Friday, March 28, 2008

A novel way to help London's environment and stop Ken's propaganda machine

Every week the unsuspecting London Public are bombarded with vile propaganda from Livingstone's newspaper - the Londoner . Not surprisingly the london people are fed up of this , they can make up their own decision thanks without a load of propaganda being shoved in their faces to try and influence them , they like me thought London's newspaper's were meant to be mouthpieces of propaganda . They also dont like the £2.8 million a year they have to pay for this privilege. it's also incredibly gauling that this newspaper has the name of one of the World's greatest capital's as its name. Never has a paper been so undeserving of the title it has.

Boris Johnson's campaign seeks to end all of this , if elected he will abolish this paper ,and put all the wasted paper to good use. He'll not be only saving trees - as the paper uses oceans of paper's he'll be planting new Trees. London needs more trees not only do they look nice , they are a good way of tackling air pollution and dealing with the threat of CO2 which is a major cause of global warming . Boris with the money saved from abolishing this newspapers aim to plant 100s of new trees across the capital , so everyone in London gets the benefits.

To sum up vote boris ,and save London from propaganda , help the long suffering taxpayer by saving money and improve the environment .

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