Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Referendum Lock Wont Work.

In recent days Douglas Carswell MP and Bill Cash MP amongst others have criticised the government's referendum lock legislation. The referendum lock aims to trigger a referendum lock on any issue where further powers pass to the EU. The government decides when powers may potentially be passed to the EU. Apparently this is to stop further powers going to the EU. There are a series of major flaws with the legislation though.

The referendum lock is completely pointless especially since the Lisbon Treaty, which we are signed up to is a self-amending treaty. Considering the government's recent decision to sign up to the European Investigation Order the government does not seem to be particularly interested in stopping further powers going to the EU. With this in mind even if the referendum lock had any powers, which it does not, the government would simply bypass it.

The only way to get out of this nightmare project which daily takes sovereignty away from the UK is to leave the EU. If we did this we wouldn't need a referendum lock, because the EU wouldn't be allowed to grab any powers off the UK anymore. To conclude we would be Better Off Out.