Monday, April 21, 2008

Ken has no good policies , so he steal's boris good policies

Boris Johnson had an excellent idea called the mayoral fund to encourage a giving culture in london through charity and at the same time encourage entrepreneurship. Ken Livingstone then criticised it in hustings on tv and not on tv and in newspaper column's . However now in a feat no more amazing than Lazarus's return from the dead , Ken has suddenly decided - it's a great policy , and im going to steal it - and you know unlike Gordon when he steals policies off the tories , Ken is not going to hide and say ihe didn't do it , he will be honest and say yep stole it. Just one thing Ken - doesn't that mean you've just been lieing to londoners in recent debates about what you are going to do for London - after all you said u didn't want a mayoral fund and now you do.

here's the evening standard article on this issue.

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