Thursday, September 17, 2009

the union leaders on another planet

if you want to hear good old headbanging leftwing old labour go no nearer than the trade union conference.

apparently according to them we can spend, spend, spend , tax , tax, tax , nationalise everything and we will all be ok and the recession will end sooner- unless those nasty tories get in of course.

In the real world - the truth wide ranging cuts need to happen in all areas of government , the size of the public sector needs to be cut, the salaries of those in the public sector needs to be frozen, and final salary pensions abandoned, - if you cut spending you can cut taxes, which will stimulate the economy. In the words of the meerkats - Simmpless.

the trade unions wouldn't matter of course accept due to the money they give to the labour party, Gordon brown despite protesting would meet there demands. Thats why you need a conservative government independent of the unions, so they can make the tough decisions.