Monday, December 22, 2008

report on israel- with the facts unlike the bbc

recently 80 rockets have been fired at hamas from israel , yet you wouldn't hear this on the bbc , or if you do hear it , Israel apparently is in the wrong to defend themselves. What israel should start doing if they want to be proportionate is lobbing rockets back at Gaza - the bbc would have a field day at this.

Then there's this whole crap about collective punishment. Im sorry the palestinian group hamas now controls gaza , why the hell should israel be providing fuel and food for a foreign territory - does England provide france no . How about hamas stop indoctrinating children through hate filled messages at school and start providing their people with food and water -but then to them bombs and rockets are more important.

Then their's bethlehem - yes there are problems - but not from what left wing church leaders such as stephen coulter will tell from nasty israeli jews - no from islamic extremists who are persecuting Bethlehem's christians - did the bbc report this you bet your bottom dollar they didn't.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby p -and the sickening suppor for harringay's social services leader.

a baby is brutally hacked to death , causing outrage everywhere, social services met this baby constantly and could see bruises - even a broken back yet did nothing , a doctor clearly saw the baby was in distress and did nothing - the social services head should be villified, and yet madly 60 teachers across the UK are pledging their support to the dangerously incompetent leader of Harringay Social Services her name being sharon shoesmith. The teachers says she has worked relentlessly for children-no she hasn't she has presided over infanticide - which she should have stopped - if anything she should be sacked with immediate effect -and put in jail ofr assistance to murder-she could have stopped it after all.

this is not only what has happened -an independent inquiry blames legal advice-and says their have been numerous example of good work done by social services- Hello ever heard of a thing called common sense- a baby is clearly being beaten -yet social services do nothing - hmm yer great job not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally the Real Mccain arrives in a gracious concession speech

stuck to the bush regime of spend spend spend, a failing economy , two wars not going to plan ,along with the one of the most unpopular president's in history, it was always going to be a tough yer for the republicans , but if one man could save them , it would be John Mccain the maverick (the person who deserved to be the president in 2000)instead of the buffoon Bush. A person who put what was right before party politics a man who stuck it to the extremists in his party for example on free trade, campaign finance, taxes , government spending and immigration. Mccain since 2006 though thanks to the GOP and the religious right has had to stop being himself , he suddenly supported Bush's unfunded tax cuts, stopped calling the religious right the agents of intolerance, became more populist on the economy , although to be fair he always stuck up for free trade,and worst of all was forced to pick Sarah Palin , as the choice of Joe Lieberman wouldn't be allowed .

Then there was the negative campaigning . For sure Obama engaged in negative campaigning against him but Mccain's was much less subtle and more open. You could tell he was never comfortable with Obama Bashing but he let it happen on his watch. It seemed only in the last two weeks when the pressure was off and he started to relaxed, he stopped the personal attack and launched attacks on policy (how he should have started) the whole spreading the wealth ,and how Obama's policy were like socialism were pertinent and true , however the damage had been done thanks to Sarah Palin saying Obama had palled around with terrorists -and then of course Mccain had to say this -thanks for that Sarah (Idiot )Palin.

It was only in his concession speech we saw the Real John Mccain. Standing up to the morons in his own party who booed him when he praised Barack Obama he pleaded with them to stop. They more than anything lost him the election -he couldn't be a maverick with these idiots as his supporters. The Bipartanship he showed in the Mccain-Feingold campaign finance bill, and the immigration bill with Ted Kennedy came out -as he offered his support for Barack Obama . Then there was the taking the blame moment , he didn't have to , he could have blamed bush , the war , the economy , his own supporters, the republican brand , but showing his humbleness he blamed himself -that takes guts. McCain's speech was wonderful and captured the very essence of 'Country First'. What a shame to pull out your best speech as you concede.

Barack Obama could do no better than offer Mccain a man still with much energy as shown by his frenzied last few days of campaign across America, a role as a secretary of state- for example the role of secretary of state for defence -it is surely what a true American War Hero deserves - and after all if Obama's pledge on bipartanship means anything (which after his partisan election campaign -for example not standing up to the democrats on the issue of free trade) - i doubt , then it would be the right choice.

Even with a flawed campaign ,and getting thrashed in the electoral college(a system the electoral college that to me seems a joke and certainly not democratic) the popular vote was close, 52% for Obama 47% for mccain. Who Knows if Mccain had been the man we know he is ,and not the man the Republican Machine wanted him to be , he might have won the election.

Good luck for the future John , Be true to yourself

Friday, July 18, 2008

israel hands hezbollah a propaganda victory in a futile prisoner swap

would you free ian huntley for the dead victim's body to be returned to their family ? the answer would surely be no , yet Israel has released samil Kuntar - a person who killed a whole family including 3 innocent young children 30 years ago for the bodies of ehud goldwasser and eldad regev - that's not to mention the other hezbollah prisoners . In other words Israel has given up a murderer for almost no gain- here are some articles which explain this very well

Israeli critics question lopsided prisoner swap By STEVEN GUTKIN and ARON HELLER, Associated Press Writers
Wed Jul 16, 5:31 PM ET

JERUSALEM - Critics of Israel's lopsided prisoner exchange with Lebanese guerrillas said Wednesday that such deals only encourage more hostage-taking — a fear underscored by Gaza militants who said the swap proves that kidnapping is the only language Israel understands.


The deal, in which a notorious Lebanese attacker, four other militants and the bodies of 199 Arab fighters were traded for two dead Israeli soldiers, closed a painful chapter from Israel's 2006 war in Lebanon.

But it also raised questions about whether Israel should reconsider its policy of bringing back every soldier from the battlefield at just about any cost.

Israel has been carrying out unequal prisoner swaps for decades, including handing over 4,600 Palestinian and Lebanese captives in 1983 in exchange for six captured Israeli soldiers. In the past it's even traded live prisoners for bodies, as it did Wednesday.

The rationale for such trades was a wartime ethic seen as essential in Israel's early days to instilling loyalty and commitment from its troops.

In today's world of asymmetric warfare — with militant groups increasingly focused on kidnapping as a way to pressure Israel and with the fight against terrorism now a worldwide challenge — the lopsided swaps could have graver consequences than in the past.

"What we've done now has made kidnapping soldiers the most profitable game in town," said Israeli security expert Martin Sherman.

"There is absolutely no reason why Hezbollah should not invest huge resources now, along with Hamas, in the next kidnapping."

The issue is of immediate concern because the government is deeply involved in indirect negotiations to free its other captive soldier, Gilad Schalit, held by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. Unlike Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, the two soldiers whose bodies were returned Wednesday, Schalit is believed to be alive.

Following this week's Cabinet vote that cleared the way for the Hezbollah deal, Construction Minister Zeev Boim, one of only three ministers to vote against it, said he was afraid the swap would make it harder for Israel to win the release of Schalit.

"No one should be surprised if Hamas will now raise the price for freeing him," he said.

Hamas made it clear Wednesday that it intended to do just that.

"As there was an honorable exchange today, we are determined to have an honorable exchange for our own prisoners" held in Israeli jails, Gaza's Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said. "Let them answer our demands." Israel holds about 10,000 Palestinians in prison.

Haniyeh's spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri went further, saying the swap "shows that the only successful way to free the prisoners is by kidnapping soldiers."

