Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bob Crow couldn't care about the British Public

the head of the RMT union - the transport union is millitant left ex communist Bob Crow- they were even seen as too left wing by Ken Livingstone who called them a protection racket".

Yet Bob crow is proud of the fact that this year alone due to this ludicrous ballot system and incomprohensible demands is that by september there have been 100 strike actions( having strike ballots)-when there is not even a justification to strike.- yet he wears this as a badge of honour he is proud of the fact. He doesn't seem to care about the 1000s of commuters lives he is making a misery, the amount of taxpayers money he is costing, the effect it is having on a transport system -as long as he purues his politcal agenda it seems he couldn't care that he is wreaking havoc on the british economy. Crow has said it's a human right to strike -yes if you have a general grievance but not as is most of the time with you, for no reason, then you are impinging on the human rights of the vast majority of british citizens.

Bob Crow is just a sympton of some of the union leaders who feel now with the economic downturn there time has come from transport, to bins, to post -strikes are happening galore-strong government is needed to stand up to the union leaders. It is not about being anti union- it is about being anti union-leaders - who act undemocraticaly and are acting against the vast majority of union members they are supposedly representing.

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