Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Critique of Noam Chomsky - given before his satelite talk to leeds university Students-please read!

If you listen to the leeds university department and the students, Noam Chomsky is the best thing since sliced bread, he's a true hero, who sticks it to those nasty countries, the United States and Israel, he's the only one brave enough to talk the truth, he's jewish- so he cant apparently be accused of anti semitism, and because he's left wing he's cool. Well im here to break it to you, this is a bunch of hogwash. Noam Chomsky, is a holocaust denying, rabble rousing, far left, defender of terrorists, anti semites who like's writing forewords for anti semites. You see it's not just the far right you have to watch with anti semitism it's the far left.

Those who defend Chomsky on the supporting of holocaust denying charge say to things
1. He cant be a supporter of the deniers he's jewish
2. He's Defending freedom of speech.

The reply's to this- Just because he's nominally jewish, doesn't mean he cant hate jews. to the second question, im a great supporter of freedom speech, from nick griffin's appearance on question time, to the mohammed cartoons, to david irving being put in jail - i supported the freedom of speech position on all of this, but this is nothing to do with freedom of speech. it is not giving publicity to a holocaust denier and therefore supporting him - to give you an example i will defend nick griffin's right to freedom of speech on question time -however i will not then go out of my way to write a preface to a publication or book he writes, because that is tantamount and can be seen as support of his ideas. are you that naive, im all for freedom of speech that is not what a foreword to a book is - a foreword to a book is support to that writer.

Then theres chomsky's pure undiluted anti semitism which alone should mean he shouldn't be treated seriously, and seen by the public as a crackpot in the same box as people such as Nick Griffin, yet perversely he's seen as a respected academic - if this isn't an example of how we are not targeting the far left's anti semitism, what is. This came from Noam Chomsky's Mouth-here is use of anti semitic language and please dont tell me this guy has been misquoted etc - after all he is a linguistics professor -here's the passage -We might ask how the Times would react to an Arab claim that the Jews do not merit a 'second homeland' because they already have New York, with a huge Jewish run population, Jewish-run media, a Jewish mayor, and domination of cultural and economic life. (1)
- that aint anti -zionism thats pure undiluted anti -semitism

Or how about his defence of terrorist groups like hamas. Apparently this is justified because these terrorist groups are anti-american. My reply to this is that, there is many ways of being anti american(which i dont support as im pro-american) which dont involve blowing yourself up. Also these extremist terrorist groups such as hezbollah deny the holocaust, say the jews committ blood libels, in the case of hezbollah, have al manar tv which has been banned in france due to it's anti semitic content, all whilst targeting innocent israeli civilians. Not exactly the group anyone from any side of the political spectrum you would of thought wanted to defend, yet good old Noam Chomsky has done so, apparently they should be allowed to have weapons, because there just so damn powerless without them. To quote Noam Chomsky on this argument that they should be in the hands of Hezbollah (the arms) as a deterrent to potential aggression, and there is plenty of background reasons for that.

It's nice to know the university seeks fit not to tell students about the real side to chomsky's character when talking about his tele-visual talk to the university, nope apparently he's a hero and a respected academic. Yep he is but only because no-one is allowed to challenge him , or has the guts to challenge him. Guess what he's not going to be debated on his talk either, giving it from soas a hotbed of far left activity he wont be challenged,and he cant be challenged by anyone on tele-visual where's he appearing at other univerisities cos guess what they can't ask him questions.But hang on i thought chomsky was meant to believe in freedom of speech obviously only when it suits him.


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  2. Post removed? I guess the author of this blog is both a smearer and an authoritarian who doesn't like his dishonesty being called on.

  3. im not a liar i merely tell the truth about chomsky who isn't challenged enough -writin a foreword for anti semite like faurisson isn't fredom of speech that would be defending his right to speak, not promoting his vile agenda through a foreword it's active supporting of a vile book.

  4. Was his foreward a defense of Faurisson's views or was it a defense of freedom of speech? If it's a defense of the views that's something worthy of criticism. If it's rather a defense of free speech, then that's exactly what any free speech lover would do. It is precisely when the speech is offensive that a defense of the right to express that speech is most critical. Makes no sense to defend speech that isn't offensive because there is no need to defend that. Everyone is fine with it.

  5. He didn't write a forward. He wrote an essay that, unknown to Chomsky, was used as a preface to the book. In this so-called "forward", he talked about the importance of freedom of speech. This is in the context of Faurisson being put on trial in France for making outragous claims, an obvious violation of freedom of speech if you don't think the government should put put a person jail for saying the wrong things.

    People who want to discredit Chomsky aren't interested in these facts because they have an agenda of smearing his name. And these same people often don't have the integrity to allow someone to post with the basic facts, preferring to censor - how unfortunate but unsurpising.

    The Chomsky quote about Jews in New York is also a smear because Chomsky was saying that it is racist to say Palestinians already have a homeland in Jordan so they don't need one in Palestine. To make his point he said imagine if we said that Jews already have a homeland in New York so they don't need Israel. He was saying the exact opposite of what he is being accused of - he was pointing out the racism in both cases, but by taking the quote out of context, its again possible to smear him.

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  7. "If you're in favor of freedom of speech, that means you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise." - Noam Chomsky

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