Friday, December 25, 2009

A story the news wont tell you about.

According to the media in the UK, Israel is constantly collectively punishing the palestinians, whilst the rest of the world wails about this supposed injustice. Neither of these statements are true.

In Lebanon, you will be automatically put in a refugee camp if you are palestinian, you will not be allowed to leave this refugee camp, and you will not be able to get a profession or occupation. On top of this there unemployment is much higher, they face discrimination in all walks of life, and are not represented in the Lebanese parliament, mainly because they cannot vote. Compare this to Israel, where in the west bank Israel has helped in the past year through the removal of 100s of checkpoints, which has led to 7% growth in the west bank, they can go to the supreme court, where if they so wish they can complain about their treatment, there are elections they can vote in for the palestinian authority, and their water and electricity is provided. This is not to say the situation is perfect it is not, their is discrimation, but it is not on the same level as Lebanon, and constantly Israel is trying to improve the situation.

Often israel is compared to apartheid south africa, this is not true in any way shape or form, if you really want to see a situation where apartheid is practiced on the palestinians look no further then Lebanon.This is disgusting and out and out discrimination yet you do not hear the so called pro palestinian movement talking about this as they are too busy trying to deligitimise Israel, then look at the facts.