Explaining his opposition, Boim, the construction minister, said Wednesday: "We needed, in my opinion, to take this opportunity to change the rules we were dragged into many years ago, which have led to many lopsided deals."

But the Israeli military said the deal drove home the Jewish state's deep commitment to its soldiers.

"This painful process exemplifies Israel's moral commitment to secure the return of all of their soldiers sent out on operational missions," said a statement Wednesday from the Israeli Defense Forces. "It demonstrates a compelling moral strength which stems from Judaism, Israeli societal values and from the spirit of the IDF."

Wednesday's exchange involved freeing a Lebanese militant convicted of what many consider to be among the most gruesome crimes inflicted on Israelis in their history.

Samir Kantar was sentenced to three life terms for killing an Israeli man in front of his 4-year-old daughter, then killing the little girl by smashing her skull with his rifle butt.

During the grisly attack, the girl's 2-year-old sister was accidentally smothered by her mother during a desperate attempt to silence the child's cries as the two hid in a crawl space.

For Israelis, the 1979 attack was a nightmare scenario feared by many in a nation living in a constant state of war: a terrorist breaking into their home in the middle of the night and kidnapping and killing a family.

Because of the visceral reaction, successive governments held off on including Kantar in any previous swap. Kantar was 16 years old at the time of the attack and he has consistently denied killing the girl, saying she died in crossfire.

That Israel paid such a high price for dead bodies could provide an incentive for militants to kill future hostages, said Yuval Steinitz, a lawmaker from the opposition Likud Party.

"This is a very dangerous precedent," he said. "We are telling them that they don't have to do their utmost to keep captive soldiers alive, to save them if captured."

Nor was the high price of the swap lost on ordinary Palestinians.

"Nobody would have expected that Israel would give up the likes of Samir Kantar. Hezbollah has shown that they are mighty people, and Israel is afraid of them and had to meet their demands," said Samar Mohammed, a 23-year-old architect in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Despite the criticism in Israel, the swap could provide a badly needed boost for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whose grip on power is gravely threatened by a burgeoning corruption probe.

Olmert launched a monthlong war against Hezbollah in June 2006 in response to the servicemen's capture. His handling of the war was widely criticized, and he has been under considerable pressure to resolve the issue of the soldiers' fate.

Wednesday's swap closed a painful chapter from the war, and Israelis reacted to confirmation of the young men's death with a mixture of anguish and anger.

One of the soldiers' aunts sank to the ground in despair, and other mourners demanded revenge, chanting "Nasrallah, you will pay" — referring to Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah.

2.Hezbollah prisoners freed in exchange for dead Israeli soldiers
2 days ago

BEIRUT (AFP) — Five Lebanese prisoners freed by Israel arrived to a hero's welcome in Lebanon Wednesday, hours after Hezbollah handed over the bodies of two Israeli soldiers seized by its guerrillas two years ago.

Among those freed in a prisoner swap greeted with triumph in Lebanon but anguish in Israel was Samir Kantar , who was sentenced to five life terms for a 1979 triple murder, including of a child.

The prisoners were transported to Lebanon late afternoon in a convoy of four International Committee of the Red Cross vehicles via the Naqura border crossing, where they were cheered and applauded by crowds of Hezbollah supporters who had been waiting all day for their arrival.

They were then flown by helicopters to Beirut, where they were accorded a red carpet welcome by Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the entire cabinet and a host of lawmakers and religious leaders.

The five -- Kantar and Hezbollah fighters Khaled Zidan, Maher Kurani, Mohammed Sarur and Hussein Suleiman -- stood on a platform as Sleiman spoke and then shook hands with the politicians lined up to greet them.

"Your return is a new victory and the future in your presence will be a path in which we will realise the sovereignty of our territory and the liberty of our people," Sleiman said.

"I tell Samir and his companions that they have a right to be proud of their country, their army and their resistance."

Kantar kissed his mother, Siham Kantar, 71, after the meet and greet with the politicians as crowds and the media swarmed around him.

His mother had burst into tears while waiting earlier at the airport when she was told that her son had arrived in Naqura and was indeed free after more than 28 years in jail.

"I never gave up hope for a day," she said, choked by emotion.

"This moment makes up for 30 years of waiting. I want to hug and kiss him. My only wish is to see him."

The four freed Hezbollah fighters were captured in the July-August 2006 war which killed more than 1,200 people in Lebanon and 160 in Israel were also freed. They and Kantar were the last remaining Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance at celebrations attended by tens of thousands of people in the southern suburbs of Beirut Wednesday night.

"The period of defeat is over and the time of victory has arrived," Nasrallah said at the celebrations marking the success of emptying Israeli jails of Lebanese prisoners.

"This people and this nation and this country that gave a clear picture to the world... cannot be defeated," he added.

Kantar told the cheering crowds he thanked God for giving him the strength to endure his almost three-decade imprisonment, which made him the longest-serving Arab prisoner in Israel.

The five prisoners were released in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev , captured on July 12, 2006.

The fate of the two soldiers was not known until their bodies were returned to Israel Wednesday morning.

"Today we hand over Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev," Hezbollah official Wafiq Safa said at Naqura, as men placed two black coffins on the ground amid a crowd of onlookers.

The mood in Israel had been sombre as it waited to learn the fate of Goldwasser and Regev, whose capture in a deadly cross-border raid in July 2006 triggered a devastating 34-day war in Lebanon.

"Both soldiers have been identified," an army spokeswoman told AFP after forensic tests on the remains.

Goldwasser's family broke down in cries of despair when they saw the footage of Hezbollah handing over the caskets, while neighbours gathered around the Regev home, lighting candles and quietly shedding tears.

"Eldad! Eldad! What have they done to you?" wailed Regev's aunt Hana.

Many in Israel question whether the nation is paying too high a price for the return of the soldiers who are to be buried on Thursday, saying the swap risks bolstering its arch foes in the region.

Israel also was to transfer to Lebanon the remains of 199 Palestinian and Hezbollah fighters exhumed over the past week.

Among the first bodies handed over was that of Dalal al-Moghrabi , who led a bloody commando attack in 1978 that Israelis describe as the "Coastal Road Massacre."

She was killed in a battle with Israeli forces after her group blew up a bus they had hijacked on the road between Tel Aviv and Haifa, killing 36 people.

Lebanese television showed footage of a convoy of trucks crossing into Lebanon Wednesday evening carrying the bodies of the remaining fighters.

They were due to be transported to Beirut Thursday morning, Hezbollah said in a statement.

Israel's Jerusalem Post newspaper has billed the festivities in Lebanon as "a celebration of evil."

Israeli commentators warned the swap had given a propaganda victory to Hezbollah, setting a dangerous precedent for any future exchanges and possibly encouraging new attempts by militant groups to seize Israeli soldiers.

3 -my view- SO A Propaganda victory for hezbollah and Hamas rewarding them for their deadly acts - i hope Mr Olmert and his cabinet can live with the disastrous decision they have just made . Oh and also - the response by Mahmoud Abbas praising samil kuntar shows this man is no friend of peace -he is a supporter and lover of terrorism just like his former master Arafat-yet olmert deals with him -because Olmert likes giving in to terrorists as just shown

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Black Fightback against crime

unfortunately in places like London , it is the black community who has the disproportionate number of people who are victims from gun and knife crime and who are criminals . It has been a stereotype for too long now that blacks represent the left of politics , this article smashes this assumption into smithereens ,and shows that the answers to crime are conservatism.

