary Jacqui Smith announced in 2007 , that the Government will no longer being using the words Islamists or Islamic extremists , to describe terrorists such as the one's who flew 2 planes into the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 , or caused havoc in London on July 7 2005. The New name for them is Anti Islam Activists and if they carry out an attack, it will be said that they "are pursueing anti Islamic Activity" . Is it just me , or does this sound similar to the Newspeak Governments used in George Orwell's Novel 1984.

There is another way. We could as i believe we should do stick two fingers up at the terrorists .We could live our lives as normal ,without the prying of the state , if we reduced the number of CCTV cameras . This would reduce fear ,and fear is one of the Terrorist's most potent weapon . We could preserve the British Judiciary system believe in innocent until proven guilty , so that liberty is still seen as an important value . It would also be right , that anyone can say what ever they want about these Jihad crazed terrorists , in the knowledge that a government wouldn't flag them up on some trumped up religious hate law . In short where all the values terrorists want to undermine , liberty of the individual , a fearless society and freedom of speech are kept . That's a country i want to live in , not a Police State playing into terrorist's hands.