Monday, May 18, 2009

Sack The Speaker

If in any other job you'd shown first breatHaking bias to your own side in the case of Michael Martin to the labour party, tried to destroy the freedom of information act, backed parliamentarians who sickeningly wanted to carry on the gravy train which is mps expenses through blocking publications, claimed a ridiculous amount for himself and his wife on expenses,allowed Damien Green an mp for the conservatives to be arrested by the police on commons property, told off david cameron for answering a perfectly fair question to one of the worst prime ministers the country has had in Gordon Brown, and then breatakingly when the telegraph reveals the gravy train which is MP's expenses he has a go not at the MPS who have stolen off the taxpayer, but has a go at the person who has leaked the information to the telegraph,and then disgustingly attacked Kate Hoey an MP for the Labour Party, for saying she should be concentrating on reforming the expenses system, and then having a go at Norman Baker and David Winnick for defending Kate Hoey.

Today saw another lamentable perfomance from the speaker who should now have a new nickname not as Gorbals Mick but as Gormless mick. Today he attacked douglas carswell a conservative MP for having the temerity to bring about a motion with signatures from MPS from across the party political spectrum asking him to go.

If he didn't hold such an important position , this would be a joke, he needs to go now , before he destroys the reputation of the House Of Commons even further than it already has been.

in any other job if you had lied to the taxpayer, shown bias to your own side, blocked innovative ideas, and tacitly supported criminal acts by supporting the MP expenses gravy train, you would be sacked, and investigated by the serious fraud office. Unfortunately I have a horrifying feeling Michael Martin will continue as speaker ,fluffing his lines, defending the criminals against the innocent.

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