A new breed of leaders can tackle knife cultureLindsay Johns29.05.08
Once again this week, London is mourning a teenage knife victim: Robert Knox was stabbed to death in Sidcup last weekend and four others injured by a young man wielding a knife outside a club. It is not surprising that Londoners are looking for tougher solutions to youth crime, such as random searches on the Tube by police using knife scanners. What is surprising is that Boris Johnson's main man in this task is black. Deputy Mayor for Youth Ray Lewis, who holds a summit on knife crime tomorrow, has already made it clear that in tackling street crime he has little patience with the kind of tired clich├ęs about race that we used to hear on the subject from so many black community leaders.

Lewis's tough approach says much about the public mood on crime. But more than that, Lewis is part of an unexpected dividend of Johnson's election - the arrival of a new breed of black and Asian social conservatives in positions of power.
Those who accused the new Mayor of tokenism over Lewis's appointment have already been proved wrong: he has chosen Muslim academic Munira Mirza and the Sikh Kulveer Ranger as, respectively, his culture director and transport adviser. So much for the hue and cry during his campaign over the "watermelon smiles" and " piccaninnies" comments.

What Johnson is helping most here, though, is the emergence into the public arena of a new breed of socially conservative black men with "old-school" values and thinking. Lewis and the west London youth worker Shaun Bailey (Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith) are the highest-profile examples; others include Uanu Sheshmi, director of the London Boyhood to Manhood education programme. It could mean a new and exciting politics, especially in a city such as London, in which the tedious old polarities (black = Left, white = Right) are finally replaced by more nuanced and fundamentally more honest positions.
With their strong emphasis on the nuclear family, traditional notions of masculinity and respect, and the importance of higher education, such black men have decided their future lies with social conservatives as opposed to Leftleaning progressives. After years of publicly funded programmes and progressive failure, Lewis and Bailey have had the temerity to ask what the best social policy for sections of the black community really is - regardless of whether that means they end up supporting the Tories.

Part of that shift is the emergence of a black British middle class, for a long time beleaguered and cowering in the shadow of its more vociferous, workingclass big brother. And it is finally beginning to assert its own intrinsically conservative voice. Inspired by the US black middle-class centres of Atlanta, New York and Washington, black Britain is slowly catching up.
In the same way that Bill Cosby was for decades the voice of middle-class black America, hopefully Lewis, Bailey and others will now articulate the mindset of the nascent black British middle class, itself weaned on old-fashioned African and Caribbean values of discipline, religion and, most importantly of all, education.

In my work as a volunteer mentor on the Southwark Black Mentor Scheme's Leaders of Tomorrow programme, we employ similar "old-school" beliefs, aimed at helping our young people to confound stereotypes, not conform to them. We are trying to enable our young people to fulfil their potential intellectually, not just physically.

We want to nurture the next generation of lawyers, doctors, academics and politicians, not rappers, DJs or athletes - we have enough of those already. Working with young people in Peckham has convinced me that the liberal "softly, softly" approach achieves little, save disappointment and disillusionment, and actually engenders the opposite of respect.
That is why the days when black men who stood for public office felt the need to align themselves automatically with Left-wing causes are now gone. Be it the "boot camp" methods of draconian discipline as employed by Lewis in his Eastside Academy or the mantra of personal responsibility as articulated by Bailey, conservative values are key to their successes.
Yet Lewis, just like Bailey, has impeccable "black" credentials. Unlike figures such as former Big Brother contestant Derek Laud or Lord Taylor (who stood as Tory parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham in 1992), they are not being labelled as "coconuts" - the old accusation thrown at black people who dared to speak out against the liberal mainstream, that they were black on the outside but white inside.

For Lewis, Bailey and the new breed are not just black - they are ¸ber black, in the sense that their backgrounds and lifestyles cannot be besmirched so easily by black detractors. Both are firmly rooted in the community; both are engaged in mentoring projects with inner-city black youth; both have dedicated their professional lives to improving the lot of black British people.
If further proof were needed, Lee Jasper himself, that old firebrand of the Left and Ken Livingstone's former race adviser, welcomed Lewis's appointment.

Both Lewis's and Bailey's conservative stance on the underlying causes of knife crime - the glaring lack of positive black male role models, the abrogation of parental responsibility and working-class over-reliance on the "benefits culture" - embodies views that, more than ever, we should heed.

The MTV Base generation, with their pimp-roll swaggers and their perverted notions of masculinity and faux respect, urgently need taking to task. Men such as Lewis and Bailey can do it in a way no white politicians can: they are not afraid to speak in a hideously un-PC language that is anathema to white liberals when it comes to issues such as black parenting.
That marks an important shift for black conservatives but it says something almost more surprising about white Britain. After decades of prejudice, it seems Britain is finally ready to accept them. It no longer sees black conservatives as the ultimate oxymoron, the jester-pariah figures living the white man's dream, to be scoffed at behind their wannabe-white backs.
But myself, I am just relieved that Britain is finally ready to allow these courageous old-school black men to step up to the plate and make their contribution. At a time when black and white boys alike are being cut down in the streets, God knows we need it. Here's hoping that the only coconuts we see in the future will be in the fairground or in the Bounty commercials, not on the political stage.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Left Wonders why Israel doesn't talk to Hamas , this bulletin on Palestinian Media Watch gives a pretty good idea

disabled and handicapped" Jews to avoid having to care for them, according to a Hamas TV educational program. As much of the world prepared to commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hamas TV presented its latest sinister twist on Holocaust denial.

The Hamas TV educational program, broadcast last week, taught that the murder of Jews in the Holocaust was a Zionist plot with two goals:

1- To eliminate "disabled and handicapped" Jews by sending them to death camps, so they would not be a burden on the future state of Israel.
2- At the same time, the Holocaust served to make "the Jews seem persecuted" so they could "benefit from international sympathy."
Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian "Center for Strategic Research" explained that "the Israeli Holocaust - the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that [Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister] Ben Gurion put on." The "young energetic and able" were sent to Israel, while the handicapped were sent "so there would be a Holocaust."

click here to see video

The following is the transcript,

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) April 18 2008

"The disabled and handicapped are a heavy burden on the state,"
said the terrorist leader, Ben Gurion. [Zionist leader - Israel's first PM]

The Satanic Jews thought up an evil plot [the Holocaust] to be rid of the burden of the disabled and handicapped, in twisted criminal ways.
[Picture: Holocaust death camp, dead bodies]

While they accuse the Nazis or others so the Jews would seem persecuted, and try to benefit from international sympathy. They were the first to invent the methods of evil and oppression."

Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian "Center for Strategic Research":
"About the Israeli Holocaust, the whole thing was a joke and part of the perfect show that Ben Gurion put on, who focused on strong and energetic youth [for Israel], while the rest- the disabled, the handicapped, and people with special needs, they were sent to [to die]- if it can be proven historically. They were sent [to die] so there would be a holocaust, so Israel could "play" it for world sympathy."

