Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Brother Is Watching You

We already have the most cctv cameras in europe , we have cameras in our bins , we have a council which thanks to RIPA can now investigate loads of parts of our lives. we have a dna database which has many innocent people's fingerprints on it including children , we have a government who loses are data including driving licenses and benefits left, right and centre, who still wants to plough ahead with a massive nhs database and ID cards - anyone would think the government thinks freedom is a commodity which there happy to lose. Well today as a daily mail article shows it's just got even worse now when your buying that bottle of wine for your MRS you will be spied on in supermarkets and wine places - is there no part of an english person's life any more where they aren't spied on .

Here's the article link judge for yourselves if we know live in a police state .