Monday, May 31, 2010

the truth about the gaza flotilla and why it got attacked.

Unfortunately yesterday morning in the early morning at least 10 israeli soldiers were wounded, and 10 violent protestors on the free gaza boat were killed.

If you listened to the media, or indeed politicians from across the world, this is all Israel's fault and only Israel is in the wrong. If you wanted to highlighted how bias the media is against Israel, there reporting of this incident, without a semblance of even trying to look at both sides of the arguments highlights this.

It needs to be remembered that this boat, far from containing a load of peaceful but nutty leftwing protestors, is not the case. If this was the case they would not have initiated the figting against Israel, or indeed attacked members of the Israeli Army. Like any nation Israel through its army has the right to defend itself and this needs to be remembered. When an army is attacked it has to respond and this is what the Israeli Army, did, there needed to be no bloodshed and no casualties if the Israeli army hadn't been attacked with knifes and guns on the boat. Israel did not want this after all the transport minister from the Labour Pary Binyamnin Ben-Eliezer said on behalf of Israeli government said we certainly regret the loss of life. Looking at it from this angle, the protestors don't seem to be the peaceful angels they are being portrayed as. In all of this Mark Regev the Israeli Spokesman was right to say that Unfortunately this group were dead-set on confrontation," Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told the BBC. "Live fire was used against our forces. They initiated the violence, that's 100% clear," he said.

Secondly my suspcicions were raised when it said one of the protestors seriously wounded, was a senior member of the Islamic Movement Raed Saleh, the Islamic Movement by any counts is an islamic extremist organisation with links to terrorism, they get much of its support from the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is one of its offshoots, this group is constantly trying to enflame tensions between jews and muslims in Jerusalem as well as constantly producing anti-semitic bile. The so-called idea of peaceful protestors for me goes out of the window, when you have members of a terrorist group onboard. Additionally the turkish government's involvement need to be looked at as a writer for MidEast on target, Yisrael Neeman was right to say that "Erdogan is outwardly supporting Hamas over Fatah. Had he supported the PA and Fatah he would have shipped all the humanitarian equipment to them and had Fatah take the credit for its distribution. Instead he decided on a clash with Israel using his own Turkish Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the IHH (the so-called relief agency with reported ties to Islamic terror organizations) in an effort to undermine those in a state of peace with Israel and the Fatah led PA who presently are attempting to arrive at a two state solution with the Jewish State. It is just another example of the turkish government's involvement in the last couple of years with islamic extremists.

The protestors were not peaceful, they contained members with strong links with Islamic Extremist groups, by their actions they did nothing to help the people of Gaza, and they caused the attack on the boat.

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