Narrator:"The alleged numbers of Jews [killed in the Holocaust] were merely for propaganda."

-- i thought the left were appalled by Holocaust deniers ,and that they shouldn't be legitmised , i suppose this changes for them if their an enemy of israel

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Need For Fathers , Abortion on Demand

As the title suggests , this is what the second part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill will create in the UK or at least solidify it . I am not a christian or jewish fundamentalist , so i dont come from an extreme relgious agenda ,its just i believe in a society where life is respected and fathers play an equal role . This will create a strong society and in the words of Iain Duncan Smith a leading figure of the right in the Conservative party and also an important member of the Centre of Social Justice a move from Breakdown Britain into Breakthrough Britain . This Bill encourages Breakdown Britain , and therefore it is my duty, whilst i cant vote on the Bill , to oppose it anway i can.

Firstly there is the abortion part of the Bill . Now i know of hardly anyone in the UK , who wants to take the dogwhistle of the American Religious right and call for an outright ban on Abortion. Much as i find Abortion horrid , i realise that it is needed to be legal , so we dont get the situation which we had in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s ,where woman got abortions through back door clinics and had their lives put at risk . However neither do i want a situation which we have today , where the abortion limit in this country is too high at 24 weeks ,and has encouraged an Abortion on Demand Culture , where Abortion isn't the last resort , but the first readily available option .Additionally Science has shown a foetus in the womb , has many human symptoms at 18 weeks , and can be born from this period. Recent research, such as that by Professor Sunny Anand from the University of Arkansas, has shown that fetuses are well enough developed to feel pain down to 18 weeks gestation. Surely all those mothers therefore must be in incredible distress , if they have an abortion after 20 weeks, it is a traumatic and unecessary operation . Furthermore the limit has created an abortion on demand culture , figures highlight this as the number of abortions carried out between 20 and 24 weeks has been rising in recent years. Lowering the limit to 20 weeks for normal babies will save almost 2,300 young lives per year. Science has made it possible to save lifes after 18 weeks , this is therefore why the limit should be reduced to 20 weeks , and that is why i am Supporting the Conservative MPS Nadine Dorries Amendment. After all the average Abortion time limit in the rest of Europe is 12 weeks . It seems a case to me of science advancing and the law not advancing with it . The 24 week abortion limit was created in 1990 , since then Britain has some of the highest levels of Abortion in Europe ,and technology has moved so lives from 18 weeks can be saved -if the limit was lowered it has been estimated over 2500 babies now being aborted could be saved . Im sure most people would agree that it is the Government's job to help save lives , not the other way round

There should also in my view be made amendments to make Abortion less attractive . Alternative options such as adoption need to be given more credence . At the moment Adoption is to hard , for example it is crazy that a white family , can not adopt a black child and vice versa - stuff like this needs to be made easier so adoption can be chosen over abortion and a life saved.

Another part of the Abortion part of the bill i fundamentally disagree with is the abolition od the requirement that you need two doctors to advice the women having the Abortion before the decision is made, and secondly that a nurse instead of a doctor can perform the Abortion . Abortion is an incredibly hard decision ,and therefore independent advice is needed to be given ,and this is what the two doctors provide , there role shouldn't be removed. A nurse's job is not to perform difficult operations or procedures on patients , this is a doctor's ,giving the termination process over to a nurse to me reduces the importance we place on the actual carrying out of abortion.

Then there is the other Ludicrous part of the Bill , to make it legal for fathers not to be consulted with IVF treatment and to be involved in IVF treatment and for it to be made legally binding for lesbian couples to have IVF treatment in replacement for this, in other words a single mother or a lesbian couple could have an IVF with no father figure . Now im not opposed to IVF , i think it has been a great scientific breakthrough , which has meant many families have been able to have kids, which otherwise would have been impossible . However i do have a problem with fathers being cut of this important decision , this bill would remove the requirement for IVF clinics to consider the needs of the father. If this bill did the same thing in relation to the women ,there would rightly be an outrage, therefore there should also be with fathers being removed,they are equally important to a baby's life as the mother is. No Mother can replace the father , so therefore it is necessary for a father to have a say in IVF . There shouldn't be discrimation against fathers , the rights of the child to have a father should be paramount. Babies could be produced without any biological access to their father , they would have no right to the father , the role of the father wouldn't be recognised, and it would be hard for them to track down their fathers. Figures from the Centre of Social Justice have recently shown that whilst there are thousands of Single Mothers doing a great job , those who have a mother and father comitt less crimes,and are more likely to have a better quality of life . This is why the amendment made in the 1990 bill towards IVF talking about " the need for a father " shouldn't be removed. The Archbishop of York was right when he said The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, did not agree saying that the Government was seeking to put the 'right to be a parent over the welfare of a child'. He said the proposals would mean the 'removal by design of the father of the child'. Baroness Deech is right when she says removing the clause would 'ignore the contribution made by half of the human race towards the upbringing of the next generation'. 'I know that plenty of children are brought up well without two parents but in an ideal world you need a mother, which is implicit in the law, and a father". To me to sum up on my opposition to this part of the bill , it undermines the importance of the father ,and will lead to further social breakdown in Britain.

I have no problems with Lesbians , what they do in there private life is none of my business , they can get married for all i care. However it is my sincerely held belief ,that the best position for a child is to have a father and mother - it's called traditional parenting . This doesn't even have to be done through marriage. From my personal experience -my parents are divorced , i have benefited greatly from still being able to see my dad on a regular basis . I dont Lesbian couples , unless there is a father figure should be allowed to bring up children , a kid with two "mothers" will become confused , the two women cannot play both the mother and father , it is simply not natural and detrimental to the child . This is therefore why i believe the amendment to make IVF much more open and easier for Lesbian couples should be voted down. For me it would be far better to keep the father's involvement in IVF there. This is why i back david Cameron in his stance when he says "Lesbian couples should be blocked from having IVF treatment unless they agree that a father figure would be involved in the upbringing of their child".

To conclude , this bill is rotten , it will lead to more social breakdown , and abortion on demand , no one wants this , so support in anyway possible those brave MPS who are voting against the bill.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Supporting the Labour Party is like supporting Watford FC

Allow me to explain. For 12 years I have been a supporter of Watford FC a football club who seems to have more ups and downs in the past 12 years than a jack in the box. This year it was a new season , a fresh start for watford in the championship. And for the first three months or so , just like the start of Gordon Brown's premiership , everything went great , Watford were 9 points clear they were in command , just like the start of Gordon Brown's premiership Watford could survive easily whatever the opposition threw at them . Then it got to the big game for Watford against West Brom ,and the big decision for Gordon Brown , should he have a general election or not he panicked and decided not to a sign of weakness . At the same time the whole entire watford team panicked and got beaten 3-0 by west Brom . After this both teams - team Labour and Team Watford Lurched from disaster to disaster , Watford it seemed couldn't buy a win at home , The Labour party it seemed from the Iraq War to the losing of Millions of people's child benefit data to EU (ahem ) reform treaty or the abolition of the 10 p rate of tax, everything it seemed go wrong . Then for both it comes to a defining moment , Gordon Brown can show his strength and bat down the 10 p labour rebels of whom some are in their cabinet , Watford can get there promotion bid on track with a win against Crystal Palace at home. Unfortunately both blow it , Gordon Brown does a U -Turn promising a bumber deal where the poor will get lots of money , and Watford succumb to a two nil loss.

