Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Greatest Response to terrorists is our liberty

In an increasingly dangerous world , we are constantly told by the British Government that we need ID cards and 42 days without trial, bans on religious hatred , and more political correctness because there is a difference between free speech and violent speech etc etc .This is all apparently in the name of " national security " . Being the Sceptic that i am , i fear it is just a way for an overbloated government to control it's population.

Now i for one dont want to diminish the threat of international terrorism . We in the West whether we like it or not our engaged in a war in terror to protect Western Civilisation .We have been for the last 29 years , since the revolution in Iran that created a theocratic islamic state which has been used ever since as a rallying point for Islamist terrorism ever since. These terrorists want the most brutal of sharia law to be bought across the world by the international islamic caliphate , where woman are stoned and have to wear the hijab,where stealer's hands are chopped off ,where people are beaten and mass hangings take place ,where homosexuals are executed , where the newspapers are tightly controlled to print anti western Bile ,and where political opposition suddenly disappears , a euphemism for purging political opponents . We are fighting a worldwide Islamist phenonemon ,which hates the West's freedom and wants a world made in their image where freedom wont exist due to Iranian Mullah Style religion enforcers , telling you what you can and cannot do.

New Labour's response to this threat is all wrong i believe . The UK has the most CCTV cameras in Europe and thus is the most surveyed country in Europe . The Government wants to introduce ID cards for everyone so we are all suspects, which is a fundamental loss of civil liberty. They want to introduce 42 day detention without trial ,where the British legal system belief of innocent until proven guilty can be overlooked . Finally they want religious hate legislation put through ,which will make people like you and me , mind their P's and Q's essentially hiding the truth when talking about Islamist Terrorism .

The British government in all of this is creating a fear addled society , and this im afraid is what the terrorists want . The terrorists want us to be afraid of them ,because then we'll be more likely to give into them . The Terrorists want us thanks to their " threat" to be living in a police state. Finally they want British people through religious hate law in the name of political correctness disguising Islamist's real intentions , so they can take over Britain through stealth . This is already shown when the new home secretary Jacqui Smith announced in 2007 , that the Government will no longer being using the words Islamists or Islamic extremists , to describe terrorists such as the one's who flew 2 planes into the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 , or caused havoc in London on July 7 2005. The New name for them is Anti Islam Activists and if they carry out an attack, it will be said that they "are pursueing anti Islamic Activity" . Is it just me , or does this sound similar to the Newspeak Governments used in George Orwell's Novel 1984.

There is another way. We could as i believe we should do stick two fingers up at the terrorists .We could live our lives as normal ,without the prying of the state , if we reduced the number of CCTV cameras . This would reduce fear ,and fear is one of the Terrorist's most potent weapon . We could preserve the British Judiciary system believe in innocent until proven guilty , so that liberty is still seen as an important value . It would also be right , that anyone can say what ever they want about these Jihad crazed terrorists , in the knowledge that a government wouldn't flag them up on some trumped up religious hate law . In short where all the values terrorists want to undermine , liberty of the individual , a fearless society and freedom of speech are kept . That's a country i want to live in , not a Police State playing into terrorist's hands.

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