Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good news from the latest opinion polls

The Latest Opinion Polls from Ipsos Mori, ICM and Political Betting are out and there extremely positive for the Conservative Party. We now according to the opinion polls, have a 17 point lead, the Conservative Party being around 44%, Labour 27% and the Liberal Democrats 18%.

Of course as I’m sure Eric Pickles will remind us all, this is not a time to stop with the good work done through canvassing and leafletting and other forms of campaigning. However it does show that up to now that the Conservative Party is being seen as a genuine credible alternative to the Labour party.

Anyway guys read the opinion polls it will put a smile on your face. Here is the link:

Moving away from party political opinion polls, there was also a new poll on the general publics’ view on ID cards, which the Conservative party are implacably opposed to. The ICM poll found 38% thought that ID cards were a good idea with 62% being opposed to the idea. Public Opinion is changing on this and it seems here as with a lot of other areas the Conservative Party are winning the public argument.

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