Friday, July 9, 2010

PC world is alive and well

on 30th June a Conservative health minister Simon Burns called the speaker of the House of Commons a stupid and sanctimonious primordial dwarf. Speaker Bercow or as the Daily Mail's parliamentary Sketchwriter Quentin Letts calls him accurately Squeaker Bercow, remember only got in on the back of becoming in all but name a labour cheerleader despite being a conservative MP in the last parliament, voting with the Labour government wherever possible, and they greatly repaid him by backing his campaign to become speaker. Not surprisingly many conservative MPs are disgusted by Mr Bercow and love getting the time to express this, and I for one speak up for their right, and if they want to do this in colourful language -so what, after all freedom of speech means freedom to offend.

Well apparently the primordial dwarf community is upset and Mr Simon Burns was forced to apologise to the primordial dwarfs and has been chastised by the Walking With Giants Foundation-surely the Walking with Giants foundation has got better things to do in their time then get needlessly offended. If ever you needed an example of Political Correctness going to far this is certainly one. It is an example where every community now due to political correctness will jump on a comment, so they can be offended. What next, will we be forced to apologise to the follicly challenged community for calling people bald, on the recent logic being applied by the politically correct brigade, I would say so.

The practice of forcing people to apologise for possibly causing offence to anyone needs to stop, if we maintain the values of freedom of speech in this country.