Friday, February 6, 2009

Clarkson tells it how it is and gets in trouble for it

Brown is an idiot he does only have one working eye and he lies all the time saying he's saved the world economy. so jeremy clarkson was just stating the obvious

all the liberal pc brigade get off your high horses .

can people say nothing today without others being offended . - Also ever heard of freedom of speech and freedom to offend . Believe me i and many others in private at least have probably said much worse about brown. i for one feel no qualms about insulting a person who destroyed final salary person's, taxed people to the hilt , borrowed way to much and wasted taxpayer's money. Taxi for brown i say.

all the scots labour mps are moaning - bet brown told them to do clarkson wasn't saying he's a crap prime minister because he is scottish he was simply stating that Gordon Brown is scottish which he is. Gordon brown has lied to us repeated he said he wouldn't raise taxes he did , he said he's saved the british/world economy he hasn't , he said he would obey his golden rule he hasn't , he said he didn't postpone the election he did , he said he abolished boom and bust -he hasn't these were all lies.

as for getting rid of him - Top gear is great - dont .

I also think the latest news that clarkson has apologised was a mistake . He shouldn't apologise for making a harmless jokes

here's a link to what jeremy clarkson said :>1=61503&ocid=today&vv=650


  1. he was, but that Brown can see with one eye only and he's Scottish are totally irrelevant. I'd like it if our celebrities were more inventive than the average commenter on Guido's blog.

  2. i agree he should have come up with better insults -here's a really good spoof article -