Friday, March 21, 2008

the papers go trash crazy

it's a week where the global financial system has been teetering on the brink , due to the credit crunch . Where tibetans have been brutally opressed by their Chinese Occupiers .Where John Mccain the Republican nominee has been visiting London and where the fallout from the budget in higher taxes are still being felt . It is a week when the democrat race between Obama and Clinton has been hotting up as we find out Jeremiah Wright , Barack Obama's spiritual advisor is a black supremacist . In other words a lot of important news has been happening .

Still if you were reading the papers apparently the most important things in the world today is DIANA , Heather Mills ,and David Cameron ignoring the highway code for cyclers - apparently this is what is important when discussing a potential conservative prime minister for the Daily Mirror and the BBC .

stop the trash and report real news which effects real people , we're not all interested in celeb culture , we want news which effects us , IE the credit crunch . For those saddos who spend their every waking day looking over celeb lives , go on the internet , we dont want your idea of importance splashed across the papers . with the news how it is , is it any wonder people find it hard to separate fantasy from reality.

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