Saturday, February 27, 2010

farage the hypocrit.

I agree with Nigel farage that Herman van rompuy is a non entity and im eurosceptic although not to the extent of UKIP, however farage is a hypocrit, he hates the EU apparently so much so, that he takes a 64,000 salary and 2 million in expenses- hypocritcal nigel?

if mossad was behind the operation, Israel cocked up

First things first, lets remember something which the liberal media mainly the guardian , independent and BBC seem to forget, namely that the Hamas operative killed in Dubai was not a nice man, innocent or a little guy in the operations of Hamas.Mahmoud al-Mabhouh had blood on his hands, he had killed 2 israeli soldiers in the past and was smuggling weapons from Iran into Gaza, he was to all intents and purposes a terrorist. It was also wrong of Sarkozy to call the killing of this terrorist cold blooded murder, murder happens to an innocent person and a hamas operative isn't innocent. I will therefore shed no tears for this guy being dead, it means millions of israelies can live easier at night with one more enemy out of the way, although i feel arresting him would have been a better choice.

However the operation in Dubai was a complete and utter farce, ill planned, ill thought out and sure to cause diplomatic outrage with countries such as Britain and Australia who have been loyal friends of Israel, whilst giving succour to Israel's enemy's everywhere.If this was done by Mossad Israel has a lot of explaining to do. 22 years ago israel promised to stop using British passports for operations, yet today, 12 innocent israelis who have dual citizenship with Britain had their passports stolen and pinched and doctored without their knowledge, or indeed even the British Government's knowledge. That is simply wrong and the UK is right to demand an apology and an explanation as well as an investigation if it was Israel. You simply dont do that to a trusted ally , or put Israeli lives in dangers by using their dual citizenship against them. Seriously if this was mossad 26 faked passports from germany, france, ireland, australia and the UK - was this really neeeded to kill one man -slightly over the top me thinks. Not only this now every israeli citizenship will be supected of being a double of agent, and mossad's freedom of manouvre will be decreased, and israel faces the threat of world isolation. At the UNGA; Israel just lost ten votes including - Gosh! - the UK, Ireland, and France, who voted AGAINST the Israeli line, and Germany and Australia, who both abstained. Israel's allies our dropping like nine pins.

then their is the operation itself, anyone with half a brain knows dubai is one of the most security concious countries everywhere, with nearly as many cctv cameras a wealthy businessman. Yet precautions to hide the spy's identies if it was mossad seemed incredibly lax, they might as well have waved to the camera and said im going to kill a hamas operative. Not so much cloak and daggers more like keystone cops.

then their was the response after the killing the increasingly belligerent, racist far right Avigdor Lieberman with a large case of foot and mouth and who is reprehrensibly Israel's foreign minister basically told all his allies smugly he couldn't care if the killing had broken diplomatic protocol and Israel's allies should just fall into line and praise israel, making an already tense situation even worse. When one of the most pro israel papers in the australian turns against israel and says never do this to us again, you know Israel's diplomacy at this important time is rubbish.

then their is the position of Binyamin Netanyahu. In his first time in office in 1998 their was the botched Khelaad Mashal operation and now this. Once is an accident, twice suggests a seriously lack of oversight by the prime minister. The mossad chief needs to be fired for his incompetence by Netanyahu or Netanyahu should do the honourable thing and resign for not controlling mossad. He apparently thinks a major diplomatic crisis wont happen, well i'm sitting and looking at it, as Israel one by one is losing their best allies under netanyahu due to the beligerency of this government's policy abroad first turkey and now Britain and Australia. Tsipi Livni all is forgiven!

i really hope this isn't mossad, the operation seems so botched for an intelligence service whos meant to be an envy of the world.