Both have leaders who looked so good - Watford with Aidy Boothroyd, and Gordon Brown with the Labour party. However at the moment both look like they couldn't motivate a guy on cloud 9 such as Joe Calzaghe at the moment . Both seem to be making baffling decision , Aidy Boothroyd with his decision to not use substitutes till 10 mins from the end , Gordon Brown with his decision not to sort out Northern Rock and then making a decision where the taxpayer faces all the risk . Both have made dodgy appointments or for watford transfers , Watford with the arrival of Collins John -who is continually injured and couldn't give a damn for the club -Nathan Ellington -over 3 million pounds what a waste of money , Mart Poom -what's the point of buying a goalie who sits in the reserves , Matt Jackson -i've seen a geriatic grandad run faster, and now to Gordon Brown's appointments Ed Balls, his right hand man - Every time he talks , people on the street think what a thorougly arrogant nasty man he is David Milliband - supposedly like Nathan Ellington the future of the team , both look about as confident in their jobs as i would dancing , and David Milliband also has the persona of a snivelling child , hardly a requirement of a Foreign Secretary , Tessa Jowell , Olympics Minister - how much is the Olympics going to cost now , have you lost count, or Mark Malloch Brown -a foreign minister , one of the goats , fiercely anti american , - great just what you need in a british diplomat not , Digby Jones -actually i like this guy , but he dont seem to like the Labour party , about as committed as Watford's Collins John.

In conclusion , the future for both at least for this season looks as bleak as George Bush chance of having a poll making him best statesmen of all time. Maybe that's telling people something , maybe the man at the top should be sacked.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Millitant NUT leadership and it's selfish teacher strike

Before you criticise all teachers from the NUT(national Union of Teachers) , lets get one thing straight , the strike wasn't voted on in a democratic way . The strike was passed by a majority who were there to vote on the issue , but there was only one third of the people in the NUT vote. In other words a minority of a majority have voted for this strike -the rest are apathetic. This doesn't sound much like democracy at all . In fact it just seems a way the leadership led by trotskyist Christine Blower can force through its ludicrous strike. Lets not criticise all teachers either. After all the NUT represents only about 1/3 of teachers , the NASUWT and the ATL , the other Teacher's unions , know as the more moderate unions are not striking -as A -they think the public dont support it , and B -they dont see the point .

Then the reasons for the strike , teachers dont get enough pay. OK the pay is below inflation, but so is everyone's at the moment be it in the public or private sector due to the UK being in the economic downturn , at least unlike the police the government accepted the independent arbitration pay rise given to teachers of 2.5%. Where do you think the government is going to get the money from to pay for an above inflation pay rise ,people are already highly taxed so not much manouvre there , the national debt is way to high so they cant borrow to much , to spend for teachers to get an above inflation pay rise. Im sure any maths or economic's teacher could tell you this , the NUT leadership though it seems , thinks you can get pay rises in an economic downturn from thin air. Also what other job , guarantees you 14 weeks Holiday a year - not any job i can think of . As part of the public sector they get an extremely good pension deal - much better than their counterparts in the private sector. Another reason given for the strike is that teachers work incredibly hard. Ok yes it's true ,and it doesn't help the amount of bureaucratic measures from a centrally controlled National curriculum telling them what to teach .However at the end of the day , the government has increased regulations for nearly everyone bar bankers in the public and private sector in the last 10 years ,and all people who are working generally work hard - because if they didn't , they would get sacked -thus the argument that teachers work too hard is null and void. The teacher strike also handily doesn't mention that over the past fifteen years , they have been receiving above inflation pay.

Even if you agree teachers get a raw deal , i thought teacher's job was to help and teach children. This strike is at a time when students are coming up to GCSE'S , AS , and A-Levels , when they need all the teaching they can get , they can't afford a day off school right now. How can they still claim to be commited to childrens' education. It is not the children's fault for teacher's pay , or the amount they work , yet they are the one's who are getting punished and to me this seems incredibly unfair and detrimental to their education. It is expected 1/3 of schools across the country will be thrown into chaos by the teacher's strike , the chaos doesn't effect the government who they are trying to pressure , it effects students and children. This makes people across the country less likely to support the teacher's position. It's not often i agree with Ed Balls , the government's education secretary , but he got it correct when he said "I'm on the side of parents who will be disappointed if their children's education is disrupted on Thursday because we have decided to accept an independent pay review"

As the Daily Telegraph says "The only way that substantially more cash could be made available for teachers' salaries would be through the introduction of the sort of structural reforms that the NUT has consistently fought: cutting out expensive central and local government bureaucracy, and allowing schools to control funding and determine their own pay levels".

Here the times , have what the other teaching unions think of the NUT strike - not a lot really . John Dunford, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Lecturers, said: “I am disappointed that the NUT has voted in favour of strike action over a pay award that represents a good deal for teachers in the present climate.”
Chris Keates, the general secretary of the NASUWT, said: “The majority of members recognise that, compared with other public sector workers, they have fared relatively well.” Maybe just maybe if you've not got the support of the general public or even a majority of teachers , you should realise the strike is pointless.

The acting secretary of the NUT said the strike is a last resort .All the above suggests it isn't , after all the other 2 unions , with teachers in the same boat , dont think that it has got to a position where they need to strike. The NUT leadership are known as the nutters , there latest action is living up to this name.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ken has no good policies , so he steal's boris good policies

Boris Johnson had an excellent idea called the mayoral fund to encourage a giving culture in london through charity and at the same time encourage entrepreneurship. Ken Livingstone then criticised it in hustings on tv and not on tv and in newspaper column's . However now in a feat no more amazing than Lazarus's return from the dead , Ken has suddenly decided - it's a great policy , and im going to steal it - and you know unlike Gordon when he steals policies off the tories , Ken is not going to hide and say ihe didn't do it , he will be honest and say yep stole it. Just one thing Ken - doesn't that mean you've just been lieing to londoners in recent debates about what you are going to do for London - after all you said u didn't want a mayoral fund and now you do.

here's the evening standard article on this issue.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ken Lies about the cost of the Olympics

yet another reason why Londoners shouldn't trust Ken with their money , their's his coterie of advisors , The Londoner , the increase in the Congestion Charge to £25 , and the wasted money on his advertising campaigns and failing businesses through the London Development Agency. Ken Livingstone doesn't like to tell the voters this , because well he doesn't like being held accountable to London's Taxpayers. Now another story shows that Ken tried to cover up the true cost of the Olympics.

here is the article:

Kofi Annan Embraces a tyrant

Am i the only feeling disgusted at the way Kofi Annan the former head of the UN shook Robert Mugabe's hand and embraced him . This is a guy who has killed thousands of his own people , turned the economic powerhouse of Africa into a basketcase , rigs elections routinely , beats up member's of the opposition and blames it all on colonialism , when really it's all his fault . Still all that doesn't seem to bother Kofi Annan , they embraced like mates. Then he acts weakly saying there's nothing wrong with the delay in the electoral process , as long as the results end up being free and fair. newsflash , Kofi Annan , the reason there not fair is because during the long electoral process , his self Appointed Zimbabwe Electoral is helping him rig the election so his party Zanu PF win and the MDC -Movement for Democratic Change lose.

