Monday, October 5, 2009

The conservatives are the party of reform.

To leading the way on the expenses scandal, to elected police chief, to elected mayors, and more power to local people, to decentralisation, to cutting the number of members of parliament and to reforming the public sector, to biting the bullet unlike the labour on welfare-the Conservatives under the leadership of David Cameron are the party of reform.

No more was this in evidence than George Young's speech saying how through reform parliament can onc3e again regain it's honour after the expenses debacle. Under a Conservative government no more will backbenchers will be ignored but they will get a real say- this will happen through backbenchers havingpower over what and when they debate, instead of the Executive having sole control over the whole Commons agenda.The Executive under labour has guillotined too many laws -and Cameron will readress this. Along with this the executive will no longer be able to guillotine bills -as for example they did on the Lisbon treaty. Then we can have real interesting and lively debate in the house of commons which the conservatives will be at the heart of

The regional select comittees who have been such a waste of money wil be abolished -they have achieved nothing and have just been a talking shop.

Select committees which have done a vital job in holding the government account will have more power -through having unwhipped elections. With more power - you will have a greater level of scrutiny of the government which is good for democracy.

The number of people in parliament for starters will be cut by 10% -to save us the British taxpayer money.

Not just this but for the first time in history the conservatives are considering giving people a real say in the legislation process. they are considering after a second reading of a bill -and before the select comittee stage- the public will get a say in laws which effects them. This is another example of the tories giving people real power.

To sum up the people want change from a tired, lieing, incompetent,unaccountable, unelected - in the cases of brown and mandelson, government - the conservatives through there packages of reforms offer this- Vote For Change -Vote for the conservative party.

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