Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Quotes which sum up my view on the speech by Ahmadinejad

The rabble rousing anti semite given a hearing by the UN and even cheered on by some nations - that in itself is deeply disturbing, two quotes in response to this explain how i feel about it :

If Hitler himself had addressed this forum, would UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sit as politely as he did for the lies and hatred spewed forth by Ahmadinejad?

Shame on him, and shame on anyone who stayed in the room to hear, or applaud, his evil rants.

We will not allow the Holocaust deniers to carry out another Holocaust against the Jewish people. This is the supreme duty of the State of Israel. This is my supreme duty as prime minister of Israel.

The Durban Review Conference - It would be a joke if it weren't so serious again.

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the annual anti semitic circus held this year in Geneva by the esteemed UN , yes that's us the UN, protecting dictators is our game , stopping protestors against the dictators is our aim - after all the great UN secretary has expressed his dismay at the boycotters of the event - is the guy being serious - so legitimacy should be given to an anti semitic circus, where Ahmadinejad and his venezuelan mate Chavez can ban freedom of speech- ie blasphemy laws to stop offence caused to Islam - ie Mohammed Cartoons - i got a sentence to destroy their argument here from Voltaire , I absolutely disagree with what your saying , but i will defend to the death your right to say it.

Now we come to the crux of the event Ahmadenejad being the key note speaker at an anti racism conference , this is the same guy who has denied the holocaust , had a holocaust denial conference where such luminaries as the Facist David Duke were invited , called for the destruction of the state of Israel, is well on his way to building a nuclear bomb and supports terrorist groups worldwide. Lets stop all the nonsense here , it is an anaethma to call this an anti racism conference it is a pro anti -semitism conference - Anti semitism is on the rise across the world,and what does the UN do in it's infinite wisdom , it gives a forum to anti -semites. Yet after all of this the UK government sees it as fit to turn up to this conference giving it a veneer of legitimacy , if there was any more evidence of how lacking in judgement Gordon Brown is , this was it - the US , Australia ,Germany just to name a few have boycotted it, the UK will be at this conference with great luminaries like Robert Mugabe , and Hugo Chavez who last year went in to the realms of anti semitic conspiracy talk when having a go at the group of people who killed jesus , who had all the money in Venezuela.