Why is this man feted by Kofi Annan , can you imagine him warmly embracing Hitler , Pol Pot , Mussolini , the Apartheid Regime of South Africa, Saddam Hussein , Mahmoud Ahmadenejad , no i dont think so . The difference with all of these , is there not his black brothers , whilst Robert Mugabe is , in his view and i am sad to say many African Leaders across the region is simply standing up to British Colonialism. Im no racist but Black leaders can be just as evil as asian leaders and White Leaders and Arabic leaders. when European Leaders are evil i dont see other Europeans blaming it on colonialism and embracing them , they roundly condemn the tyrant in the end as they did with Milosevic and this weakens them. Mugabe on the other hand is seen as fighting for the black man ,when really in Zimbabwe he is terrorising black Zimbabweans.He is never roundly condemned by African Leaders ,and this gives him a sense of legitimacy , which strenghens him , weakening the opposition to the tyrant. All this appeasement of Mugabe is embodied in Kofi Annan's embrace.

When Jack Straw shook Robert Mugabe hand many people were rightly apalled, Kofi Annan does something worse he embraces Robert Mugabe yet we dont speak out. To me that smacks of hypocrisy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dont mention Boris

It's official the Labour party have lost their marbles . There so worried about the threat Boris Johnson's mayoral Campaign poses to Ken Livingstone , they are banning any Cabinet Ministers of their party from referring to the Conservative Candidate as Boris. Apparently saying the name , Gives the impression of Boris as a friendly guy and Labour dont want this. They prefer the more formal name Boris Johnson - apparently this gives the voters the right impression. If a labour party person does say it they face a £5 fine- it's like a swear box -the only difference being a swear box has a purpose. Far be it from me but what difference does it make if you call the conservative Candiate Boris , Boris Johnson , Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, noone cares apart from the Labour Party. Still this was thought up by Tessa Jowell not exactly known for her brains

Policies and actions speak louder than a name.for example Ken Livingstone is a very nice name , at the same time what Ken Livingstone has done to London is extremely nasty - just to name a few inviting an Islamist in Yusuf Al quawardari , wasting a fortune on the London Development Agency ,and installing bendy buses which purpose seems to be to look stupid and a death trap for commuters.

I dont hear the conservative party telling Boris he mustn't say Ken because that would sound too chummy. The labour party is running scared ,because they know people are fed up with Ken Livingstone and like Boris Johnson.

just in case you think im talking rubbish and this is a late April Fools -here's the proof - Labour really are that desperate

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ken Livingstone and his bag of dirty tricks

this is an article i read in telegraph , it makes for interesting reading.
the gist of the article is this Ken Livingstone and his advisors will do anything , be it legal or illegal to try and damage Boris Johnson politically .

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FACTUAL INFO: Boris Johnson didn't chicken out of the Time Out Debate

There is a story going around on a labour home blog , that Boris ran away scared from a mayoral debate on April 2rd , because he is scared of talking to London's voters ,as he doesn't have a message to put across to londoners . Before you hear this story in the media , take it with a pinch of salt , it's simply not true.

It is not helped by Time Out's representation of what happened . They say "We were excited and proud to be able to offer you direct access to all four main candidates on one platform, which would give you an opportunity to quiz them in person on their plans for our city. Disappointingly, Boris Johnson, who had initially confirmed his place at this hustings, has withdrawn from the event and so will NOT be attending. The last line is malicious in it's intent to tar Boris Johnson i thought Time Out as someone who shirks responsibility. I thought Time Out were meant to be a neutral organisation , the last sentence suggests otherwise.

What really happened is partly Time Out's fault , the organisers of the debate. Originally the debate was going to be held on April 3rd , Boris would have been able to attend this ,and indeed intended to be there . At the last minute , Time Out decided to change the day to April 2nd , not giving Boris enough prior notice to be able to make arrangements so he could attend. This is clearly bad managment on the part of the organisers . The organisers try to hide behind the lie that Boris Pulled out , but he didn't. Time Out should apologise for the lie they started , simply to cover there own mismanagement.

Boris was never free on April 2nd as the Labour Home blog says. He was booked that day for a long standing engagement to talk to local newspapers editors.It would be wrong if Boris shirked this responsibility to his long term comittment. Boris isnt superman he cant appear in two places at once.

Labour's message here is intentionally misleading and an example of negative campaigning at it's worst . Labour should stick to outlining there policies for London ,which we have heard surprisingly little of , rather than criticising there opponent Boris Johnson based on a lie.The Left’s united strategy for the London mayoral election seems to only entail trying to discredit Boris in an increasingly shoddy attempt to stop him winning. Is it because they are the one's really running scared ,because people are fed up of there policies which have led to increased crime and increased the cost of living for the average Londoner. Im not just criticising Ken Livingstone here , im criticising Sian Berry the Green Candidate and Brian Paddick the Lib Dem Candidate , all they offer is failed policies and negative campaigning .

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ken blames everyone apart from himself for rising violent crime , Boris presents solutions to it

Sadly yesterday, the 11th teenager in London was murdered this year.Ken Livingstone response was to blame the newspapers and tv news. This was shown when last night on BBC London, Ken Livingstone was being interviewed, and when questioned about crime in the capital and his insistence that it is declining, he blamed the media by saying “If it bleeds, it leads...”. According to Ken everything is going swimmingly and its all the media fautlt. Apparently it's nothing to do with him even though yesterday the 11th teenager was murdered in London on his watch as London Mayor. This comment is also incredibly insensitive to all those parents who have lost teenagers this year because of violent crime. The message they are getting from Ken is that he doesn't care.

This response is the same thing we have heard from Ken for 10 years. First he'll say well there is no rise in violent crime when all recent evidence points against this. 27 teenagers were killed by guns or knifes on London's streets last year already in 3 months this year 11 have been murdered. It looks to me violent crime is rising not decreasing. Plainly facts dont matter to Ken.

On top of this evidence points to an increase in criminal offences on public transport in particular buses. You would have thought Ken would want to tackle this to give the people of London a better life , but no he'll pay for a million pound self promotion crime and billions on failing companies to the development agencies and millions to his coteries of advisors from Socialist Action, basically he'll give money to anything which will help him and his cronies and nothing to the issue worrying Londoners -crime. This epitomises how out of touch Ken is with the average Londoner does he honestly think that they prefer money to be spent on flashy promotional adds costing millions to tell us all to be nicer to each other on buses rather than doing something which will actually for example stop crime on buses , namely police .

Then he'll say the rise in crime is not his fault, its the fault of the previous conservative government apparently. This is a disgusting attitude to the serious issue that is crime . Ken Livingstone has been in power for 11 years and hasnt done nearly enough in particular to combat violent crime and offers no policies on how to tackle crime , Boris Johnson Conservative Mayoral candidate for London does.

Here is what Boris Johnson will do about the rise in violent crime in particular. He will get rid of the form filling culture endemic in London's police. For example to record a crime they have to fill thousands of forms and God forbid if there actually allowed to stop and search someone they have to fill in a ludicrously long form Ken could have stopped this but he didn't because it serves to his far left politics whose bible is political correctness. He seems more interested in policeman minding there ps and qs and doing there bit for racial equality than doing there bit for crime and actually being allowed to catch criminals. Boris will get rid of this culture of form filling, which has reduced the numbers of people wanting to join the police, has led to officers spending more time in offices than on the streets and even more worryingly stopped policeman from what they do best catching criminals. With this increased police presence , Londoners will feel safe, more crimes will be prevented and if crimes take place police will be able to catch the criminal. This will all be possible with Boris in Charge it wont be with Ken in Charge.

Ken says he will beef up the powers of community support officers so they actually have the power to protect vulnerable neighbourhoods. After 10 years in power , Ken has done nothing on this front , Boris says he will and i for one believe his word over Ken. 10 years of failed promises by ken, Boris aims to repair all this.

At the moment London's buses are a microcosm of the violence engulfing parts of London especially in outer London. How will Boris tackle this, well for a start he will get rid of the flashy ad campaign Ken Livingstone is proposing , telling us all to be nice to each other. This is quite hypocritical given his treatment of the London Assembly which he hardly acknowledges. The campaign will do absolutely nothing to stop rising crime levels. What Boris will do is increase the amount of police on buses , trains, bus stops and train station platforms. This is an active deterrent to crime not some wishy washy campaign costing millions and delivering nothing. Boris if he becomes London Mayor intends to put CCTV cameras on buses as a deterrent to crime we have it on train stations so why not also have it on buses ,where the threat of crime is equally high.

A major problem facing london is gang crime, which has fuelled the rise in Violent crime. In 10 years Ken Livingstone has done nothing to tackle this increasingly prevalent problem apart from telling the public that the right wing media and the conservatives are "scaremongering". Not really Ken your lieing to Londoners in presenting a rosy picture which is non existant. At the moment community groups are not receiving the funding needed to take teenagers out of the crime trap. These community groups are sucesfull in getting teenagers out of gun crime because they are there on the ground they know a lot about the community and the problems it faces. Many of those who have set up the community groups have been former gang members themselves , they know what drives people into gangs and how to get people out of gangs. They therefore need to get the right levels of funding, so they can be involved with the police in getting people out of gangs and rebuilding their lives. Boris would ensure community groups got the funding they needed.

A problem with the rise in violent crime is that the crime information which should be used to tackle it is inacessible. Boris Johnson intends to put online a crime map of London, where anyone from London can go online to see the crime levels in their area and what is being done about it. It will show which areas have the highest levels of crime ,what sort of crime and what is being done and what can be done to tackle it. This idea is not knew it was introduced in New York by the then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani all evidence has shown it has been extremely sucesfull and led to reduction of crime in New York and also the police were more accountable to the public. This idea by Boris is the big idea of the London Mayoral Campaign , no other London Mayoral candidate offers this highly sucesfull plan ,and this is another reason to vote for Boris Johnson.

To conclude all ken does on crime is blame everyone apart from himself and do nothing apart from spending milllions on pointless advertising campaigns. This inertia on the part of the London Mayor , has left London's police and youth groups unable to tackle crime which has led to a rise in violent crime. Boris will change all of this, he will inform people of what is happening with crime in the area and how it should be tackled .He will hand power from bureaucrats to those who are best at tackling crime , the people on the ground , Community groups and police . Boris has plans to make London safer , Ken in 10 years has been like a driver falling asleep at the wheel , no direction and no policies to tackle rising crime

A novel way to help London's environment and stop Ken's propaganda machine

Every week the unsuspecting London Public are bombarded with vile propaganda from Livingstone's newspaper - the Londoner . Not surprisingly the london people are fed up of this , they can make up their own decision thanks without a load of propaganda being shoved in their faces to try and influence them , they like me thought London's newspaper's were meant to be mouthpieces of propaganda . They also dont like the £2.8 million a year they have to pay for this privilege. it's also incredibly gauling that this newspaper has the name of one of the World's greatest capital's as its name. Never has a paper been so undeserving of the title it has.

Boris Johnson's campaign seeks to end all of this , if elected he will abolish this paper ,and put all the wasted paper to good use. He'll not be only saving trees - as the paper uses oceans of paper's he'll be planting new Trees. London needs more trees not only do they look nice , they are a good way of tackling air pollution and dealing with the threat of CO2 which is a major cause of global warming . Boris with the money saved from abolishing this newspapers aim to plant 100s of new trees across the capital , so everyone in London gets the benefits.

To sum up vote boris ,and save London from propaganda , help the long suffering taxpayer by saving money and improve the environment .

Friday, March 21, 2008

the papers go trash crazy

it's a week where the global financial system has been teetering on the brink , due to the credit crunch . Where tibetans have been brutally opressed by their Chinese Occupiers .Where John Mccain the Republican nominee has been visiting London and where the fallout from the budget in higher taxes are still being felt . It is a week when the democrat race between Obama and Clinton has been hotting up as we find out Jeremiah Wright , Barack Obama's spiritual advisor is a black supremacist . In other words a lot of important news has been happening .

Still if you were reading the papers apparently the most important things in the world today is DIANA , Heather Mills ,and David Cameron ignoring the highway code for cyclers - apparently this is what is important when discussing a potential conservative prime minister for the Daily Mirror and the BBC .

stop the trash and report real news which effects real people , we're not all interested in celeb culture , we want news which effects us , IE the credit crunch . For those saddos who spend their every waking day looking over celeb lives , go on the internet , we dont want your idea of importance splashed across the papers . with the news how it is , is it any wonder people find it hard to separate fantasy from reality.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Greatest Response to terrorists is our liberty

In an increasingly dangerous world , we are constantly told by the British Government that we need ID cards and 42 days without trial, bans on religious hatred , and more political correctness because there is a difference between free speech and violent speech etc etc .This is all apparently in the name of " national security " . Being the Sceptic that i am , i fear it is just a way for an overbloated government to control it's population.

Now i for one dont want to diminish the threat of international terrorism . We in the West whether we like it or not our engaged in a war in terror to protect Western Civilisation .We have been for the last 29 years , since the revolution in Iran that created a theocratic islamic state which has been used ever since as a rallying point for Islamist terrorism ever since. These terrorists want the most brutal of sharia law to be bought across the world by the international islamic caliphate , where woman are stoned and have to wear the hijab,where stealer's hands are chopped off ,where people are beaten and mass hangings take place ,where homosexuals are executed , where the newspapers are tightly controlled to print anti western Bile ,and where political opposition suddenly disappears , a euphemism for purging political opponents . We are fighting a worldwide Islamist phenonemon ,which hates the West's freedom and wants a world made in their image where freedom wont exist due to Iranian Mullah Style religion enforcers , telling you what you can and cannot do.

New Labour's response to this threat is all wrong i believe . The UK has the most CCTV cameras in Europe and thus is the most surveyed country in Europe . The Government wants to introduce ID cards for everyone so we are all suspects, which is a fundamental loss of civil liberty. They want to introduce 42 day detention without trial ,where the British legal system belief of innocent until proven guilty can be overlooked . Finally they want religious hate legislation put through ,which will make people like you and me , mind their P's and Q's essentially hiding the truth when talking about Islamist Terrorism .

The British government in all of this is creating a fear addled society , and this im afraid is what the terrorists want . The terrorists want us to be afraid of them ,because then we'll be more likely to give into them . The Terrorists want us thanks to their " threat" to be living in a police state. Finally they want British people through religious hate law in the name of political correctness disguising Islamist's real intentions , so they can take over Britain through stealth . This is already shown when the new home secretary Jacqui Smith announced in 2007 , that the Government will no longer being using the words Islamists or Islamic extremists , to describe terrorists such as the one's who flew 2 planes into the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 , or caused havoc in London on July 7 2005. The New name for them is Anti Islam Activists and if they carry out an attack, it will be said that they "are pursueing anti Islamic Activity" . Is it just me , or does this sound similar to the Newspeak Governments used in George Orwell's Novel 1984.

There is another way. We could as i believe we should do stick two fingers up at the terrorists .We could live our lives as normal ,without the prying of the state , if we reduced the number of CCTV cameras . This would reduce fear ,and fear is one of the Terrorist's most potent weapon . We could preserve the British Judiciary system believe in innocent until proven guilty , so that liberty is still seen as an important value . It would also be right , that anyone can say what ever they want about these Jihad crazed terrorists , in the knowledge that a government wouldn't flag them up on some trumped up religious hate law . In short where all the values terrorists want to undermine , liberty of the individual , a fearless society and freedom of speech are kept . That's a country i want to live in , not a Police State playing into terrorist's hands.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

learn to stuff up the british economy labour style

i got a new slogan
labour ," never knowingly sound economically "

quiz question what was it that ruined the british economy in the 1970s

- answer , a labour government spending to much and taxing loads, leading to high levels of debt, leading to the absurd situation in the late 1970s during a recession when you need to stimulate the economy - through tax cuts , labour was raising taxes

now whats happening today to the UK economy

oh yes it's the same , which leads to my other slogan " new labour , following the failed old labour policies of the past " - i and many other british people can see past a rebranding exercise , this is the same old labour policies , which always destroy the british economy and make people worse off.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

12 days to debate a treaty(constitution ) which A we're not likely to get a referendum on and B -which is of constitutional importance

Now i would have thought 12 days to debate an exceptionally long and complex eu treaty (constitution) or thats roughly 45 seconds per line is to short but apparently it's not . Now as it happens im mostly in favour of the constitution in the fact that it simplifies the EU and gives the Eu parliament more power and the EU comission less , there are some parts i have doubts like the EU high representative which i fear could compromise the British Foreign Secretary . All i think it is a good constitution for Britain but firstly I feel we should have had a referendum on it like we were promised by all the three main parties . After all this is 90% the same as the previous constitution according to the Common's Foreign Affairs Select commitee , Completely the same in vision according to Nicholas Sarkozy the President of France and Angela Merkl the Chancellor of Germany , even the original author of the Constitution Giscard D'Estaing says it is virtually the same . So the public are pretty annoyed that there not getting a referendum on what is basically the constitution in all but name ,but then some of us thought welll at least there's a long 28 day time to debate the revived EU constitution in the House of Commons and that maybe they would table an amendment to put a referendum in . However the government has stopped any chance of this happening by cutting the debate down to 12 days . This is disgusting a matter of this constitutional only gets 12 days , the Government is just scared it will be defeated , and is acting in stalinist like ruthlessness to crush opposition through neutering parliament . Those who support a referendum on what is basically the revived CONSTITUTION should speak out against this Executive Conspiracy first perpretated on backbench MPS and secondly the British electorate. If you want a strong parliament who has enough time to properly scrutinise this you will want an extension in the time to debate the issue . If you believe in democracy , you will want a vote on the constitution in the referendum and this wont happen nows because the government has guillotined the time to debate and thus their will not be enough time to introduce an amendment for a vote on whether there should be a referendum .

Monday, January 21, 2008

how to use the tax system -Gordon Brown Style .

well well well i dont really like rich people -but we need some of them - ie the mega rich so we wont bother taxing the rich non doms but those who have become rich through their own work well there fair game .

On benefits for no reason other than it's more profitable to be on then get a job -well we'll give you tax breaks , or you might not have to bother to pay taxes -because after all we only want people who bother working to pay for the government and of course your benefits.

Your poor and actually working -well we'll get rid of the 10,000 tax barrier so now you have to pay really high taxes - i know that doesn't sound fair , but someone needs to pay for all the government's wasted money and that of course is the british taxpayer.

Your middle class well you've got nothing going to you , i really hate you - your not poor or on a public service so your probably not going to vote labour , your not rich so you aint going to fund labour , you probably vote conservative because they dont hate the middle class well YET anyway. I also hate you because you complain all the time about the National Health Service and because of the poor quality of state schools - i mean what gives you the right to criticise government run services you horrible aspiring oik who wants to earn a living and not give it all to the government- you know what so the tax system will work like this everyone will have to pay quite high taxes apart from those who cant be bothered to work , but the middle clas will pay the highest taxes. Supposed Shortage of money for the NHS - i'll get a stealth tax in their which the middle class will have to disproportionately pay for . A black hole in government funding - well let's get another stealth tax which the middle class will pay for . Then their's inheritance taxes well i did increase the threshold to 600,000 no more mind , with house prices that should soon catch out the middle class.

Then their's small businesses well i really dislike them ,there are always going on about wanting to be treated like individuals ,and breaking free from government regulations , they dont want top down government and they want the government out of their lives they wanted to be treated like individuals and not just as people in a state . Pah that's all rubbish your all people who must follow my GOVERNMENT and just for your disobedience im going to get rid of taper relief for capital gains tax , which helped small businesses . Of course i'll get the sympathy of the media by portraying it as an attack on big business , but me and my puppet Chancellor Alistair Darling know the abolishment of taper relief will effect small businesses harder .

Their's a link about all this tax high taxes . Now i couldn't justify high taxes , if our institutions in the UK weren't crap so to improve them i increase taxes to make them better . the only problem is they dont get better , so i have to put in a stealth tax to pay to see if i can improve it again , again it's still bad in fact worse all your taxpayer's money as paid for is more bureaucracy in say the police , NHS or state education , take your pick , taxpayer's money hasn ' t made it any better. But you know me i love taxing people so i have to justify these higher taxes so i say im really sorry guys , the service has improved a bit but not enough for my liking what we need is radical reform , and we'll have an independent government review to keep our options open on how to reform it- if i dont like the proposals i will ignore them , if i do like it i'll introduce it -and who pays for the review , well it's the taxpayer because of course they fund government .

now this is me stephen hoffman speaking - maybe just maybe the british people our fed up of 50% of their earnings being given away to the government in taxes which makes things in this country no better . Maybe just maybe we want lower taxes which will lead to reform and will lead to institutions needing to reform ,as they wont be able to rely on government taxes . The problem is New Labour a party who supports big government is never going to stand for this as to have big overarching government which stick's it nose in in every citizens life so as to stop being an individuals , you need high taxes to pay for it, otherwise the government if being forced to reduce taxes , would have to lay off thousands of civil servants and advisers jobs ,and when was the last time a turkey voted for christmas or to put it into the tax context can you ever see the government voting to get rid of the need for most of it.